Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mark Your Calendars: J.Crew Warehouse Event {Dec 17-18}

A big "thanks!" to Kate in Virginia who let us know that J.Crew is having a Warehouse Event on Saturday, December 17th (8AM - 8PM) through Sunday, December 18th (12PM - 6PM).

The location for the store is:
J.Crew Millrace Clearance Store
25 Millrace Drive
Lynchburg, VA 24502
(434) 316-6324

"Thanks!" to both Kate in Virginia & n2shoppingjcrew who shared an important change on how one shops at these events:
Kate in Virginia shares: "I wanted to pass this info of a clearance sale onto all my jcrew aficionados... Unlike prior sales where shoppers were allowed to consider and try on all the treasures they have found, I've heard from several reliable warehouse employees that new rules are being implemented starting with this sale. Each shopper will only be allowed one bag (they're fragile & tear easily), it can't be put down, and no one can try on any clothes. The only time a buyer can review their purchases is at the checkout/tally table. ..."

n2shoppingjcrew confirms the previous news by sharing: "While shopping at J Crew, I found out about this upcoming sale that I wanted to pass along. A long time employee let me know that there are some new changes being implemented at the warehouse sales. It seems that you are only going to be allowed one bag per person. This bag must be carried at all times, (It cannot be put down), and you will not be allowed to try on any clothes or shoes. In addition, you will not be allowed to look through your items until you reach the sorting station/registers. I find this new procedure very frustrating. These sales are so popular, you basically have to grab any item that catches your attention as soon as you see it and put it in your bag, otherwise it is instantly grabbed by someone else. Although there are numerous amazing items at the sales, there are just as many items that are defective..."
I am not really sure why J.Crew changed their policy on how to shop at their warehouse sales. (It seems like they made it more difficult to purchase items.) I can only imagine how chaotic this event will be with the new shopping changes. {yikes!} With that said, I would totally go {in a heartbeat} if it was remotely close to me. ;)

If you are attending this sale, please share with us! Let us know if it is worth going and what deals you found. Thanks! :)


  1. This sort of thing gets on my last nerve. So now we're going to have monitors who roam the sale, stopping people from reviewing purchases or scolding them for putting down a bag? At the warehouse sale in Winston-Salem two summers ago, about half the stuff I picked up had to be put back because of tears, stains or other flaws. Trying to delay the sorting process will only back things up at the register. Really, J. Crew. Treat your customers like adults. And maintain better quality control of your clothing.

  2. Just a word of caution for JCAs, although I'm sure most of you are aware of this anyway. Following these sales there is a huge glut of J.Crew merch on ebay with "tag marked/cut to prevent store returns". Be sure to ask the sellers detailed questions to determine whether there is any damage or defects so that you can return it to them if it is misrepresented.

    I've bought very few things on ebay with the tag marked/cut because I had one bad experience and had to open a case to return the item. The items I bought since learning to ask detailed questions have all be OK but it's still a bit of a crap shoot. Buyer beware!

  3. Wow doesn't JCrew understand that as women we adore going together to sales, trying on, trading, taking pics and spending the day at one of these sales? I will drive several hours just to go to one, wait in line a few more hours, then spend the rest of my day shopping and sorting all my loot. It sounds like a guy came up with this policy- and if so a guy who truly doesn't want to get rid of this merchandise. I always understood that the majority of the items in the warehouse sales were on their last leg- they hadn't sold in stores, online, were from previous seasons and the last place they were going to attempt to be sold was in one of hundreds of cardboard boxes lining a warehouse. Why would JCrew want to prevent a customer from buying this stuff by setting up prohibitive policies. I was at a JCrew regional sale in Richmond and there were dressing rooms, now no tryons? Come on JCrew, get with it.

  4. Hello! Just found this blog and I can't believe it! Fabulous! I am looking for the Crystal Brûlée necklace and/or the Martha. Not sure if this is the place to post those requests or not.
    Help, please?!

  5. OK, I am must be missing something here, but what is the reason for the new sample sale rules?? I have never been to any sample sale where you cannot try stuff on - usually there are the large communal dressing rooms.
    Please enlighten me.

  6. This is ridiculous... but it used to be like this at the sales at the Asheville warehouse back in 2008. I always thought it was a stupid policy because it's not like people trying things on disrupts the sale in any way. And I can only imagine how much longer and slower the lines will be when they allow people to sort things at the register. Worst idea ever!

    fashioncrazy1, I agree. I have spent hours in these sales picking through all the boxes, sorting, and trying things on. It really is fun!

