Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day! {celebrating w/ J.Crew?}

Happy Valentine's Day J.Crew Aficionadas & Aficionados!

I l-o-v-e these posts. It is really interesting to hear what other Aficionadas and Aficionados plan on wearing, since it gives me lots of wonderful ideas for future outfits. For this post, what we are planning to wear on Valentine's Day? :)

As for me, I am going all J.Crew! I plan on wearing J.Crew's Kiss Tee, Perfect-fit Mixed-tape Cardigan in Red, and Pixie Pants in Black. Simple and casual. Totally cute.

What are you planning to wear this Valentine's Day? Are you planning to go "head to toe" J.Crew or parts J.Crew?


  1. I will be wearing J Crew as well. I will wear a red cashmere Tippi with last year's ivory silk blouse with the small black hearts (can't remember the name - possibly scattered hearts) and black wool Minnies. Black boots with warm the feet. Not very original but it is too darn cold for much else! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I'm wearing parts J.Crew today - the Heart Me sweater over a Factory white button-down shirt, pearls, and boyfriend jeans. I posted my outfit photos here.

  3. Heart Throb cardigan, Keeper Chambray shirt, Excursion Vest in Navy, jeans and boots TBD.

    I always wear this cardi on Valentines Day only ... It's cute but I feel like a kindergartner wearing it any other time :)

  4. I'm thinking my JC pink pleated bib shirt with my red merino v neck cardi. Would like to do a skirt and tights but most likely jeans with boots since it's so cold here today! Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. wearing the grey women's come des garçons hoodie, red emma flat, and jeans. happy valentine's day!

  6. I'm not sure what I'm wearing tonight if we go out, but for now I am wearing a bit of Jcrew. I have on the factory heartthrob shirt and the retail Peapod necklace with a H&m. ivory sweater, jeans, red suede shoes and I am carrying a Rebecca Minkoff red bag. Just posted it on my instagram @shoppingcelle

  7. I am wearing fair isle leggings, blue and red version from holiday, chambray keeper shirt, gray hooded sweatshirt and the wool red blue plaid scarf from holiday. Wearing some McAllister boots to finish the look. Happy Valentine's Day! Cold and windy where I live today so I will stay bundled up all day.

  8. Hi everyone! I decided to skip the red last night for our VDay date night, but did wear all J.Crew. I went with a black schoolboy blazer, white Blythe blouse, destructed Miller toothpicks, a sparkle filled necklace (forgetting the name at the moment), and black Ivonne pumps from Banana Republic. Posted pictures here on my instagram account: @hersoulsociety


  9. Happy belated Valentine's Day, Alexis & JCAs!

    I wore my Heart Me Sweater yesterday.

  10. Hi JCAs! OT but I had a chance to breathe through Banana Republic's Fall 2015 presentation at NYFW, the first collection solely driven by Marissa Webb. I was so pleased!

    There was a diverse mix of concepts: the tone-on-tone play within one color story, a good mix of chunky and oversized (and even fringed wool, I know it sounds crazy but it looked great) layering sweaters with more tailored, slim-fit pieces for work. Mostly all in longer proportions with killer accessories. J.Crew lovers like me will be very excited by the color choices I think, rich darker reds, pops of aqua, and jewel-toned blues and bright ruby reds. Lots of grey too for us city folk. The one thing I was not crazy about was the pants, which seemed to all be odd lengths. I did however fall back in love the moment I saw the shoes and accessories. So maybe those crazy pant lengths were all to show off the shoes better. :)

    I walked away feeling VERY EXCITED to see this stuff in stores next fall...I just hope the material choices live up to the designs.

    Racked has a full slide show up and I like it better than the press shots, which rob the outfits of some of their color pop. Enjoy!

    1. Popsugar has a link to the slide show and their intro/review is titled, "Is Banana Republic the New J. Crew?"

      Almost every item is lovely and I hope executed well when the collection hits stores. It reminds me how much influence the creative director has when you see what Marissa has done. It's hard to find looks at J. Crew if you don't have Jenna's taste, or body.

    2. It reminds me why I started to love J Crew....Marrissa has knocked it out of the park!


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