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Dear J.Crew, Stop Double Charging International Customers {part three}

"Thanks!" to GetFresh (in this post) who shared the following article from the Globe and Mail (click here to read in its entirety):
J.Crew’s Canadian shoppers balk at higher prices
By Marina Strauss
August 21, 2011

High-profile U.S. fashion chain J.Crew Group Inc. launched its first store in Canada last week to lineups at the change rooms and plenty of buzz. But many shoppers came away with sticker shock.

J.Crew has raised its merchandise prices by about 15 per cent in its Canadian store and on its new Canadian e-commerce site compared with those at its U.S. outlets. For online customers, taxes and duties raised the final price for orders in some cases by as much as 50 per cent compared with the U.S. site they previously ordered from.

Irate customers flooded online forums with complaints about the steep price increases. Some said they will ditch J. Crew or even return their latest purchases.

“I will not spend another penny there,” said Suzanne Dugard, a longtime J. Crew customer who bought about $600 worth of clothes at the Toronto store on Thursday and plans to take them all back. “I feel once again as a Canadian, I’m getting screwed.”

While J.Crew is in the spotlight over its cross-border pricing, it joins other U.S. retailers that have increased prices here. The price gap between Canadian and U.S. products has widened in many categories of goods over the past couple of years, despite a surge in the loonie that should reduce prices on this side of the border.

Retailers point to the higher cost of doing business in Canada, including duties and fewer economies of scale. But the quick and angry response from customers to J.Crew’s hiking of domestic prices underscores its customers’ familiarity with its products and prices, and the easy access to its e-commerce site to make fast price comparisons.

Before ever opening its first store here, J.Crew had built a stalwart following of Canadian customers, ... Current CEO Mickey Drexler, ...shifted it up-market and gave it flair by updating the classics with eye-catching linings and trims. Now the Canadian launch is a test for an international expansion.

Ms. Dugard is among its fans. She shopped regularly on J.Crew’s website and couldn’t wait for the physical store to arrive in Toronto.

J.Crew officials replied to The Globe and Mail’s inquiry about the price increase by e-mailing a letter the company has sent to infuriated customers. Signed by president Jenna Lyons, the message says it is taking the feedback very seriously.

The change in cost for merchandise purchased in our stores and online was necessary to keep pricing consistent with our new – and expanding – retail operations in Canada,” the retailer’s letter says.

“However, we understand your concerns, and will continue to work to provide you with an excellent online shopping experience. For J.Crew, the reception to our new store in Canada has been nothing short of extraordinary.”

The online price discrepancies can be hefty. Ms. Dugard, 42, calculated that four items she purchased online from J.Crew earlier this summer for $260 (U.S.) would cost $385.57 today – almost 50 per cent more. The latest rate includes taxes and duties of $93.12 as well as the chain’s new $9.95 shipping rate (which is lower than the previous shipping and handling fee of $34.50).

“I keep thinking it must be a mistake,” she said in an interview, clad in a J.Crew twin set, jeans and ballet flats. She previously bought virtually her whole wardrobe from J.Crew, having shelled out thousands of dollars last year alone on the merchant’s e-commerce site.

Besides the taxes and duties, base prices also are higher on the Canadian site. For example, the retailer’s No. 2 leopard pencil skirt costs $144 at the store in Toronto and online, but just $118 (U.S.) on its U.S. website (about $117 Canadian) – a 23-per-cent increase.

Other retailers have felt consumers’ wrath about higher prices in Canada compared with the U.S. Last spring, a study found that Canadian prices were 20-per-cent higher than those of the same products in the United States, while two years earlier the spread was less than 7 per cent. The differential this year came despite the value of the loonie soaring above the U.S. dollar.

The Canada-U.S. price gap reflects different dynamics in each of the markets. The U.S. retail landscape is hugely competitive, resulting in prices that are frequently lower than in the rest of the world, according to Douglas Porter, deputy chief economist at Bank of Montreal, which conducted last spring’s price survey.

