Monday, October 26, 2009

The Great (Weekly) Exchange {looking to find}

This post (of weekly posts) is for individual members who are looking for and interested in buying certain items. Please feel free to share a J.Crew store location and/or your outside listing/ auction site if it matches the requests made in this post. Please note: this posting is not for resellers.

Also note that any transactions are independent of this blog. (Especially since you will be using an outside listing/ auction site like eBay or eCrater.) I have no dealings or interactions with any of the potential communication, listings, or transactions. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to swap/sell/share/finding to the "Great (Weekly) Exchange" posts. (Refer to "A Quick Note to J.Crew Aficionadas" post.)

Is there an item (or items) that you are looking for and interested in purchasing?


  1. Ruffled hem dress in caspian blue, xs or small

    boatneck painter tee in aubergine (retail only color), small

    mrandmrsdarling at gmail

  2. Bella jacket in either green velvet or gray wool. Size 2. New or used.

    email apple4466 at yahoo

  3. New free shipping code on $175 or more, I don't know when it ends.
    WEEKEND is the code.

  4. Also, perfect-fit grosgrain scoopneck tee in plum raisin, small.

    mrandmrsdarling at gmail

  5. * T-strap wool flannel heels from this fall, prefer grey, size 6.5 or 7.

    * cashmere sweaters from this year, size XS (WITHOUT the roll-hem)

    * suiting size 0p

    * print button-down shirts size 0 or xs

    * Flax-colored linen sun dress with gold accents and cross-back straps from this past spring, size 0 or 2.

    * Flat riding boots, size 7 for less than $100, very good to new condition.

  6. Forgot to add:

    * Melanie merino sweaters from last year, size XS. (the pullover, not the cardigan)

    * Dream scarf cardigan from last year, XS

    * Dream or cambridge cable sweaters from last year, turtleneck or crewneck, size xs.

  7. Calling JCAs who buy for their menfolk: Looking for St. Tropez sportcoat in size 44L, either white or grey.

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  9. Hello everyone! I'm looking for a few necklaces (gently used is fine with me):

    Scattered glass bead necklace (sorry, don't know the item number for this one)
    Siren necklace in soft graphite, item 19512
    Gold and crystal cluster necklace, item 19514
    Crystal cadence necklace in soft graphite, item 19506


  10. - Twisted cotton trench, size 0P, 2P or 4P

    - Giverny print skirt, ANY size :)

    - Whirling ruffles cardigan, carbon, XS

  11. Ikat pencil skirt size 0, EUC is fine. Thanks!

  12. Looking for dream campton vest in navy, xs

    Lined pencil skirts, 0p

    Champagne cecelia long dress, 0p or 0

    Frances or victoria camis, 0p

    Qookymonster at gmail

  13. Good morning all.

    Looking for Maggie Double Serge jacket in Berry color, size 4. EUC fine.

  14. Couple harder to find items...
    1) Pinwale Cord Linda Dress - size 0
    2) Bridget Shirtdress - Size 0

  15. ocelot cardigan in a large or maybe medium.

    rachel.orndorff at gmail

  16. Ocelot cardigan in medium.

  17. Looking for the Grand corsage top in warm wisteria, size 2, 4, or 6. :)

  18. Looking for EUC Candy tee in Cerise, size Medium.

    If interested in trade, I have a EUC Candy Tee in Blade (same design, green beading) or a EUC Silk Applique Tee with the cream flowers I would be willing to trade.

  19. Crewcuts boys size 3 or 8
    Men 35/34 for Tall-Large

    Largish leather bag-try me.

    marisal_99 at yahoo dot com

  20. Still really really want:

    Penelope Peep Toes in Canyon (navy, red, tan) Size 7
    (6.5 or 7.5 could work as well)

    Reasonable prices only. Used is fine. TJMaxx is fine.


  21. French Terry Tie-Neck Pullover in Light Pewter, Size XS or S.


    mybagoverfloweth at gmail dot com

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  23. I am looking for a couple of long shots:

    The Rafaella dress from 2007 in size 0 or 2;

    The Giverny print skirt from 2008 in size 2 or above.

    Preworn is fine!

  24. I am looking for a winter coat, wool or stadium cloth, in 4/4P/2/2P
    and maybe even 6/6P. I would be open to condition and color (blue, white, purple, gray)....

    Also looking for brown bootsm flat or heel, size 7.5 I am open to style and condition.

    Ellen :)

  25. Wool herringbone Ella dress, size 0.
    Cashmere tie-front cardigan, size XS, heather grey or sandalwood.

  26. Also, has anyone seen the Highland cable cardigan (item 19245) at any of the B&Ms? It's completely sold out online, and says it is a collection item yet the collection store in NYC never received it... dying to find this in XS for an upcoming vacation to Scandanavia! darashapiro(at)gmail

  27. Looking for...

    Scatted Glass Boule Bead Necklace (beads are plum, black, gray on gold chain)

    Libretto necklace in the amber/dusty blossom color

    myfavoritethingsblog12 at gmail

    Thank you!

  28. Linen tweed mica mini in Stone, size 8.

    mlo at mantilo dot com


  29. Looking for the Jamie jacket, size M. Thank you!

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  31. Looking for:

    Ecole blazers in 6, 8 or 8P. Brown, burgundy, yellow, grey and navy.

