Friday, October 9, 2009

Crewcuts Email: awe-inspiring accessories (+FREE SHIPPING)

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Marisa (in this post) & Marietta, who let us know about J.Crew's latest email.

The email features Girl's Accessories (with the tag line ""ooh-la-la! Baubles and beads (and everything in between)") from the Crewcuts line. To shop girl's jewelry & accessories, click here.

The jewelry and accessories for girls at Crewcuts is absolutely lovely! I have been known to buy a headband or two from the Crewcuts line to wear myself! Sometimes I wonder if I can fit the rings on my fingers. ;)

On a weird note, I am also really happy to see the girl (used in the email image above) smiling! Sometimes, Crewcuts email feature an adorable girl or two who seem to be upset for some random reason. (Not sure what I am talking about? Refer here & here as a few examples.)

They are also reminding us about free shipping on all Crewcuts orders (with no minimum).

Have you checked out the new Jewelry & Accessories for Crewcuts? Are there any items that you are liking? Have you been taking advantage of the free shipping promotion? :)


  1. I bought my niece two of the ribbon beaded necklaces for Christmas -- they're very cute and I particularly loved the one that's the lavender-grey colour (I wondered if I could get away with wearing it!)

    I looked at the hairbands and have to say I found them a bit "mature" for little girls, esp. the ones with big flowers on them. IMO, they looked a bit too cha-cha!

  2. We love the Crazy Bead Necklace, have that in purple. My DD is girly and loves the jewelry there, but it's too expensive IMO. She wanted one of the flower rings, but she's only 5 and there is no way I'm paying $28.50 for a ring at her age, she'll just lose it later that day! They had the rings out at the checkout at our Crewcuts and I commented on how pricey they were, and the SA said that's because they were gold-plated. Ummm, I seriously doubt that, they look like reg kids jewelry!

    Since I stupidly missed out on that CUTE ballerina top, I'll wait until new rollout or a sale code (which we need desperately JC!). We have a lot of what we need already.

  3. I love the ribbon crazy bead necklace and am totally planning on getting one myself. At $14.50 it seems amazingly inexpensive. If one has skinny fingers, those rings should fit since they are the typical adjustable ring... but I agree with Mags about the price for an adjustable kids ring. I was wondering about the headbands, so I'm glad to see that they fit grown ups.

    And as Cheesygoodness mentioned in the other post, CC shipping is always free so it's relatively low risk for those of us without B&Ms nearby.

  4. I have purchased several Crewcuts accessories for my daughter. They are super cute. We have the jeweled headbands, the resin jewel bracelets and the crazy bead necklaces.

    The headbands do run large- they fit me fine.

  5. I just tried on the headbands at Crewcuts on Madison Ave and they fit me just fine. They are half the price of similar pieces at Club Monaco, too. I picked out a couple for myself and I'll let my 10 year old pick them from the larger selection on the web site thanks to the free shipping. (My 15 year old says no way, too girlie.)

  6. Whoa! I paid $12.99 for the "blossom" headband in the store and it's still $18.50 online. And I don't see the other one, a pink satin bow for $16.50, on the web site at all.

  7. Rings for little girls? I mean, come on. I lose stuff and I'm 24... I can't imagine a little kid with a $30 ring... that seems like a terrible idea.

  8. Oh man, I can just see that brand new ring...with nail polish all over it, or being used to carve something into a rock, LOL.

    ITA, it's refreshing seeing a *happy* kid in the ad!

  9. Off topic - I am having a Giveaway on my blog for the earrings J.Crew just sent out to its "VIP" customers.

  10. Alexis, great idea! The regular rings are too big for me so I never even look at them. Hadn't occured to me to shop crewcuts to peruse the site! )


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