Diane Brisebois, president of the Retail Council of Canada, has estimated that North American and global producers charge Canadian retailers 12- to 25-per-cent more than they do U.S. merchants. Canada provides fewer economies of scale, resulting in higher costs to distribute products, she has said.
A big "thanks!" to Sudu, who spoke up about this concerning issue for all international shoppers!!! As for the article... I was really hoping that J.Crew would provide a better reason behind their pricing strategy abroad. Also, imbachick (in this post) points out:
... I feel kind of like the Globe article missed one major point - they failed to point out the major price difference between the store and internet as well. If I buy something in the Toronto store, it costs me about the same as if I had purchased online last week. However, if I purchase online, I am paying an extra 18% in duties. If they can offer a price for an item in the store that includes duties already, why can't they offer that same price online? It just seems completely unfair.
My hope is that continued attention on this subject with cause J.Crew to rethink their current international pricing strategy.

Viva la JCAs!


  1. Thanks Alexis for posting @Sudu's generous effort to bring attention to this online snafu in the media so quickly. However, the key point the Globe's retail reporter seems to have missed, and @imachick also notes in your earlier post is that most of us don't object particularly to the in-store price differential, which is, sadly, pretty standard in Canada. Our key issue, both here and in the UK, is online price gouging. Especially galling when they only have one Canadian store, which only sells women's. What about all the JCAs who purchase petites, crewcuts, men's, wedding, and all the items/ size that aren't available at B&M...Sorry for getting on my soapbox here, but as @ClosetCrisis and @DaniBP have noted in earlier posts, just give us back last Wednesday's website - that would be a start to restore good faith...

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  3. The law-abiding Canadienne
    Is known for her sense of humor
    She pays her taxes when they're due
    Why, sometimes she pays more than you
    Especially should she buy J.Crew.

    Oh, she's put up with a lot from dear J.Crew
    The misspelled French, the mis-sized shoe
    But charge the tax and shipping twice?
    Tabernac! It makes her spew!

    She's your neighbor to the North
    Your shield 'gainst bear and glaciers
    So when Dear Leader sallies forth
    To overcharge for blazers
    By inflating the cost of shipping and taxes,
    She takes out her pens, her laptops, her faxes
    And calls the RCMP out, the journalists, the anchormen
    To stand by the Canuck consumer.

    As should we all, in loonies or dollars
    Whether doctors or teachers or models or scholars
    JCAs be steadfast and loyal to our community
    And don't let the Canadiennes be ripped off with impunity!

  4. @wwf: taber*** (spits water). Awesome post. You owe me a new keyboard ;)

  5. @WFF ROTFLSo glad you extended and restored your post. From the edge of my chesterfield "mille merci!"

  6. I agree, the reporter seems to have missed the point that for online shoppers, it looks like we are being charged the maximum duty rate of 25-30% on top of a price that has already been hiked up by about 15%. It is most definitely price gouging. I just did a price comparison on my blog for the Schoolboy blazer that I bought on Thursday - to buy it in store, it costs about the same as what it would have cost to ship it to Canada before Aug. 18 ($246 CAD), but now, if I were to order it online, I would have to pay $50 more for the same jacket! It's insane!! I think we have to keep hammering at this issue and alerting more members of the media!

  7. Another angry Canadian customer here. I have been a loyal J Crew fan since 1993 when I first stepped into a J Crew store and over 90% of my wardrobe is from there. This price increase for Canadian customers has ended my love affair. I have put up with T-Shirts that develop holes after a few wears, cashmere that balls and pills almost immediately and declining workmanship (I received a jacket with a broken zipper -final sale of course so I am stuck with it) but this was the last straw. I am getting my work wardrobe ready for the new school year and as a result of this I have cancelled a trip to J Crew in the US and emptied my cart. Even though my planned shopping trip wold allow me to benefit from the lower US prices I feel so upset that I will not give J Crew any of my hard earned money. I will no longer be shopping with J Crew until the prices go back. Until then, I will be shopping at Banana Republic and other retailers. Who knows - I may even find a new favourite store in the meantime.