  32. Geo Frances size 6 (8p won't work)

    Ribbon front top - ivory/black size 6

    marymoo86 (at)live (dot)com

    *posted earlier with wrong email - so please resend if you sent me a note :)

  33. WishList:

    Merino Maya Cardigan, Amber, S or XS

    Holly Jacket, Flax, 0 or 2

    Tissue Silk Trim Cardigan, Light Amethyst, XS

    erum khan at gmail dot com


  34. One more thing

    Any Dream Silvie/Soho Sweater Dresses in S or XS


  35. Hello Jca's
    I'm looking for the
    paisley tee in Medium
    beaded crest tee in medium
    cardigans in purple,key lime,yellow
    geo frances cami 4/6
    Palm leaf necklace & earrings green
    EUC OR NEW :-)

    ptriciahoward at

  36. ocelot cardigan in medium. I am willing to pay more than retail!
    paulaatarone AT yahoo DOT com

  37. Hello all,

    I am looking to find the following items.

    Solid silk garland cami size 2 amber color

    Cashmere heirloom Henley Sweater in a size s (ivory)

    Shimmer paisley lawn dress in size 2 or 4

    Havona tank in size 0 or 2

    Perfect-fit falling ruffles tank in champagne size XS or S

    Trevi tank size 0 or 2
    Italian bouclé pencil skirt size 2
    French serge day coat size 0 or 2
    Merino Maya cardigan size S amber color

    Cotton corsage cardigan in a size S in the aqua blue color

    The following items are currently on J.Crew's website, so looking for them in preworn condition (i.e. not full price):

    Frances cami size 0 or 2 in Slate

    Frances blouse in a size 4 (any color)

    Sherpa long hoodie Ivory in size S

    Jeweled garland earrings in rosy peach (am looking for these new)

    You can reach me at taaisjacobs at gmail dot com


  38. PriyaCherry, I have a bright rust size 4, worn a handful of times. Would that work for you at all?

  39. Hi, I am still looking for a gramercy coat in size 0, green.
    If you have one that you would like to sell, please send me an email to

  40. looking for:
    fan eyelet mini, white
    masako ballerina eyelet dress

    sizes 2 or 4, EUC is fine!

    katie dot kelfer at gmail dot com

  41. Maya cardigan, small, Amber or dusty blossom

    Silk Evening Primrose cami/top, sz 2 or 4, new or used is fine

    Whirling ruffles cardigan, carbon/dark grey, sz Small, new or EUC

    Lulu ballet flats sz 7, new or EUC

    Thanks! notaryjulee at gmail dot com

  42. maya cardigan in amber or dusty blossom, size medium.

  43. Another of my famous long shots - originally I had posted that I have a NWT abstract roses strapless dress in size 0 that I would like to trade for a 2. If you have a 2 but don't want to trade, you'd rather sell, please let me know. New or preworn is fine.

  44. I'm looking for the recent retail only wool scarf in black with white polkas or grey with white polkas. thanks!

  45. I love the abstract rose print and would love to find the dress (strapless, not flannel style) or crewlet victoria cami in that print... size 12 or 14.

    Would also love to find a yellow maggie - size 12 or 14.
    mackenzie_0007 at yahoo dot com

  46. Hi I'm looking for the men's Bulldog Cambridge tie from last year. item#88364 (I believe).

    lshelle004 at aol

  47. hi ladies!!

    Looking to EXCHANGE. The FRENCH SERGE DAY COAT in the marigold-ish color, with the bow at the neck.

    I HAVE a sz 4 and am LOOKING for a 0 or 2.

    Willing to buy/sell or exchange!!



  48. Would anyone have a Bell Flower cami(?), size 6, ivory they would be willing to sell? I'd love to have wear it.

  49. Would anyone have a Bell Flower cami(?), size 6, ivory they would be willing to sell? I'd love to have wear it.

  50. Would anyone have a Bell Flower cami(?), size 6, ivory they would be willing to sell? I'd love to have wear it.

  51. I'm looking for a pair of knee-high high heeled brown leather boots (bronwyn, glenbrae, whatever). New or EUC in a size 9 or 9.5.

  52. Wishlist:

    Golden Roses Cherie Cami, size 0

    Abstract Rose Victoria Cami (outlet item), size 0

    Silk Tiered Cami, black & white print (retail only item), size 0

    glorie1218 at yahoo


  53. I am unsure what the official name of the cardigan is but it was a three quarter length snow white cardigan with a jewel button clasp. Size Medium.

    clm334 at gmail

  54. lexi satchel in the charcoal grey


    jeclark (at) mac dot com

  55. Hi! Looking for...

    Watercolor tortoishell skirt, size 4, (EUC is fine)

    Bella jacket, anything but velvet, size 2 (EUC is fine).


  56. I am looking for a Corrine Cardigan in either brown or off-white. Size medium or larger. It is a wool/cashmere blend with a hidden button. Open to something similar as well.

  57. I am still looking for the fall 2008 Simone Snow Leopard Peacoat in size 8 or 10.

  58. Looking for dark cloud lulu's in 7.5

  59. sorry, forgot to include my e-mail
    amyloughr at hotmail dot com

  60. Tiered vintage fleur top in sz 2


  61. Searching for a tissue rolling ruffles tank (from spring I think) in Charcoal or Blush - size M. I know these are a sale item (the navy is still available online in an xs). Has anyone seen them anywhere?

    cwolf715 at aol dot com

  62. Looking for the strapless abstract roses dress in size 2. There was an auction for one on ebay that was just canceled for some reason!

    I would either like to buy your EUC dress or trade you for my NWT size 0.

  63. Hi I am looking for the gold metallic ginger heels in a size 9.5 or 10.
    new or used thanks

  64. Also looking for :

    Scattered Glass Necklace

    taaisjacobs at gmail dot com



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