Tuesday, July 29, 2008

J.Crew's Personal Shopper

Many of us J.Crew Aficionadas (including myself) have wondered what a Personal Shopper (aka Client Specialist) from J.Crew offers its clients. Fortunately for us, Blumre was kind enough to share her experience with her J.Crew Personal Shopper. The following italicized text is a direct quote of her comment:

First of all everyone should know the "request a personal shopper" online isn't working (yet another feature of the site that isn't "up and running"). I would call in and request to speak with one. Each personal shopper (PS) has their own phone extension and e-mail address. The main line used to call PSs is (800) 205-3877. Personally, I have not used an in-store PS but I would imagine they are just as good, if not better because then they can actually see you so they know what will and wont work on your body.

Basically, its the same as calling in to talk to a CS Rep but without the wait time. They can suggest outfits for occasions, tell you how different garments fit, order for you and you can e-mail or call them on an as-needed basis. PSs also seem to have miraculous powers when it comes to making orders actually arrive and billing customers correctly (three cheers for that!).

I think technically PS's are supposed to be used for events like weddings, or that was their original purpose anyway. However, I know other people have used them to just order sweaters or whatever they need. Malanie, a manger, recommended I work with one because I wanted to be able to order securely even though the clothes I needed weren't for an "event." She said it was the most secure way to order until their system was running again. I am thrilled I took her recommendation.

I have worked with Tammy before (I didn't get her last name, but I have her phone number) she got a dress to me in 3 business days flat (too bad its a little too big. I might keep it and have it taken in, I haven't decided). I am working with Rachel Grey right now and I am debating buying the Domino Skirt (I tried the 6 on in the store and it was too big, I need the 4). I think it could be useful and fun. And I could still wear it in the fall too. Rachel is amazing and so is Tammy.

Overall, I must say I have been truly pleased with my PS experience at J.Crew and if you want to order right now and have a guarentee that your package will arrive I think its the best option other than hoofing it down to the warehouse.

Jacquie in the post "Thanks for the Email J.Crew!" also shared her experience with a J.Crew personal shopper: They can make your shopping experience much smoother. I have one guy that I've been a client of for 8 years. He's gotten me items shipped overnight, for free. Found items that seem to be sold out, put collections together and mailed them to me (sight unseen and I just returned what I didn't like), they can call CS and price match w/in-store discounts at the red phone.

I have to admit, after reading these reviews I am strongly considering contacting J.Crew for a Personal Shopper. It sounds like a great service to use right now as ordering online still has some issues.

What do you think of J.Crew's Personal Shopper service? What are your experiences with the service (if you have used it)? After reading these reviews, would you try a personal shopper?

P.S. A big "thanks!" to Blumre & Jacquie who shared with us! We really appreciate knowing more about the service. :)


  1. thanks blumre! This makes me really want to call online and get one. I thought personal shoppers were only in store and I don't really love anyone who works in any of my local b&m stores! So this could be really helpful!

  2. Kater: I 100% recommend it. It has been a very positive experience with J Crew. I say do it!

  3. I find in the B&M stores, the PS can be a little agressive and I end up spending more money than I would normally. However, they have found outfits that I would not have thought to put together myself.

  4. I have a friend who used an in-store PS to update her work wardrobe after she got a new job and she was happy with the service. She ended up getting a suit and a few other items. The best part was that she got to shop before the store opened for the day!

  5. anon: I agree with you. While my ps at the b&m was helpful, I got where I didn't want him to be there when I went in so that I could shop in peace. I felt so pressured and guilty if I didn't buy a ton.

    I think doing it through the telephone is a great way to still have some anonymity so there's no guilt if you don't spend a ton every time.

  6. Thanks blumre! I had never used a PS, as I don't have a problem putting outfits together, so they really have not been necessary. ;) However, a few months ago I actually did get a J.Crew PS named Quincey, but have only spoken about items I might like to have, and not purchased anything with her yet...it might be a good idea to use her now. ;)

  7. So this may be a silly question, but do you tip them?? What's in it for them? Why doesn't everyone have one if they are free? I'd love someone to find some sale items for me? Is that an option with a PS?c

  8. You do not tip them! I think they are paid at a higher rate than the regular CS reps.

    I just spoke to my PS and she was wonderful. I have to make a return because she shipped me two items because she was so afraid one wouldn't get here. How cute is that? I have to return one anyway so I dont mind. But Oh my goodness. I had another CS experience with another company today and the CSRep refused to call me formally by my last name. How rude is that? Do they know me? Am I their customer? At the very least JCrew CS reps and PSs always refer to me by my last name and they address me formally and with respect! Tammy, you a breath of fresh air, thank you!

  9. Will a personal shopper find sale items? And if the item is currently on sale w/additional markdowns, will they honor those prices or they only obligated to find full price items?

  10. Anon: Yes a PS will find sale items. In fact I must say that Kenny who is a PS at the columbus circle store in NYC just offered to call me and let me know if anything comes in that is on sale. I highly recommend him, he is very sweet kind and an overall great guy!

    I just came from that store. Jasmine, Joe, Heather and Kenny are all so sweet and nice! Really Jasmine stayed on the phone with CS and sorted out all my issues. She is a champ!

  11. Thanks Blumre and everyone else who has shared their experience with a PS. I learned a lot about the service.

    I have to say, if PS can find sale items as well- then I am definitely going to get one! :)

  12. Do It Alexis... and don't just get one... apparently, I know have three. I wonder if its like a relationship. would they get jealous if they found out about each other? I probably need to be careful of that!

  13. Blumre: That is too funny! I can't believe you have three working for you- that is awesome!!! :)

  14. I wonder whether a J. Crew personal shopper would be able to zero in on the perfect style/sizes of us trial & error girls, particularly those of us who rely on mail order.

    I called customer service once to get a recommendation for a size for a one-piece swimsuit, explaining the disparate sizes I usually order in separates. I wasn't speaking to a personal shopper, just a regular rep, and she was beyond unhelpful. She couldn't even describe how this particular suit would fit other than "it's just like in the picture." Well, yeah, except the model is a stick, and I'm trying to figure out how it would fit on ME.

    I for one would be more willing to take chances if the person on the other end could say, "I have your measurements, I see your picture....This skirt most definitely would look horrible on you, but how about this one right here?"

  15. Well Chini thats the great thing about a personal shopper. You can e-mail them your picture if you like and your measurements and they might be able to help. Jcrew's personal shoppers do tend to have pretty good taste so I would say give it a try and see how it goes.


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