Thursday, October 8, 2009

J.Crew Email: Say "I do" to J.Crew {part 4}

As mentioned in the September 18th post "J.Crew Email: Say "I do" to J.Crew {cute!}", the September 24th "J.Crew Email: Say "I do" to J.Crew {part 2}" post, & the October 2nd "J.Crew Email: Say "I do" to J.Crew {part 3}" post, J.Crew is hosting Bridal Trunk Shows across the country.

"Thanks!" to GoldCoastGal, who shared the email J.Crew sent today (shown in the image above). The email announces that the trunk show will arrive at the Chicago, IL location. The dates for this event are: Saturday, 10/17/09 (8-11AM) and Sunday, 10/18/09 (8-11 AM). Just RSVP ( with the date & location of the trunk show you plan to attend.

Happy {bridal} shopping!


  1. enough of the i do events already...'I dont!'

  2. Pretty Boy: LOL! These "I do" posts can be a bit repetitive. ;)

    On a bright note, maybe a JCA will attend this event in Chicago and find the dress of her dreams. :)

  3. I do love the Crew's take on bridal wear. It's no longer the summer season, but their shorter dresses are my favorite for their versatility. I could imagine just wearing one of their simple white shifts with black tights for a dinner out, no wedding necessary!


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