Thursday, July 31, 2008

J.Crew Responds to an Aficionada: Jenn_Brak

In the "J.Crew Admits {Some} Mistakes" post, Jenn_brak shared the following {exciting} news with us:
Ladies - I totally apologize for this very long post. However, I thought the message on the website this morning was surprising due to the e-mails you will see below. I sent an e-mail directly to Mickey last evening. Received a reply this morning, and then that message is on the website.

Dear Mr. Drexler,

My name is Jennifer Brak** and I am a pretty good J. Crew customer. The style and service offered at J. Crew is beyond amazing, and my last year as a frequent shopper has been profitable for your company and beneficial to my wardrobe. '

However, I am writing right now to tell you of my dismay with your recent updates, upgrades and changes. First of all, I like change. Love that you now have a zoom feature and that there is a size search within the sale section. Other than that, these alterations have been a fiasco. Your wonderful customer service reps have been left to deal with the fall-out from the mishandled upgrades and they have so much less information than usual. Just last night I called to find out when a bracelet from the Look Book would be available, they had NO information. When I called a local store today it was in stock? That is just so unfair to your phone reps. I talked to three different people who were all willing to help, just not able.

I am writing now because I recently found a blog called J Crew Aficionada and realized that others have shared my frustration and are planning on spending less than usual. A problem that probably reached critical mass within your organization about 20 days ago has now become a nightmare for your consumers. I personally saved about $500 or more by not having the sale items updates daily at 6:45AM. Hopefully, this news is as disappointing to you as it was thrilling for my husband.

My hope is that this e-mail spurs you to action on two fronts. Please do something to boost the morale of your poor phone reps. They have had a rough month of it from the public, I am sure, and need it. Second, we, the customers, want to hear from you regarding the expected dates of solutions for these problems. Erica on the phone and a message on the website is no longer enough. Please speak to your customers about when we can expect our service to return to previous levels.

Hoping to continue our mutually beneficial relationship.

Thank You,

His Reply came via Blackberry at 5:28 this morning:

Hi And thanks for taking the time to send your email-i am totally aware of and living with "24/7"-and totally sorry and embarrassed-we clearly did not anticipate the extent of the issues we are having-i'd like to say will be "fixed" sooner than later-doing what needs to be done now and hope you'll see some signs of imoprovement day by day-here if you need anything-

He also sent his phone number.

Jenn_brak then shared the following-up news with us:
Hi All - Just wanted to let you know I just finished a 25 minute phone conversation with one of the Customer Service Managers from Va who called me in response to my email to Mickey. One interesting fact. If you send an e-mail to and it is addressed to Mickey, it gets to him. They are painfully aware of all of our frustrations and share them. Also, I am pretty sure they are aware of this blog (even though she did not say so) so people are seeing your comments and concerns.

First, I am very excited for Jenn_brak! Second, I think it is great that Mickey contacted her. You always read about him contacting customers personally, but you are never sure if it is true. It is great to read that it, in fact, is true! (P.S. Mickey: you are totally welcome to guest blog here anytime. This is an open invitation.)

What do you think about Mickey's reply to Jenn_brak? What questions (or comments) would you ask Mickey if you could?


  1. I am really glad to see firsthand that he does indeed respond to his customers...congratulations Jenn_Brak! I have also heard from CS reps that he visits the Lynchburg, VA center to see how it is running, and talks to his employees there, as well. I'm sure he really IS embarrassed over all of this, and imagine that he is probably "all over" the IT company that is handling it.

  2. FabulousFloridaMommy: I agree that Mickey must be embarrassed by this situation- and also pretty upset too! I am sure the IT department at J.Crew must be nervous these past few weeks.

  3. P.S. FFM I love your new Polyvore image by your name!

  4. Thanks Alexis! I'm thinking I will update it with a new "creation" every couple of days, or so...the one shown now is actually one of my favorites, and is also a good example of my own "personal" style. :)

  5. Alexis - I think you live in my neck of the woods. Wanted to let you know that Danbury is starting to carry jewelry and possibly some Collection items, if that interests you. Also, thanks for blanking out my last name, never even thought of that!

    FFM, Can't wait to look at your work on Polyvore, everyone seems to be a big fan.

  6. Thanks jenn_brak: I am really having a fantastic time creating on Polyvore...let me know what you think of my sets when you get the chance to look at them. :)

  7. Jenn_Brak: I do live near you- Thanks for the heads up with the Danbury store! :) I also hope you didn't mind me posting about your comment- I just felt like your email & contact with Drexler deserved its own post. :) Thanks again for sharing that exciting news with us.

  8. Alexis/Jenn: What was the heads up with the Danbury store?

    Jenn- I said it yesterday but I will say it again, great e-mail and this was an inspiring situation. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. Hi Blumre: Jenn_Brak let us know that the Danbury, CT store is starting to carry jewelry and possibly some Collection items. :)

  10. Oh Ok cool!

    BTW OT again but Alexis have you been to the Darien Sport Shop! The BF dragged me there and I though oh great another golf store, ugh! And the place was amazing.... Vineyardvines, Polo, Lily, Fendi, Longchamp. And it was a 50% off sale. It was so much fun!

  11. Blumre: I have not heard of the Darien Sport Shop- but you make it sound wonderful! I will definitely stop by when I am in the area. :) Thanks for letting me know about it.


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