Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crewcuts Email: get to know cooper's picks

"Thanks!" to Marietta who shared the following email with us that Crewcuts sent today.

Crewcuts (click here) is now doing their own version of "Jenna's Picks" for Women, by introducing "Cooper's Picks". Jenny Cooper is the designer for Crewcuts.

They are also reminding us about free shipping on all Crewcuts orders (with no minimum).

Have you checked out the picks from Crewcuts designer Jenny Cooper? Are there any items that you are liking? Are there any styles that you are surprised to see? :)


  1. On a semi-related note... have you seen the Stella McCartney for Gap Kids collection? There are some pictures floating around online. She's got tutu skirts, mini-military jackets, etc. The collection reminds me of what we've already been seeing from Crewcuts. Any JCA mommies planning to check it out?

  2. In general, I think the Cooper's Picks are fine...of course, I'm usually a huge fan of crewcuts. Usually, they are not styled is a really wonky way, which helps!

    I did love the Haute Dogs campaign they are doing now! :)

    And yes, linda, I'll probably check out the Gap Kids intro with SM. They launch November 2nd in stores?

  3. Cloggsy had a fun post on her blog English Tea this week - her new fave necklace is actually the crewcuts version of the beaded ribbon necklace (crewcuts crazy bead necklace) - sure it's smaller in scale that the womens, but at $14.50, what a great piece to buy in multiples and layer. 7 colors, total length of 42". I definitely want to check them out more closely in store next time I go.

    Here's the link:

  4. I found myself somewhat envious of the crewcuts girls looks - the ones you see on the webpage after clicking through. "Vest dressed," "Ready to ruffle" and "Top it off" are great wearable outfits.

  5. Does anyone know if the largest sized shirt/blouse in crewcuts is big enough for a petite sized woman. In some brands I can wear kids clothes. There tops are just too cute and would love to buy some!

  6. this is getting confused with I think the title should be changed. To Crew's Picks or something to avoid the mixup. What do ya think?


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