Sunday, October 18, 2009

Crewcuts Email: hurry, they're here - crewcuts new arrivals. in stores and online.

"Thanks!" to Marietta & GoldCoastGal who shared the following email with us that J.Crew sent yesterday.

As mentioned in Thursday's post, "J.Crew Updates Website With New Arrivals Today!", new arrivals are available for purchase online. The email above indicates that new arrivals for Crewcuts are also available for purchase online (click here) and at B&M (brick & mortar) stores. :)

They are also reminding us about free shipping on all Crewcuts orders (with no minimum).

I see that the stylists over at regular J.Crew got to the Crewcuts kids. Could that girl be wearing anymore layers!?! ;) Incidentally, I am totally loving that model's ballet flats. {so pretty!} :)

Have you checked out the new arrivals for Crewcuts? Are there any items that you are liking? Are there any styles that you are surprised to see? :)


  1. I haven't received this email yet. Thanks.
    But the website has the same limited new stuff(some of the items the models are wearing in the pic are not for sale yet).
    I love the kid model with freckles...she is also featured in Hanna Anderson's new catalog...she is still cute but not as cute in Crewcuts clothing.

  2. I bought the crewcuts Fiona faux fur vest the night the new arrivals were posted-- glad I did because the morning after it was no longer available in my size!

    Wish my store carried even more CC bc the styles can be so adorable and the whole being-sized-out of womens clothing thing : )p

  3. Has anyone seen the CC Timex Camper watch in IRL? Is it large enough for an adult wrist? At $49, it would certainly bear consideration.

  4. I ordered the ruffled skirt dress and the layered cake skirt (am I remembering that name correctly?). My b&m didn't have either of them, so I used the red phone. There are more items that I may eventually get. The tees are cute and my niece loves their knit dresses. I also like the new bracelets. For the boys, I think the santa dog tee is adorable! :)

  5. For those of you that buy CC for yourselves, what is the adult size equivalent for the sz. 12 and XL? I wear an XS and size 2's in JC and am dying for lots of the kid stuff:)

  6. I am loving alot of the new girl's stuff. There's a tee, the Sunburst Ruffle, that looks like the top of the Bold Boutinerre/ Grand Cru dress from Anthro. I love the look of the dress, but know it won't work with the size of my chest, so my daughter will end up with the tee to fulfill my wanting of the ruffly. They also added a couple more colors of the crazy bead necklace. I got one for myself, and may get another. Lucky you who order CC for themselves! There's cute stuff aplenty, and I think it's more durable than the regular JC stuff.

  7. jcbellemarie-I am SO jealous that you snagged the Fiona Vest- it is TDF and I just discovered it today and only a XS is available:( Must stalk the website for this one. Normally I would never spend that for my daughter, but this warrants a one time exception. I am loving the Fresh Guava color in Crewcuts and picked up a bunch of leggings and a cute cotton cardi.

  8. Math Teacher
    Thanks for pointing out the santa dog shirt. I would have totally missed this. I always try to dress my boys alike for their Christmas picture. It has become increasing hard to convince to match!!! I think they would love this shirt.

    f/k/a Leader


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