Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Madewell Updates Website with New Arrivals!

 "Thanks!" to  many of you, who shared the following email from Madewell.

Madewell let us know that there are new arrivals over at their stores and online (click here to shop online).
Is it just me, or did Madewell do a nice job transitioning to the Spring collection. There are still bits and pieces that are Winter like, mixed in with the Spring stuff.

Flea Market Flares in Carl Wash (item C2558; $135.00)

Are flared jeans making a comeback? I literally just went through my closet and got rid of them all. Of course!

Silk Asymmetrical Pleated Skirt in Batik Vine (item C0990; $128.00) 

I love midi length skirts and Madewell has been my go-to for them. Yey!

Travel Trench Coat (item C1858; $178.00)

This piece is intriguing so I can't wait to try this on. I appreciate that it is "lightweight and perfect for travel (it's easy to scrunch into a suitcase)".

Are there any new arrivals you are interested in? If so, please share! :)


  1. I like the culottes/wide leg pant. I probably couldn't pull it off because I'm petite.

  2. I'm really not a Madewell shopper, but some of the new arrivals are catching my eye. I like the shirred Organza gingham top and the Incline tank looks really similar to a Theory top that I paid too much for.

    Partial to Pink

  3. I've got a couple of things from the spring lookbook on my wishlist, but they haven't been released yet - maybe they'll be in the March rollout.

  4. I am sure the flared jeans you got rid of didn't have a 7 inch zipper : ) That way we feel compelled to buy a new pair....

  5. Omg. Those jeans!!! Are Madewell jeans good? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Anthro had a killer flare in the fall and of course I need petite and when the SA tried to order them for me they were a no-go. I love a good hippie flare.

    1. Susan, I am loving the look of those jeans too (haven't tried them). But did you notice that the inseam is 34.5 in!!

    2. I thought Madewell did a good job with their old "Bootlegger" jeans, but I don't like the looks of those high-rise flares. Looks like too much flare for my height, and the high rises are hit and miss on me. But in general, I think Madewell's jeans are nice. Their "Rail Straight" style and select Boyfriend washes have been good for me.

    3. I'm waaaaaaaaaaaay too short for them for sure. I'm 5'2. I gots to get me a hot flare jean for spring though. I will be on the hunt.


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