  8. @cashmerekitten: I know what you mean. I use to collect JC catalogs in high school and college, hoping for the day when I had the job and wallet to buy their clothes. We should def. keep voicing our concerns, I really hope that the powers at JC are listening to their Canadian shoppers. BTW, if you receive a defective product, even if it's on Final Sale, send it back! You don't ever have to put up with damaged merchandise, even if you bought it on FS, just call CS if you ever have a problem. HTH.

  9. @CashmereKitten Lots here with you on the boycott (and perhaps duller back-to-work wardrobes. @LouiseCB That table breakdown on your blog is great. Have emailed a contact at TorStar. And glad you got a giftie at least. I did not see those Th either, the sales assoc. at least was attentive when I explained my return

  10. thanks WFF- I shall never think of blazers again without a mental image of rampant bears and glaciers. or vice versa!

    I sent an email in this evening, just to add my voice to the many. Oh to go back to the status quo...

  11. Love the poem Wellfedfred!!!

    @Closet Crisis and getfresh - I actually still have all my J Crew catalogues in my garage!

    I bought the jacket in late fall/ winter and since it was a spring/summer jacket I put it away and only noticed the broken zipper a few months later when the weather warmed. I liked the jacket and they were no longer in stock so I decided to keep it rather than try to return it but it does show how bad quality control is that the jacket slipped through.

    I really do hope they change the policy cause my son finally fits into Crewcuts.

  12. @wellfedfred - thanks for the laugh! a bit of humour is definitely most welcome here... :-(

    I sent an email to the Toronto Star just now - gotta keep the pressure on!

  13. I'm in the US and I can barely convince myself to pay full price for the crap j.crew has put out as of late, so yes, I can imagine how burned the Canadians must be feeling- especially waiting THIS long for j.crew to show up in Toronto.

    Another example of a company that's been mismanaged. Good thing they're private now, I'd hate to see their stock prices these days!

  14. Our Canadian friends have been J. Screwed. :(

    They have to pay too much money for J. Crap.

    I'm glad the article ran, but I agree, one of the main points wasn't really fleshed out. It will be very interesting to see what happens now...JC's cross-channel strategy up until now has been to not have one. I bet they're completely flummoxed as to why they're being called on the carpet by their customers!

  15. Cashmerekitten: Definitely send your defective Final Sale item back! As Closet Crisis said, you don't ever have to put up with damaged merchandise, even if it is final sale. (J.Crew should also pay for the return shipping, btw.)

  16. Thank you Sudu! While the reporter did not fully "get it", she did include your math, which is the key point!

    And you looked lovely in your lady lace popover!

  17. Christy - I totally agree with you!

    I went to the B&M to look at the new arrivals, and I was ASTOUNDED. I went home and compared my wool 2009 bistro pant to the wool in the 2011 double serge pencil, and the pencil skirt felt so cheap in comparison. Funny thing, I thought the quality was on the decline with those bistro pants, but looking at what's out now, it's pathetic how fast Jcrew has gone downhill.

    Yes, I got excited about the fall stuff, but so far, I have only bought a painter's tee and a silk blouse. That silk blouse might get returned, as I find the one at Madewell to be FAR more substantial.

  18. Brilliant work, Sudu -- thank you for being our ambassador on this issue. And thanks Alexis for this blog and giving us a forum. I have a sense that the brass at JC are scrambling and will be making some changes (at least, I hope they will).

  19. I'm really glad J. crew is being publicly called out on this - let's hope something comes this little PR poop storm!

    And thanks to Alexis for all her support - I'm sure JCA is among the irate fora the Globe and Mail article refers to!!

