Monday, May 11, 2015

American Express + J.Crew = $25 off $125+

A big "thanks!" to JRSConnifer (in this post) who shared the following news with us:
There is a current offer for AmEx for J Crew, spend $125 get $25 back, my offer is good until 5/31/15...
To enroll in the American Express Sync offer: (1) sync your American Express credit card to Twitter Tweet #AmexJCrew, or (2) sign into your account and go to the “Amex Offers For You” tab.

Definitely sign up and register if you have an American Express card!


  1. I think it's a targeted offer only (i.e. you can't sync and tweet to get it): "#AmexJcrew is not a valid offer."

  2. hi....I posted yesterday. J Crew on Robsen St (Vancouver) had 50% off of sale. They popped a 20% off $ 100 (next purchase) card in my bag along with a little pouch with two bath bombs. nice touch.
    got two shirts and a cosmetic bag. SA waived shipping on one top that will be mailed to me from another store in my size. Seems like J Crew is trying to please us as of late.

  3. Off topic but I received an email from Madewell earlier today for $25 off $100 purchase. It's good until May 17 I think. So, check your email!!

  4. i have a bloomingdales amex card....would that work? i've never heard of these kinds of collabs before. curious. thanks!

  5. I can't get this promo either. I wonder if it is because I used it when they had it around the holidays too.

  6. I wonder if it works w/a Costco Amex?


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