    SE Mom, I have been to one Lynchburg sale and several Asheville sales and they never had dressing rooms, unfortunately.

  7. What a bummer. I could not make any decisions without trying on, especially shoes! I've traveled from GA to VA to shop these sales for me and my college age kids. I find items and then text photos to them for their approval.Can't do this with new policies? Trying on a trading is a big part of attending a sale. These potential new rules take all the fun out of the event. What are they thinking? Can't put the bag down? Jcrew, are you seeking to run your loyal sale follower away? Rethinking a road trip to this one....

  8. Hoping you won't notice the holes in too thin cottons, or the itch factor in sweaters???

  9. kimme crew: Welcome! There are posts on Monday's posts for listing items for sale, and also for items wanted. You can go post there anytime during the week, and on the new posts every Monday! Good Luck!

  10. CHEER gets 30% off + free shipping thru Sat, 12/16. Promo good in-stores.


  11. Sorry -- the promo is good thru Fri, 12/16.

  12. kimme crew: Please see Suzy's note which explains what to do. (Thanks Suzy! You said it perfectly!) Thanks. :)

  13. Wow these rules are ridiculous! I was really looking forward to taking care of my last minute christmas shopping but now it hardly seems worth the 3 hour drive. I heard there is a $500 spending this true? What retailer in this economy wants to limit how much money they can make? I enjoy shopping for myself at these sales but HAVE to try items on as J Crew sizes can run all over the place. What a mess!

  14. I am a JCrew fan! There is an outlet near my home where I go and literally do all my shopping several times a year. I love coming to visit the Lynchburg and Asheville stores and their warehouses. Bottom line, if I can't try it on I am not buying it. I totally get rummage sales where items are $5,$10,$15 - you take your chances, throw stuff in a bag and move on. But one warehouse sale I went to the clerk tried to tell me the jacket I was buying was $320. I had some boots that were marked $150! Yep, fished out of a box on the floor, amidst t-shirts and random bathing suit tops. And now JCrew wants to tell me I can't try them on before making such a major purchase? Oh, and by the way, I talked to a friend who knows a college student that works in the warehouse and learned that JCrew has decided to ring up $500 in purchases at the register for a person and that's the limit. You have to put anything else you have back on the floor, and leave and get in line again
    and wait however many hours to get back in and try for more.
    With that restriction in place, I could have bought my one $320 jacket and the $150 pr of boots and that's it. The die hard shoppers/JCrew fanatics (not ashamed) go to these sales - we aren't there to snag one or two items. We drive for hours to get there. We get up early in the morning to wait in line, but as a thank you we get to possibly wait in line a 2nd or 3rd time? Remind me again, isn't it 2011? aren't we in a
    recession? Does JCrew want to increase their sales? I am guessing
    JCrew isn't living in the same economy the rest of us are.....

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  16. I went to this sale and did not enjoy it at all. I normally have a great time at sales, shopping with my friends, trying on outfits, and finding all sorts of deals. This sale was nothing like previous ones. I was uncomfortable the whole time surrounded by unfriendly staff. I spent way less then I normally would because I felt I was being watched by security and staff the whole time (not to mention I was limited in how much I could spend...thanks J Crew). Still more absurd was that while I was checking out (trying to get out of there) I had to sign a statement at the cash agreeing that I would not "RESALE J Crew merchandise" Which bright employee proof read and approved this statement. Lets just say I will not be rushing back to another J Crew sale!

  17. So just wanted to share that I was very disappointed at the most recent JCrew warehouse sale this past weekend. I looked so forward to shopping around and getting some good deals. As i was in line waiting to get into the show, i was given the price sheet and then told I had to read the new rules and guidelines for the show. I've been to some shows before and this came as a unpleasant surprise because it made me feel like I was a child. As I shopped I have to say I felt like I was being "watched" as I picked out my items and even during check-out. The Jcrew employees in the black Jcrew jackets were "paroling" through the show, taking pictures of people in the checkout line. It was weird and uncomfortable. It wasn't that fun atmosphere of picking out clothes with my friends, getting to try them on, and then purchasing them. Instead I felt like JCrew didn't even want my money or want me to even be there. It was like I was an imposition. Not sure why they took it upon themselves to change the sales so drastically, when everything used to be fine. I find it hard to believe that this change came from upper management. Why did I have to sign a statement at checkout? I just wanna buy some clothes!!!!