  20. PFP -- You haven't been around for a long time! Nice to see you, hope all is well...:)

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  22. Here's the latest: it looks like there will be a story on today's 6 o'clock news and I've been asked to do an interview for it this afternoon. In truth, the thought makes me feel vaguely (entirely, to be honest) ill, but I don't think we're in the wrong on this (despite the people commenting on the Globe & Mail story who think I'm a stupid whiner).

    People are telling me they’ve heard the story on the radio (on 680 News and the CBC), and the headline was also on the elevator TV in my husband’s office building by the time he got to work this morning, so we are getting attention for this issue. Now all we have to do is hope it leads to something.

    I know that the key issue here really is the online situation and I will be sure that it is at the forefront when I speak.

    Wish me luck! (It would be really nice if I were having a better hair day...)

  23. sudu you are the best!
    I also loved your lady lace popover on you.
    I am extremely camera shy so I sympathize with you, but you're pulling it down for the team and that's awesome! Go sudu!

    WFF you also had me ROTFL!!

  24. Sudo, thank you so much.
    I had to be on camera a couple of times and I was a total nervous wreck. So I can understand how you feel!

    If at all possible, can you please mention that there is a 50% hike in the UK prices BEFORE customs and tax, and the concern that the prices in Euro will follow suit?

  25. Sudu, you did a great job and I am sure you'll do great on the news as well. You looked gorgeous in the lace popover (so good in fact that I wold order one if it wasn't for my ban!).

    I read all the comments on the news article and the people who thought you were a whiner did not understand the main points of the article. People missed the point that j Crew raised the internet prices for Canadians before adding duty and taxes. The same items you could buy last week for 100 are now 150 on the same site thanks to their money grab.

    I wrote to Mickey last night and so far no response except for the out of office reply.

    Thanks so much Sudu for all your great work!!!

  26. Sudu, thank you so much for speaking on behalf of Canadian JCAs. I can't believe people are saying you are whining. They obviously don't understand and I think its because the article seemed more focused on a price increase which as many have said isn't our issue. I think we all knew a price increase would come.

    The online fiasco is where Canadians are getting screwed big time. Hopefully the Globe will focus on that - where for years until last week we'd pay US prices plus duty and taxes and suck it up because we love JCrew. But suddenly it's the Canadian price hike plus duty and taxes still - beyond ridiculous and a two tiered system whereby if you can't get to Yorkdale all Canadian JCrew online shoppers get screwed. We actually pay more duty and tax now because we also pay it on the amount of the Canadian price hike.

  27. Hello, everyone. I called customer service this morning and here is a paraphrased account of the conversation.

    I asked them how to delete my account from the website (if you go online and try to do this yourself, you will find that it is impossible). I told the rep, very politely, that I was sad to have to do it but that JCrew would get not one more dollar from me, a Canadian. She was very nice, but she said something to the effect of, "Well, we had to adjust the prices because of the Canadian market, and we have flat rate shipping now," or some such thing and I said, "Fine, I understand that, but that was no different when I shopped on the US website. But now, if I go to the store in Canada, will they charge me duty and tax TWICE, ie at the cash register in addition to building it into the Canadian prices? Because that is what you are doing to us online." I said, "I live in BC, thousands of miles from your Canadian store, so I can't exactly go shop there." "And," I said, "I don't think a one dollar difference in US vs. Canadian shipping fees has much to do with anything, really, do you?" She said, "Well, we are hoping in the next month or two to sort this out," or something like that (hmmm...translation: We are going to try this out and see if we can get away with it???, I thought). I said, "That's not good enough for me. What you are doing, it's outrageous. Why can't I just buy from your US website like I have always done?" No answer.

    So, oh well, I am done. There are lots and lots of clothing retailers out there. Sometimes, change can be for the better, and I am going to look for something better.

  28. Sudu- those that say you/we are whining are also probably the same people who wear socks and sandals! Thanks for being our spokeswoman, and I'm sure you'll be great on tv.

  29. RIN: What a frustrating conversation.
    A month or two? Too late. They need to act on this quickly. You won't be the only one deleting your account!
    Interesting that you can't do that on the website. I've already gone on and deleted my payment methods and address book, I thought it would be just one more step to delete the account entirely.

