Thursday, October 1, 2009

Visit to J.Crew at Garden State Plaza {lovely!}

A big "thanks!" to Tweedybird who shared with us some {great} J.Crew pictures of the concept store at Garden State Plaza (New Jersey).

She also shares the following {exciting} tidbit with us: "Also spotted a lovely new Orchid pink color that showed up in the wool sweaters and the Perfect Tees. A few shades lighter than Fresh Plum and not too bubblegum-y." Sounds delicious! :)

The location for this store is:
Garden State Plaza
300 Garden State Plaza
Paramus, NJ 07652
201 845 9292

"Thanks!" again to Tweedybird for {graciously} sharing these photos with us. Every time she shares photos from her local store, it makes me want to visit one of my local stores too (as in right now!) ;) And who else is crushing on that long sleeve button down shirt (in the second image)? What can I say, my heart flutters for black & white print shirts! :)


  1. Thanks Tweedybird! :)

    Is that a Tiered Ruffle Jacket on the mannequin in the middle of the first pic?

  2. Absolutely crushing on the shirt, Alexis!
    I've been waiting for a great patterned winter shirt (non-Liberty Fabric/Print) for a LONG time...

  3. Is this store near a PATH station at all? I have driven there before but never tried public transit.

  4. I love that shirt, too! I find mall stores so much better than non-mall stores for some reason.

  5. The men's store in Paramus is my fave men's J Crew shop. They always seem to get items way before everyone else. Great asthetics to the store and always helpful sales reps.

  6. not near a path station but there are buses that go there

  7. roxy: it's not near a path station...if you're in manhattan, i think from port authority the #175 or #164 (if I remember correctly...) take you there. You can also take the A uptown to 175th, and at that bus terminal in the downstairs/bottom level are mini buses that go to GSP as well for about $3.50

    i miss shopping at this store location!

  8. Great images. Thanks for sharing :-)

  9. My first thought was "I LOVE that black and white shirt!" Glad to see I'm not the only one. Can't wait to see that in person.

  10. I love that shirt, and ruffle jacket!!!!

  11. FFM: It does look like a tiered ruffle jacket- interesting! Can't wait to see it in person! :)

    Crew Cricket & Cliquot & Lauren S. & Rynetta: Yey! I am not the only one who is liking that shirt! :)

    JB: The Paramus store sounds fantastic! :)

  12. I'm also interested in the tiered ruffle jacket. I hope I get to see it IRL eventually.


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