Wednesday, March 18, 2015

J.Crew Factory Exclusive Early Access: Shop new arrivals before everyone else

"Thanks!" to many of you, who shared the following news/email from J.Crew Factory with us.

J.Crew Factory is offering a sneak peek at the latest arrivals with prices up to 30% off! They are also throwing in free shipping (no min!). Both these offers are just for today! So check your email to see if you got the invite and code.

Factory flared dress in floral
item C1691 $98.00 your price $68.00 

Factory tropical vine intarsia sweater
item C2861; $78.00 your price $54.50

Factory jacquard motorcycle jacket
item C2373; $138.00 your price $94.50

There are a lot of super pretty things over at Factory for this latest rollout. Unfortunately, I have been burned by the quality of Factory too many times lately so I have been avoiding it altogether. If you live near a store, it is totally worth stopping in to check out the merchandise in person!

Have you received this email? Will you be taking advantage of this promotion? Any items you are interested in? If so, please share!


  1. ITA agree about getting burned on Factory quality, Alexis! Super cute styles, and very tempting when you just loved or missed something at retail. But the price points are often ridiculous for F21 quality - cheap blends, poly, plastic.

    I wish they would improve even a little and I would embrace Factory shopping again!

  2. That's a bummer about the quality because this is one of the better Factory rollouts I've seen (haven't purchased anything from there in ages). I thought there were some cute dresses in the bunch, but it doesn't sound like most of the things are worth the prices.

  3. Could someone share a link please? Thank you!

    1. For some reason I never get these emails even though I have signed up multiple times.

  4. I like a lot from this rollout but I am not willing to pay a lot for poly. That being said I did place an order. I anticipate returning some of it based on fabrics. We'll see. FYI You can get a Gilt City voucher and get an additional 30% off which makes some of the prices pretty good.

  5. This roll out looks like there's a lot of cute stuff. There's a coupon on right now that gives you an additional 30% off at the factory store.



    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  6. I think this is the first Factory roll-out in a long time where I actually liked a lot of things and I'm pleased to see that a lot of the dresses I liked were actually cotton rather than poly, but nothing is really making me want to order anything -- especially with the US-Canadian dollar exchange rate right now. I might get both of those whale socks though.

    Also, that Factory Cotton Lace Mini Skirt in Scalloped Floral reminded me that I still have the retail version of that (Daisy Lace Mini) in white from two or so years ago sitting shamefully with the tags still attached in my drawers.

  7. I've signed up for the Factory e-mail using both of my e-mail addresses and have never received the Factory First e-mails. Has anyone else had this issue?

    1. Yes! I have signed up for e-mail countless times in store and on website. I never receive any e-mail. :(

  8. Gilt is having an extra 30% off order, can be used with current 30% off new arrival at J.Crew Factory. Register for coupon code at Gilt, or you can use mine here in my blog, I don't use it.


  9. I really like the FACTORY FLARED DRESS IN FLORAL but I'm afraid of the poly material....


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