  30. Sudu good on you for doing this! And the vast majority of the comments I've read have been in your favor. People are just fed up with the insane price hikes we have to deal with as Canadians! Thanks so much for being brave enough to be our face!

  31. sudu, you're amazing. Thanks for being a voice for JCA's (and as always, to Alexis for providing the forum).

    WFF, perfection!

  32. I can't believe how angry I am right now - angry enough to leave my first ever post after lurking in the shadows for too long!!! I have a closet full of J Crew and very little else at this point in time, and as a Canadian I have sucked up the additional duty/taxes without much fuss... I have even started buying for my 3 year old son - who may be the most difficult 3 year-old to please fashion wise (you make a stand, but when too many items remain stubbornly unworn in the drawer, the cost starts to add up). I received the additional 30% off email this morning and after being away (from home and internet) for 2weeks my first visit to the "new" J Crew website sent frustration from my hair to my toes!!!! Please give us back the old website or atleast do something - I will not purchase a single item under the present Canadian pricing situation - and yes, I will hold out for as long as is humanly possible, even if I have to go naked or wear workout gear!!!!

  33. I wrote to Mickey last week, and after the out of office, here is what I got. It is the standard email they are sending to everyone, not like jenna actually wrote this. The same words were used in the Globe and mail article.

    They didn't address any of my issues in my email!!


    Dear –

    Mickey shared your email with me and I wanted to reach out. Please know that we appreciate you taking the time to write about and are taking your feedback seriously.

    The change in cost for merchandise purchased in our stores and online was necessary to keep pricing consistent with our new – and expanding – retail operations in Canada.

    However, we understand your concerns, and will continue to work to provide you with an excellent online shopping experience.

    For J. Crew, the reception to our new store in Canada has been nothing short of extraordinary. Our Canadian customers are very important to us. As we expand our presence, we are committed to keeping you a loyal J.Crew customer, offering the best quality and service possible.


    Jenna Lyons
    President & Creative Director


    -----Original Message-----


    I would like to know why is there such a huge tax on the items from the CDN site? For example, according to your calculation, I am showing nearly 30% tax. I live in ontario and it is 13% tax. There are also huge mark-ups.

    I am quite disappointed as you know that I spend thousands of dollars at jcrew every year. You can look up my Unfortunately, I think you will be losing a customer and I will have to wait until I am in a US store which is maybe once or twice a year. I'm sad that I will be missing out on all the fall things. I could ship to somewhere near the border but it is putting so much hassle into it. It used to be that I could just order it directly to me and us ups. Even canada post is fine. Just because they went through a strike for a month doesn't mean they aren't efficient or working properly.

    Anyways, I don't think you will have a lot of answers for me...but a lot of Canadians are quite frustrated.


  34. Good luck, Sudu! I admire you (and share your nervousness) but I'm sure you will be terrific on camera. It's high time this issue was brought to light in a significant way -- not just for JC, but for all US retailers who gouge foreign shoppers. It's pure greed.

    While shopping last week at the Toronto store, I had to order the Cafe Capris off the red phone as they were sold out in-store. I didn't realize until the next day when all of this news broke and I checked my email confirmation that they charged me 40% tax on top of the higher Canadian price. Even though I have the Toronto store nearby, I think I will use it to try on items and then shop in the US stores when I'm states-side.

    Thank you again...I will be watching the news tonight with great interest. Will it be CBC, CTV or City?

  35. Sudu - Good luck! You will do great! You look so lovely in the lady lace popover.

  36. Another update. First, in case you haven’t seen it, the Toronto Star has now done an article. I don’t know if they’re going to do something with more detail for tomorrow’s print edition, but this is what’s up there now (I haven’t spoken with them, btw. It doesn’t look like anybody has):

    I forgot to mention earlier for those of you who only saw the online version, our story actually made the front page of the Globe and Mail (a cropped version of the photo along with a headline) above the banner at the very top of the page and it ran on the front page of the Report on Business section. Both times in full colour.

