Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween! {are you celebrating with J.Crew?}

Okay, I am super early with this. However, I am really excited about Halloween this year. It might be because I finally live in a neighborhood where we get {adorable} trick-or-treators. I even went all out this year, from decorating the foyer of the house to creating goody-bags. I think Target and Wal-Mart had a big role in my excitement considering how much fun & cute stuff they brought in this year.

So similar to last year and in honor of Halloween, it might be fun to have a post on what we plan on wearing this Saturday. :)

Even though I won't be wearing an actual costume, I am still dressing up for Halloween. I intend on wearing the Piazza Jacket (Item 81751; $140.00) in Orange, Striped Victoria Ruffle Shirt (Item 99693; $98.00) in Black & White (might be substituted with the Victoria Black Cami), a pair of dark trouser jeans from the Gap, Salina Patent Ballet Flats (Item 95898; $138.00) in Black, and the Chiffon Flower Headband (Item 98117; $26.50) in Black & White.

Side Note: As I was looking for two Halloween-esque photos for the post I ran across the top two. The one on the left is a cute outfit (minus the trouser socks) to wear on Halloween. The one on the right is, if I can borrow from the theme song of 80's fashion & rock icon Jem, truly truly outrageous. It looks more like a costume than an actual outfit. Oh J.Crew, you can do better than that! ;)

What are you planning to wear this Halloween? Will you be trick-or-treating? Are you planning to go "head to toe" J.Crew or parts J.Crew?


  1. I'm not a big fan of Halloween, so no dressing up for me. I know, right? You think given the way I love clothes, I would.

    We live in a neighborhood full of retired people; no kids even come to our door. :(

  2. I don't think I'll be dressing up- my closet is sorely lacking in orange & black :) I love passing out candy- we live in a neighborhood full of kids & I'm sure I'll run out of candy early! My neighbor builds a haunted house in his front yard, so it's funny to watch the little kids shriek when they go to his door!

  3. Clever, I hadn't thought of dressing in anything special for Halloween, but I do have an orange shirt - I don't like it much, but it's appropriate for the day so maybe I'll wear that!

  4. I LOOOOVE Halloween, I love everything Fall and I hadn't thought about it but I did buy the orange featherweight cashmere cardigan during the summer sale so I'm thinking that and jeans with a shirt or T will do the trick :)

  5. I love Halloween . . . probably won't be going out for the evening but will pass out candy in my orange Candace and orange and black striped Clea flats!

    OT: I'd been dithering about whether to grab the Dijon silk streamers top and note that it's already waitlisted in the smaller sizes.

  6. Sigh... I'm going to be so boring for Halloween this year! I think we're just handing out candy at home. I just hope the day is nice so we can walk the dog amongst the autumn leaves and just pretend we're in a J. Crew ad. Does that count?? :P

  7. I picked up a black novelty tee from ON black with pumpkins on it supercheap so I will wear that with dark Matchstick jeans, with an orange lululemon hoodie, handing out candy.

  8. Modest update in the sale section this morning ladies, but better than we have seen. Got white matchsticks, a frances, and a ribbon front top in navy for 19.99 each, but they all disappeared immediately. So you know they won't actually ship!

  9. I am wearing J.Crew for my costume actually! I am dressing up as Rosie the Riveter and I am wearing one of my husband's navy blue dress shirts with a pair of cropped matchsticks and additional (non J.Crew) accessories, like saddle shoes (!!!) to make the outfit complete. Happy Halloween y'all!

  10. I'm not a big Halloween fan either. I'll probably wear an orange Martin+Osa sweater that I got last year with some jeans. I have the melon Jackie that I could wear with black, but I think that orange is too light for Halloween.

