Tuesday, February 17, 2015

J.Crew's Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2015

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Sarah, as well as Marielarue7 and gigisgoneshopping,  (in this post), who let us know that J.Crew just presented their Fall/Winter 2015 Collection over at NYFW. 

The following article and photos are from PopSugar (click here to read in its entirety): 
J.Crew is not the place it was when my mom first took me there in grade school, and the Fall 2015 lineup is maybe the surest proof of its evolution as a fashion girl's brand, not a place to buy a sturdy boot or staple Winter jacket. Sure, you could find those there, but that's not what Jenna Lyons is hoping you'll come for — or stay for. 
This season's offerings prove even more so that the label is a fashion-forward one, delivering bright pops of furry marigold trimmings, fringed skirts, sandals with floral appliqués, and a jumpsuit/blazer one-piece that looks as if it was plucked right from Jenna's closet. Gone, too, is the simple, everyday work wear, and in its place, slouchy, luxuriously wide trousers and an embellished shell. Take that to the office! — Lyons seems to dare her shoppers. Or, when you wear your denim, mix it up with a fur stole and a smattering of sequins. And who can argue with her brilliant layers, color play, or artful accessories? We certainly won't.

So I seriously love all the rich colors I am seeing so far. The deep purples to the bright yellows... yes, yes, yes! The scarves are all amazing. The sequin skirt is gorgeous!!! I can't wait to get my hands on them all. I mean, there is the random WTF? item-- I am talking to you one-piece blazer and muppet lined jacket?!? But overall, I am impressed. 

What are your thoughts on the upcoming collection? Are there any pieces you are super excited about? Does your local store carry any of the new arrivals yet? If so, please share!   


  1. Oy! I too was a bit freaked out by the one-piece blazer (blazer? unitard? blazetard?). I posted a picture of it on my fb page early today, and boy oh boy, have my friends enjoyed that. So many questions! Is it a velcro closure for quick escapes? What happens when one needs to use the powder room?

  2. I actually enjoyed a number of the pieces from this collection, namely the bow skirts (in all colors), the saturated yellows, the multi-colored feather skirt, and the sequin pieces. Hopefully, these designs translate as well in real life as they do in photos.

    1. The bow skirts are cute, but I just saw a video piece on Victoria Beckham over the weekend (NYTimes) that showed the same look (but a bit nicer). I guess that's not such a bad thing, considering the fact that I'll never be able to afford the VB version!

  3. Hits: Marigold yellow and blush combo, the rust colored puffy jacket, the navy/gold embellished scarf, and the bow pencil skirt.

    Misses: the flapper skirt, tuxedo jumper, and basically all of the menswear inspired pieces

    I wish J.Crew would go back to their preppier roots.

    Partial to Pink

  4. Does anyone know when the next rollout is online?

  5. The brown hoodie furry number, what is it and what is the cha ching???

  6. I *really* like the purpley-blue color -- I hope we see it in some of the basics for the season and not just Collection stuff!

  7. I love everything except that bizarro unitard. I want it all. The shoes! The sequin jacket! When does it come - end of August?

  8. Lots to love! Yes! The fashion press has been raving all day.

  9. Love the pink fringe skirt-though if it is suede it will be too expensive. The navy scarf/wrap with the gold braiding looks really unique.

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  11. Oooh the budget is done for! Love the gray top with the golden leaves/fans in the first pic. Really like the pops of golden yellow!


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