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Product Review: Wool Tweed Oona Coat

Wool Tweed Oona Coat
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Regular: $550.00

The past few days have been {unseasonably} cold in the Northeast. At some points, it was even snowing! Although the snow didn't stick on the ground, it got me bringing out the old Winter coats.

Since it is now Winter coat season in some parts of the country, the following reviews for the Wool Tweed Oona Coats makes for perfect timing. :)

J.Crew's item page states:
A fabulously chunky, luxurious tweed in a tailored A-line shape. The standing collar, oversize pockets and grey metal buttons add a subtle but modern twist. Wool/acrylic/alpaca. Rounded collar. Long sleeves. Patch pockets with button-flap closure. Back belt. Fully lined. Hits at midthigh. Part of the J. Crew Collection.
A big "thanks!" to Canadian (in this post), who shared her thoughts on this coat with us. The following is her review:
... I finally received the Oona Tweed coat - The texture of the fabric is quite nice, soft not itchy at all. The coat is well lined, well made in general.

I am 5'2" and typically need a P2/P0, I got a size 0 regular as no petite was available. The shoulders are a bit big, but not too bad with a sweater under, and probably would be needed as the coat is generally light and somewhat thin, although doesn't appear that way on the photo.

The back band is a bit too high for me, ends up being above my waist, about 4 inches. I would have to reposition it. The flare-out is quite significant and the pleat stays closed as there is no movement I can make that would strech the coat to open the back pleat.

The coat looks too big on me. The only way I found that I could wear it well is with a wide belt - then it is really cute - but for $550? Unfortunately - it's going back. Hope this helps.
Another "thanks!" to Meredith (in this post), who also shared her thoughts on this coat. The following is her review:
Canadian--To follow up on your OT post about the Oona coat, I ordered it too and was also disappointed. I'm normally a sz 2 in J. Crew due to my bust (including in other coats like the Icon), and so I ordered the coat in this size. The coat was HUGE on me. I definitely had room to size down, but at 5'10, the sleeves were already *just* long enough. I agree with you that it was soft, but thin--not OK for a Chicago winter. Back it went!
"Thanks!" again to Canadian & Meredith for their great reviews!

What are your thoughts on the Wool Tweed Oona Coat? Are you considering or already have purchased this coat? Have you seen this coat in person? If so, please share with us your reviews too! :)


  1. This is a good review. I'm going to purchase a Thinsulate Lady Day Coat, in a 0. I tried them on over the weekend and the 2s just look funny on me, like I'm trying to play dress up. I even brought a sweater to put under it and it still worked (the 0). I have to get the Thinsulate, otherwise, its just not warm enough.

  2. Thank you for the reviews Canadian and Meredith! I thought this coat looked great in the catalog but once I saw it on the model on the website I quickly changed my mind. I love the color and fabric but definitely not the way it fits. The Crewlet has a blazer right now that is similar to the tweed of the Oona. I saw it last Thursday in the sale section, but don't remember the price.

  3. Great review!

    This isn't the appropriate spot for a question probably, but I was just wondering about the wool ribbon ravine dress? I'm loving the coral color. Any ideas on how to "fall-ize" or winterize it?


  4. I wondered why the Oona coat was such a big deal? I always thought tweed looked heavy, especially on petite frames. And for $550? Really pricey for a coat. It really looks nice on the model, though.

  5. Funny, I haven't cared for that Oona coat at all, and I normally drink so much crewlade that I love ALL of the coats, hehe.
    I would recommend the Thinsulate to anyone who wants a warm coat. It truly is miraculously warm without the bulk. I think I own three JCrew thinsulate coats (and counting, I'm sure..). I love them all, and they last for years.
    Great reviews!

  6. I also like the thinsulate in JC coats, but wish they would also line the arms with it. Makes the body warm but on some of the thin-fabric coats your arms are left chilly!

  7. Elizabeth,
    I reviewed the wool ribbon ravine dress a few posts down. Didn't work for me. But if the dress does work for you, I think you could winterize it with nice tights, knee-high boots, and a cardigan.

  8. I actually loved the look of the Oona coat but wasn't sure about the $550. price since I bought so many other items. Before I knew it, it was sold out in my size.

    I personally think the Lady Day in a dark color is universally slimming. I like the lighter colors too and it's not a dramatic fashiony coat but it looks good on almost everyone as opposed to the Plaza which is more miss that hit with the double breasted boxy shape.

  9. To thinsulate or not to thinsulate? I have always ordered coats with Thinsulate, but does anyone know whether it actually makes a difference? I wanted to order the Wool Harbor Peacoat- has anyone seen it in person?

  10. Laura, the Plaza is single-breasted but you are right, it can be a bit boxy. I like the Plaza over a suit or thick sweater since it isn't really fitted. That said, I totally agree with you - I LOVE the Lady Day coat. I bought one 3 years ago and wear it quite a bit, it is so flattering. The double-cloth has held up really well, it still looks new. It's so feminine and not uber trendy. Worth every penny IMO.

    Can't say I care for the Oona coat or skirt. The tweed looks so heavy and 80's and very unflattering with the harsh contrast between dark and light. J.Crew has some lovely tweed and some lovely coats but sadly, Oona is neither.

  11. Bay, you're right, Plaza is, I wonder if an old version was? I know I returned mine years ago. I'm 5'4" and short waisted, this did not help at all. I looked like an Acme anvil had landed on my head.

    I think I have three Lady Day coats from previous end of season sales. There was one year when they had too many coats and I got several for $75. each.


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