  11. My workplace is having a little party, so I'll be wearing the coal minnies with a black Victoria button-up and some patent flats. Kinda halloween-esque. I really wanted to be Olive Oyle but didn't feel like shelling out the $39. That money is going towards a cardi on sale :)

  12. I've got 3 kids who are dressing up-vampire, ghost and skeleton-so I will be trick or treating with them, whilst dressd in J. Crew...Orange Piazza ( love it Alexis!!), black and white striped tank, black J Brand boots...
    Hoping that my kids aren't still sick when Saturday arrives!!

  13. I do not like to wear a costume for Halloween, however, I like to see other people's costumes. I just went to the High Heel race in DC where a bunch of Drag Queens show up and run in heels. And I always get my dog a costume. She is wearing a prisoner costume this year. You can see her in my profile picture.
    I will probably wear one of my orange JCrew sweaters on Saturday and some tootkpick jeans, but that's all.

  14. I have the orange Piazza and B/W victoria too.
    They look cute together! I just hope the weather is warm enough so I don't have to wear a coat.

  15. We are having a block party in our cul-de-sac as we do every year.

    I am just wearing a black silk blouse, short black skirt and tights.

    OT, but I received my Evie watercolor top and the marzipan cardis in aubergine and light berry.

    Love, love, love the cardis. I did size up as they run really tight in the arms and are cropped a little more than some of JC's items. They hang nicely, even with the band at that bottom.

    The Evie top is a love also, but I did have to reorder a size down. I purchased my usual size 4 and it is really big. I think the 2 will be just right. The fabric in this is lovely, and I like the ruffles better on the patterned fabric than I did on the solid purple one I saw in the store. It looks very nice under the Marzipan in aubergine with dark jeans or with the perfect pencil in gray. It does have the side zipper, but I think it hangs really well in spite of that.

  16. I will also be wearing the Jcrew orange piazza (one of my favorite pieces ever!) with a Jcrew green plaid cami underneath and Jcrew painter's jeans or white cords!

  17. Happy {early} Halloween!

    Chloe: I hear you about neighborhoods! Until last year, I lived in neighborhoods where we got zero trick or treators. Growing up, even I left my neighborhood to trick or treat at friend's neighborhoods! ;)

    Molly Darling: I am with you- looking forward to passing out candy this year. Sounds like your neighbor has an amazing set up! :)

    Lady Cardigan: The orange skirt sounds perfect! :)

    Laura: Sounds like a casual and cool outfit- perfect for Halloween!

    Hexicon: The Candace in Orange sounds lovely for Halloween! :)

    Denise, the prime Magpie: LOL! Love the walk like a J.Crew ad part. Sounds perfect! :)

    Casual Crew: This year, ON had some really cute Halloween tees. You will look great passing out candy! :)

    Ruffles: Thanks for letting us know. I checked at 7AM, and all the links on the click through were sold out. Congrats on the Frances- I have been trying to get that shirt for awhile. :)

    Hillary: That is a great outfit!!!

    Argyle Martini: I love the Melon Jackiet with black- sounds gorgeous!

    MomoBerry: Have fun at the party! The Victoria in black is such a pretty choice. :)

    JCrew Lover: Yey for the Orange Piazza!!! Have fun trick or treating with your kids. :)

    Rosa: That High Heel Race sounds amazing! Also, I love your dog's costume- she is so cute!!! You are not alone either, I am also dressing up my two dogs in costumes this year. One as a ladybug and the other as a bumblebee. They will hate it, but they look so darn cute. :)

    Ji: Your outfit sounds perfect! Can't argue with that combo. :)

    Kitsmommy: Sounds like a classic outfit! Have fun at the party!!! :)

    Sunny: Love the Orange Piazza with Green Cami look! That is a great color combination. :)

  18. I am going out for my b-day dinner on Halloween so I will be dressed up. I am planning on recycling the outfit that I am wearing today: black patent Juliets w/ black tights and the deco shirred skirt and ruffled Celosia cardigan in cinnamon spice.

