Monday, February 23, 2015

Another Flash Sale at J.Crew Factory {30% off & free shipping}

"Thanks!" to  many of you, who shared the following email & promotion from J.Crew.

J.Crew Factory is offering an additional 30% off merchandise and free shipping (on all orders) with promotional code FROZEN. This offer expires tonight, midnight EST.

Will you be taking advantage of this promotion? If so, please share!


  1. After reading Anne - The Fab Life's review the other day, I decided to try the jacquard pants in navy fresh berry. Also ordered a couple of wool skimmer pants and the Thompson pant. Haven't shopped at Factory in a while and noticed I now have to go up a size vs. retail in pants. Has anyone else had similar issues?

  2. @Shoelove - yes, I am at least a size up in the skimmer pants. I tried two sizes in the jacquard pants, they arrive today (and looks like I'll be calling for a price adjustment!!) I hope everything works out for you. I have the plaid Thompson pants and love them!!

    on topic, nothing for me from Factory this go around..

  3. Placed two orders yesterday during this sale. Both now have been cancelled.


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