Thursday, August 12, 2010

J.Crew Event: you're invited...

"Thanks!" to so many of you, including Courtney, Raina, Dancerb26, Jennifer, Sandra, Melissa, Kelly, & Sarah, who shared the following in-store promotional email from J.Crew today.

The email sent to the JCAs were all the same, except for the store location (which are all listed below). The following are the details:
We've added something special to our Collection... For the first time ever, we've handpicked an assortment of our most special items-- now available in our store...

Join us for shopping & refreshments as we celebrate the arrival of this special selection of our most covetable pieces.

Thursday, August 19th, 5-7PM

{insert store location}

The best part? Our complimentary personal shoppers will be on hand all evening.

Be one of the first to spend $150 or more and receive an exclusive gift from our very own Jenna Lyons.
This shopping event is happening on the exact same day & time at the following J.Crew stores so far:
Scottsdale Fashion Square
7014 E. Camelback Road
Scottsdale, AZ
(480) 945-2739

South Park
4400 Sharon Road
Charlotte, NC
(704) 365-9355

Cherry Creek Mall
3000 E. First Avenue
Denver, CO
(303) 322-7020

Houston Galleria
5085 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX
(713) 626-2739

Mall at Millenia
4200 Conroy Road
Orlando, FL
(407) 226-9732

Scottsdale Fashion Square
7014 East Camelback Road
Scottsdale, AZ
(480) 945-2739

Corte Madera
1524 Redwood Hwy
Corte Madera, CA
(415) 927-2005

Chances are your local brick & mortar (B&M) store is offering the same event too. It might be worthwhile to double check with a store associate to find out more. :)

I am curious what the hand-picked exclusive gift from Jenna Lyons will be. Usually the items they gift customers at these types of events are super lovely.

Will you be attending? Did you get the same email for your local J.Crew store? If so, please share! :)


  1. Hmm...interesting! I am somewhat near the Charlotte store. I'm surprised they're not offering a % off after a certain amount as an incentive, although I guess the "gift" counts as that. Hope it's something good!

  2. Hi!, Just in case someone missed the email, this event is also happening at the downtown Seattle store. Same time and day.

  3. Why not Corte Madera or San Francisco??? Why why why??? Boo...

  4. DC-Area JCAs: this is also happening at the Friendship Heights store @ the same date and time! Woot! :) Too bad I probably won't be able to make it. :( Enjoy, ladies (and gents!!!).

  5. Hmm... there's one coming up near me, but much as I appreciate a vague invitation, not going to make what would be a 40 minute drive in rush-hour traffic unless I know more about what's so special. Agree with AppGal; a money incentive should have been included - and a promise that the gift isn't a ruffly art tee.

  6. Does it mean that the new rollout is arriving to stores next week?

  7. Amazing! Thanks for the tip!!

  8. I don't want a gift, I want 20% off. I won't be going unless there is something more along those lines. I will call the store to check.

  9. Did anyone notice that Banana Republic knocked off the JC Field Jacket in their new collection. It's so similar (they just added a belt) that it's breathtaking!

  10. Asra: the jackets do look similar, but many stores carry similar styles. Personally, I've been so disappointed w/BR clothes lately. JC has done a good job w/making classics modern with their own twist, and I feel like that's what BR is trying to do, but it's not working!

    Question: is this event for the JC Collection? Or is it just a handpicked items event? The JC Collection is quite expensive!

  11. I received an e-mail for one of my local stores (There are two here).

    J. Crew at The Shops at La Cantera
    San Antonio, Texas

    It sounds interesting, but I won't attend because I have an event at school during the same time frame.

  12. I received a mailed printed invitation for this event at the Corte Madera, CA store. Can't wait to see what it's all about!

  13. No, I didn't get this email. Are these areas lacking in Full Price sales/purchases?
    None of these areas are even within my driving distance.
    I'd rather get 20% off than a gift. If you do go let us know what this gift from 'Jenna' is.

  14. That's my birthday :) Wish I could go.

  15. cortney_joy: Hurray! So, they will be doing it at Corte it something you *have* to have the invite to attend? Or can you just show up? If you can just show up, I'd love to go...what is the date and time for the Corte Madera event? TIA!!

  16. I received a hand-written note from my PS regarding a similar event to see the new fall pieces. (A nice touch I think) She said we'd get 10% off in store during the event.

  17. PatsyStone, I don't think you have to be invited, I heard salespeople telling customers about it when I was there today. It's 8/19 from 5-7pm.

  18. Was at Woodfield today, SA was clearing out the sale area and I asked her if there new merchandise coming, she said yes Monday is the new rollout!

  19. Thanks, cortney_joy! I think I'll stop by!

  20. Our H-Town Galleria store is having this event. I received my invite in the mail the other day. I was told that they are being upgraded to a Lux store, so they will have a lot more collection pieces, etc.

  21. FYI for Chicagoland JCAs- Oakbrook is having this event as well, same place, same time.

  22. I received my invitation in the mail. The Orlando store has also become Luxe, so hopefully we will start to get some of the Collection items, too.

  23. Wish this were happening in NYC! The gifts are usually really, really nice jewelry items. Last winter at the NYC collection store event I got a pink pearl necklace, similar in style to the Glass pearl necklace but even lovelier! I wear it all the time and still love it as much as I did the day of the event.

  24. To those JCAs in earlier time zones - if you go and see what the gift is, would you mind posting it here afterwards? Haha. I'd like to know beforehand if it's worth going, if at all possible!

    Also, what sorts of Collection items do the Lux stores receive? I want to know if the downtown Seattle store is Lux, though I kind of doubt it because I feel all our stores are kind of small. I have seen items that are technically Collection in all the stores though, like the velvet skirt.


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