  19. Rosa,
    I like looking at other peoples costumes too. Oh, that race sounds like a blast! Wish I could have been there:)

  20. Kate Gosselin on Ellen today wearing JCrew!

    Pink Kelsey top and long gray Alpaca cardigan, and mayybe the felted fool mini.

    Looks cute!

  21. I love Halloween, but I live in an apt so don't get trick or treaters. Hmm, perhaps I will wear my sweet potato marcella with black double serge pencil to work on Friday!

  22. I actually have the exact Celosia cardigan in your post in the cinnamon spice (burnt orange) color. I was planning on wearing it this Halloween with the ivory silk tiered cami and some jeans while trick-or-treating with my cousin's kids.

  23. We're hosting a Halloween party so I'll be wearing a costume that I'm making. Wish me luck lol. I'll share photos on my blog :)

    I also have an appt with my personal shopper on Saturday so that's how I'll be spending Halloween morning :)

    On another note, the orange cardigan on the top left picture is really cute!

  24. Taking my nieces trick or treating, then going to a Great Jack o Lantern Blaze (over 6,000 individually hand carved lighted pumpkins displayed at Van Cortlandt Manor, it's awesome!) with DB. It'll be chilly outside late at night, so I'll probably wear my heather carbon boyfriend blazer, black/white Victoria cami, and black Minnies. To throw in a pop of color, I'm thinking of wearing orange chandelier earrings. I own the ruffled Celosia cardigan in cinnamon spice, and would love to wear that, but then I'd have to wear a coat over it, and nobody would see it! Happy Halloween to all!

  25. Florida is "heaven's waiting room" - especially in the area I live. I haven't seen a kid on Halloween around here in the last 4 years! 4 years! No kids! Just old people!

  26. I'll be out of town for Hallowe'en so no handing out candy for me. Probably best as I usually eat too much of it before the day arrives.

    I agree with your comments on the outfits you posted Alexis. I literally LOL'd when I saw that goofy outfit you've labeled as "ridiculous". What a mess.

  27. We wear Halloween themes at work, so on Friday, I was going to do one of these depending on how I feel in the morning :)

    Hipslung Jeans, Dark Green Cable Turtleneck and my Sweet Potato Fiona jacket from last year


    San Remo Dress (I LOVE the fall colors of this dress) with brown ribbed tights and tall boots

  28. GingerSnap - Heaven's waiting room. *LOL*

    Thanks for the post, Alexis. I didn't even think about what to wear for Sat. If I am out or passing out candy, I will probably wear an orange scarf I've been wearing all week. Or maybe the orange merino turtleneck from last fall.

  29. I'll dress up in a costume for halloween (this year I'll be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz), but I won't wear orange because it's Halloween. I look dreadful in orange (although, I love that orange sweater--I hope in comes in other colors).

  30. Gingersnap: LMAO! So funny.

    Alexis: Yeah, the High Heel race is amazing, all the drag queens looked fabulous. My dog hated the costume so much that she stole the hat and started chewing on that thing. Not a lot of damage though, so she is still wearing it. We are having a pet costume party at our building tomorrow night so this little dog is going to steal the show.

  31. Hi, I hadn't planned it but I wore my orange gateau skirt from this summer with black tights and a black sweater this morning to my daughter's nursery school (for the Halloween party) and it was very Halloween-esque.

    OT, but could those who own the piazza dress comment on the fit? I'm contemplating ordering the black and I'm wondering if I should size down (to a petite in my case). TIA!

  32. We're having a HW luncheon at work, so, I'm planning to wear a black dress, tights, and a pumpkin/candy corn necklace. I have the waterfall cardi in the coralish colour, but its not really orange, so, prob. not.

  33. i'm just going to be running errands, home depot, mani/pedi, haircut... so i've decided to wear my black juicy hoodie, with a t-shirt i got at a feist show that's white with her silhouette in black, an orange tank, and j.crew jeans.

  34. Black Victoria Cami and capris and lots of cool makeup...I'm a Victorian Era Vampire :).


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