Friday, October 2, 2009

Crewcuts Email: down town...(+free shipping)

"Thanks!" to Marietta who shared the following email with us.

The email features Jackets & Outerwear (with the tag line "the cold doesn't stand a chance") from the Boy's line in Crewcuts. To shop boy's jackets online, click here. To shop boy's outerwear online, click here.

Is it sad that these boys (who are probably less than 10 years old) dress better than my husband? ;)

They are also reminding us about free shipping on all Crewcuts orders (with no minimum).

Have you checked out the new Jackets & Outerwear for Crewcuts? Are there any items that you are liking? Have you been taking advantage of the free shipping promotion? :)


  1. My 5 year old dresses better than my hubby most of the time.

    But then again, I pick out all of his clothing and tell him exactly what to wear.

    That doesn't always work as well with grown men.

  2. Kitsmommy- ditto:) too funny.

    I could swear that the orange hooded jacket is the exact one from last year? I purchased it on final sale this Spring for my son and cannot see any differences- it is SUPER cute, but I loved it even more for $48!

  3. I just got an email offering free shipping for $150+ until Oct. 12th. I'm not sure if it's one-time use or for everybody. Anyone else get an email?

  4. Oh well - I'm probably not going to use it so here it is: RG86W4 for FS on $150+ until 11:59pm on Oct. 12, 2009.

    I wonder, with the constant $150 FS coupons, perhaps they intend to keep it up and have the standard FS around the $150 mark year 'round. I hope so, although it may be bad for my wallet.

  5. The blue quilted jacket they have had for years. We are on the third year with ours for my oldest, maybe it's time to get a matching one for my youngest! It is made amazingly well, btw, for a boys jacket. When it's washed it looks brand new.

  6. I just went to look at the jacket again and it is new in olive & dusty rose but pops up on sale in navy. If you look at the kids quilted jacket it initially says "navy" for color even though it's not an option.


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