  18. I'm so disappointed in this policy change. I've traveled to these sales with my girlfriends, and our favorite part is trying on the wonderful clothes. At this sale, we didn't have fun; mostly because we felt like we were being watched like potential criminals rather than benevolent shoppers. And, not being able to try on clothes makes it worse when there are tons of damaged goods to sift through. We agreed that if this continues, we will save the hotel and gas money and apply it to clothes at the mall (even if we are still yearning for the items in the newest J.Crew catalog). Policy change please?? I love the clothes and these sales!!

  19. After reading some of the comments of what other people posted about the sale in lynchburg this past weekend, I felt like I had to include my two cents as well.

    Overall, I was disappointed in the whole thing. I found two great deals that I'm blown away with, but I felt like I had to take a shower once I got home because the entire experience made me feel dirty. I haven't been to too many warehouse sales, but I've been to numerous store sales in cities that I used to live in and I was excited to be living here in Lynchburg and getting the best of the best deals.

    This sale was more grinchy that all the other ones because of numerous reasons.

    1. The new "rules" are meant to restrict your experience. You can't try on the clothes. Think about this: You can't try on clothes!!! You want my gf to buy a blouse, but she can't try it on? AND all sales are final?? Who's the nimwit who came up with that idea? Hello, what clothing store do you go to that doesn't allow you to try on clothes. They don't even provide changing rooms either. Ridiculous.

    2. You can't sort through your finds. So, while there are 500 people grabbing from the same bin/rack, I'm supposed to pick up one article of clothing, scope it out, try it on (whoops, can't do that anymore) and then put it in my ONE flimsy garbage bag (not allowed to have extras even if mine rips!) Meanwhile, if I grabbed the wrong size or it's not kosher, I just lost out on checking out another one because 500 people just beat me to the punch.

    3. The Gestapo: So, I understand you need security at these things. People could steal or cat fights could break out, but what's up with all the black clad security people and their taking pictures of everyone? Is this 1938 Germany? No smiles, no personality, just glares and tight lipped faces.

    4. Am I the only one that noticed how quiet it was in there? I felt like if I talked out loud I was going to get sent to the principle's office. So much for having fun while shopping.

    The grinch would be proud of JCrew!

    In all seriousness though, who came up with these grinch like rules? And my favorite one: Signing my name at check out? What's that all about? I paid cash, not with my credit or debit card. I'm in doubt that the higher ups came up with these lame ideas.

    JCrew: How about we come back to reality and make the buying experience a little bit more fun, like it used to be.

  20. A J CREW biggie who didn't wait in-line but slid in when they opened so his family could shop - he was pissed off that they couldn't get what they wanted because he didn't like the fact that people were running around 'crazy & trying on clothes in front of him so he made it personal - and this what we got! Thanks A-Hole

  21. A friend of mine works at a J. Crew store (well, he is actually my friend's boyfriend). He loves his store and co-workers, but he has said that upper management has gotten out of control, especially in the past year. You should be able to try on clothes at these sales! The best way to address this is for as many people as possible to contact J. Crew corporate and warehouse to get these ridiculous restrictions lifted. They are going to lose business if this continues! I have been to these sales in past years, but as long as this crazy policy continues I will take my business elsewhere!

  22. Just for the record, I went to the sale in Richmond this afternoon and it was a great, easy experience! Everyone could not have been nicer. The employees were friendly, helpful, and passed out free water bottles to anyone who wanted them. There were a few police officers, but no "security personnel". You did not have to sign any agreements, and you could sort and try on your clothes anywhere you wanted, as long as you were not spread out in the middle of an aisle or really in the way. I almost didn't go after reading comments like the ones above, but I am glad I went. Maybe the Richmond sale is an exception, but it was very pleasant and exactly as it has been in the past!

  23. Is there any way JCAs can find out about upcoming sales? Has anyone ever had luck calling the Lynchburg/Ashville/Richmond stores and finding out in advance? That would be awesome and a big help in planning shopping trips!

  24. I like the new rules to some degree. The not trying on is difficult but the craziness of people "holding spots in line" and going in a shoveling in all the cashmere sweaters into one bag or all of the boots was ridiculous. And, it happened more often then one would think. I went and didn't have to wait in a line for 2-3 hours before getting in and I still was able to get some great deals. Of course, it is important to look for the bad merchandise that has marker on it or is ripped. I bought some great boots and a few sweaters. I never was the $500+ spender but I only drove about one hour. Hopefully the trying on thing will slacken up, that would make things a lot better.


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