    I’ve been told that the story will definitely be running on Global’s evening news tonight, likely during the latter half of the show. I think it went okay. I tried to be very clear that the issue was the online shopping as opposed to in-store (although, between us, I still don’t agree that charging $88 for a sweater that costs $69.50 in the U.S. is a reasonable mark-up. Their line is 15%, but I have a calculator and that is decidedly not 15%). I was very positive about the company in general. For example, and this probably won’t make it to air given the nature of these stories, but one of the questions they asked me was what my customer service experience had been in the past and I said they had amazing customer service. And I said I did not want to shop anywhere else, it’s just that I couldn’t support what they were doing to all of their loyal customers, particularly those who don’t have the option of coming to Toronto. What I hope is clear to JCrew with this is just how far they’ve gone if they’ve managed to make me (and people like me) stop shopping there. We love JCrew.

    When I initially said that I was doing this despite the unwanted attention it would bring I wasn’t looking for anyone to thank me – I was really trying to get across that I hadn’t meant to arbitrarily appoint myself spokesperson when there are so many JCAs out there who could have done it. I honestly hadn’t imagined myself in the story, but I’m grateful to everyone for the words of support now that I’ve found myself there (particularly those of you who said I looked nice, even though I believe you are just trying to make me feel better. Also, I should totally have lied to the reporter about my age. Blech).

    I’ll continue to keep you all posted.

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  38. You're probably right, Sudu, they may skip over all the good stuff you have to say about JC. But it sounds like your message was fair and to the point. Let's hope Mickey's listening!

  39. Sudu - you are such a heroine! A heartfelt thanks!

    And am i the only one who is now choking on the "Mickey asked me to touch base with you.." of all of these emails???? Goodness! Mickey - sweetie - if you are reading this - I KNOW you have a fabulous life!!! I do not expect that you and Jenna are emailing each other on the weekend, worrying about what some wretched Canadian JCAs think! For God's sake just say you are looking into it! And I am thinking you need a new VP of customer service - I really do, Mickey.

  40. I jsut got back the same form letter from Jenna as everyone else. It is clear that they haven't read my letter (or any others) as they haven't addressed any of our points.

    The letter didn't even make any sense. To keep the prices consistent with the store price is the line given but with the duties on top the inflated price it is much more expensive than in store.

  41. I heard a very brief mention of the issue on CBC radio this afternoon, but the same old excuses were trotted out about Canada being a big country with a very small population, and having high duties/taxes, blah blah.

    I think the only way to get J. Crew to change their policy is if the media spotlight is on them. Honestly, this is the first time I can recall that a US retailer has double charged Canadian online shoppers with taxes. If other U.S. retailers like Gap and Lands' End can ship to Canada without outrageous markups AND a massive duty charge, why can't J. Crew? Their arguments are flimsy. So, I have sent letters to newspapers today, as well as tweeting about it. I hope we can keep this in the public spotlight and keep the pressure on J. Crew.

  42. I just had a very encouraging experience. I went to Yorkdale after work this evening to return my purchases. In the midst of the transaction the store manager came over because he recognized me from the Globe article and we had a very good, quite lengthy conversation. I explained that the issue was not the in-store pricing so much as the online pricing. The problem isn’t that we’re paying more than U.S. customers, it’s that we’re paying more than ourselves one week ago, before there was a store here.

    I was very impressed by him and what he said, which included that they really are taking this seriously and are working on some kind of solution. Although he couldn’t be specific about what it might be, he was such a good ambassador for the company that I came away feeling very positive. He absolutely understood that people are passionate about JCrew and I was very clear that I wanted to shop there and would be happy to do so again – just as soon as this issue is resolved. Until then, though, I couldn’t keep my purchases when I know there are people who don’t have the option of shopping in person who are really being hit by this increase.

