Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Madewell Email: Our latest stroke of jean-ius

"Thanks!" to Marietta who shared the email Madewell sent yesterday.

The email features the Legging Jeans which is described as "part jeans, part leggings– they're our coolest hybrid jet" and retails for $79.50. This look is completed with the Patent-Leather Oxfords ($148).

The email also reminds us that they are having their Fall Denim Tour with Lucky Magazine. (For more on this, refer to the "Madewell Email: Denim Tour w/ Lucky hits stores" post.)

Lastly, over at Madewell (click here), they are showcasing another four stylish women wearing pieces from Madewell under My Madewell. This feature has been around since this Spring. (Refer to the May 13th "Madewell Email: Introducing My Madewell: Our clothes, your way" post.) I still think this is a great concept and look forward to when J.Crew decides to do it too! ;)

What are your thoughts on the Legging Jeans? Does this look work for Fall? Thoughts on the Oxford shoes? :)


  1. lovelovelove the shoes. . . not the "jeans." I have to say, before the skinny rage, for a short while, not so many pairs of jeans screamed, "don't!"

    Now we're back to the tights-for-pants-for-those-who-shouldn't days. Sad.

  2. Um, I think a better name would be "jeggings" LOL!

  3. a good option for knee-high boots. I can't seem to find any skinny jeans that work very well, these might fit the bill.

  4. Yes, Molly...I was going to say the same thing! I've heard the term "jeggings" before but hadn't seen them yet. Since leggings and skinny jeans in general are off-limits for me, I will be passing. But it's a cute look for those who can pull it off :)

  5. So Lindsay Lohan quit Ungaro to work for Madewell, I see.

  6. Cheesy Goodness, lol! Did you SEE those clothes (and the sequin pasties!!!)?!

    I like the skinny jean thing on some, not me. I "get" the oxford shoe thing too but I wouldn't wear it personally.

  7. haha jeggings...i really like the madewell ones and can actually wear them to work (with longer shirts) as they pass off as jeans...but wayyyy more comfortable.

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