Sunday, October 25, 2009

Additional Sneak Peeks for J.Crew's Collection in 2010

J.Crew went all out and invited quite a few fashion reporters & bloggers (except for me! I am sure my invite got lost in the mail with those earrings or something... ;) ) to partake in their Spring 2010 preview fashion event. We got to see some previews in Friday's "Sneak Peek for J.Crew Men's Collection in 2010" post and Thursday's "Sneak Peek for J.Crew Women's Collection in 2010" post

Well, the following are some more articles covering the event:
  • "Thanks!" to Rosa who let us know that NY Magazine's The Cut covered the Women's Collection for 2010. To read that article, click here.
  • "Thanks!" to Amanda (in this post) who let us know that Coutorture covered the Women's Collection for 2010 as well. To read that article with lots of images, click here.
  • "Thanks!" to Amanda (in this post) again who let us know that the blogger behind Secret Forts covered the Men's Collection for 2010. To read that post with lots of images, click here.
Also, "thanks!" to tweedybird who shared the following article from WWD (click here).

J.Crew Spring Presentation: Opposites Attract

October 23, 2009

In an upbeat presentation, J.Crew's Jenna Lyons started with a Hockney-inspired palette of neutrals with pops of neons. She applied this to looks rooted in counterpoint: whimsically ruffled and otherwise embellished pieces juxtaposed with boyish military-inspired outerwear. For the most part, the contradiction worked like a charm, even if one or two looks felt overstyled.

Frank Muytjens' men's lineup offered classic pieces in unexpected combinations. A dinner jacket with satin lapels, for example, was shown with distressed jeans, and an oilcloth fireman's jacket was paired with white jeans and a skinny tie. "We're mixing dressy with utilitarian," said Muytjens, J.Crew's vice president of men's design. "The inspirations are familiar but in a different context."

On the financial front, J.Crew said Thursday its third-quarter profits would rise to 54 cents to 59 cents a diluted share, ahead of the 30 cents to 33 cents previously projected. The update drove J.Crew's stock up 15.2 percent to $43.49 Thursday.


  1. You SO should have been invited. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Delicious, Alexis!

    Now, I'm going through my military-sequin-khaki jcrew stuff from past seasons to see what I can combine, while waiting for the 2010 spring rollout.

    New dream: MIckey and Jenna invite me to a seasonal rollout. {Hey, it could happen, she mused.}

  3. I'm headed to Africa with work this summer so all that Khaki will come in handy in the heat!

  4. I'm not loving the extreme layering still but there are some pieces I am definitely excited to see - and buy! I really like the sequin and military theme.

    I agree you should have been invited!

  5. Susan, Professor, & Summerilla: It would have been nice to be asked to attend the Spring preview. :) I am not bitter or anything. ;)

    GlobeTrotter: I hope you have a great time on your trip! :)

  6. I'm seeing the scarves and wraps tucked into the belts... interesting.

    I like that I'll probably be able to mix the new stuff with things I already own.

    Can't wait to see more on this!

  7. Seriously, how could they overlook the original JCA, whose blog probably does a lot to help generate buzz for the clothes? Alexis, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you for next year!

  8. I am baffled by the pants-optional trend. I know its all over, but really? J Crew on the bandwagon?
    I am going to submit J. Crew to Daddy Likey's next edition of "Don't Show-cha Your Chocha"
    If you haven't been there, her blog is HILARIOUS. In addition to Don't Show-cha Your Chocha postings, very funny comments on life in general, and some gems on J. Crew ;) Enjoy!

  9. A lot of the top layers look very draped. I prefer tailored looks and I'm a bit afraid there's not enough of those. Some of the girls look like they're wearing shirts with no bottoms! A few of the dresses look beautiful. I guess we'll see what makes it to the store.

    Crazy you weren't invited Alexis. Way to drop the ball on that one guys.

  10. Come on now, this spring we will all be sporting our oxfords with a swimsuit, cardigan and jacket. Pants optional!

  11. And the men's line keeps up it's excellent effort. Frank's the man! Maybe Jenna could ask him for some pointers.

  12. All we need for Spring is a sequin tank, a scarf, and a Boyfriend Military Jacket belted and worn as a dress! Pants definitely optional!

  13. I guess I'll continue a lifetime of unstylishness by keeping my lower half clothed next season. (Hangs head in shame.)

    Also, the scarf tucked in thing looks like a mistake to me, like tucking the back of your skirt into your tights in the bathroom. As I've done one by accident, I'm not about to do the other on purpose.

  14. I have seen the scarf tucked into a belt other places, so I'm guessing it's going to be one of the "new looks" this spring. I'm not sure what I think, but I'm willing to try it (at least in my house).

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  16. The color scheme reminds me of Prada's Resort 2010 color scheme, and the models' frizzy hair is also reminiscent of the Prada Fall/Winter 2009 runway and ad campaign. I like that jcrew is a little more fashion forward than it used to be, but still offers the khaki and cashmere basics that we all love. I wasn't too thrilled with the new jcrew collection webpage though. I don't think that those sexed up images reflect the jcrew I know.

  17. Pants optional? So Lindsay Lohan really is a style icon? Hmmm.....

    I do quite like the khaki dress with the blue, gold and orange stripes though.

  18. It's a tragic loss that your invite was lost in the mail -- I choose to picture the excutives of J. Crew and the organizers of the show scrambling at the last minute, wondering where you were. ;) It's their loss, as you've shown stalwart journalistic moxy, presenting the collection info you did gather for us eager readers. Thanks for the peek; something to look forward to when the warm weather returns!

  19. When I look at this pic all I see is legs, shorts shorts is not my thing even though there will be some JCA's that can pull this look off I for one cannot. I guess I should have stocked up on last seasons Bermuda shorts.

  20. Everyone: Thanks for sharing!!! :)

    Lauren S, Roxy & Denise, the prime magpie: Thanks for the nice words! :) I won't lie, I am a little disappointed I wasn't asked. Maybe next time. ;)

    Mack, Laura & Lauren H.: I too am baffled by the pant-less outfits going on here. It's definitely not a "J.Crew Look"

    JCrew Guy In Canada: The men's stuff does look great. :) Although, did you check out the shorts with all the paint? At least there was only one crazy item in the men's section. ;)

    CheeesyGoodness: You are not alone- I too will be sporting clothes on my lower half. Call us unfashionable and un-stylish... we will still be proud! :)


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