    One thing he said in passing that I think is important for everyone to know is that they have been looking into this issue since Friday. As in, well before the Globe & Mail article appeared. Which means that everyone who is calling and emailing is being heard and having an impact. And I’m obviously not the first person to have made a return on the same grounds, which has also been noticed.

    The Global TV News story has aired and I think it was mostly good, although the portion at the end where the reporter relayed the JCrew response just repeated their line without really dissecting it. On the whole, though, I think the message came across. I was pleased that they included some of the positive things I said.

    Hopefully there will be a resolution sooner rather than later. In the meantime, don’t stop making your opinions known!

  43. If you watch this interview with Mickey back in April, you'll note that raising prices was definitely part of the strategy this year. What he didn't say was he'd be raising prices for everyone except Americans. And by as much as 50%!

  44. Global TV Story...

  45. well I guess the last line in the global news pieces says what's happening. "Most consumers like what they've got". So they're not going to take our concerns seriously and status quo seems to be what's going to happen. Absolutely disgusting business practices. Time to explore other options.

  46. Sudu, you look great in the TV interview!

    ...but unfortunately, they missed the point, which is that for online shoppers (which constitutes the majority of the Canadian market), J. Crew is charging 25-30% duty ON TOP of the marked-up price for Canadians, which translates into an effective markup up to 50%!!! The Toronto store only carries a limited selection of women's wear - no swimwear, outerwear, bridal/party wear, and no mens' or children's wear. So if you want to buy anything from J. Crew that's not in the store, and if you don't live in Toronto, the only choice is to shop online!

  47. @Sudu The sales associate I dealt with when making my return also appeared to actually be listening, which was an improvement over the trite form letter "Jenna" had to put her name to. BTW, even if it does make "people will still buy it" claim, your story has also been picked up by Toronto Life online's The Goods...way to go!

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  49. Sorry the last message was poorly written and not spell checked.. meant to say:

    I feel terrible for all you in Canada. I can see why you are all so upset because if this happened in the US I would really be heartbroken and take my dollars elsewhere. Mainly because we are all loyal customers, we already pay good money, and I do believe JCrew makes a pretty good profit margin on us already, then this. It feels like price gouging, and no one wants to think of a responsible ambassador to fashion, JCrew, as money grubbing price gougers.

  50. I'm not sure the tone of the Toronto Life piece is helpful, unfortunately. If the problem was "poor" me, I wouldn't have bothered, not with taking the merchandise back and certainly not with subjecting myself to this kind of scorn. I have never said I was returning my purchases because I couldn't afford them (although I can certainly afford less now), I returned them because there is a principle involved. This increase does price JCrew beyond some people's reach, and when this is being done on the backs of the people whose loyalty is what prompted JCrew to come here in the first place, as consumers we're entitled to not be happy about it. There is a reason why there are reporters who specialize in consumer issues and retail news - this is not considered frivolous by everyone.

    It's also unfortunate that it's so difficult to get across the online vs. in-store issue (it's not straightforward for anyone who hasn't been a customer), but when there is only so much space in a column or time in a segment, it's not surprising that it comes down to Canadian vs. U.S. pricing. But that is why the story is getting the attention that it is, so we'll have to accept it (while continuing to try to clarify it wherever we can). The main thing is that JCrew knows the distinction and knows why we are (not unreasonably) not happy with it.

  51. Just watched the Global clip and have to add to what others have said already, Sudu you look great and you were so articulate!

    The reporter really glossed over the point that once you add shipping and additional taxes we now pay 40-50% more than just a week ago.

    The Star article was a bit more detailed on that point.

    JC has to be paying attention to this. We're all going to vote with our wallets, and stay away from shopping online until this is rectified!

  52. Sudu you were awesome in the clip!! Thanks for what you're doing. I have to believe something good will come of this - I bet JC didn't bank on this much of a stink!

    Hi Clicquot! I'm still kicking around - mainly just a Lurky Lurkerson. (;


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