Friday, December 31, 2010

Seek & Find: Will you visit J.Crew this Weekend?

This is the weekly "sale watch" post, to help each other find sale items at our various local J.Crew stores. ;)

If you are stopping by a J.Crew store this weekend to see what's available (if anything!) in the HOLIDAY sale, or to see some new WINTER arrivals {sigh!} in person, maybe you might be willing to share that with us in this post. In particular, if you could share with us a few of the noteworthy items that are available, at what prices, and potential sizes the store is carrying (as well as the store location)- that would be fantastic!

Also, please let us know if your local store is carrying an additional percent off sale. Thanks in advance!!! :)

P.S. I noticed that many of you have already been reporting sale items (and in which stores) in other posts which by the way "thank you!" :) I really appreciate how helpful we are for each other!


  1. Probably not this weekend, but maybe sometime next week.

  2. I went to 3 different NYC stores yesterday and scored some incredible deals. The selection is different in each store. Mad and 45th has the best selection in scarves and accessories but very few tops. They also has quite a few cypress and fireside minis (didn't look at the sizes) and some buffali check jackets (I saw a 0).

    Rockefeller Center is very picked over but they had a rack of stuff from the summer (I picked up a pair of ripstop cargo pants for $12. They had 2 or 3 0s). They also had a few Effie scarf dresses in orchid shadow (sizes 4 and 6 if I am not wrong). Weird!

    As usual the soho store was the more orderly but the selection isn't great (although I found a brocade top for $17!).


  3. does anyone know where I can find out the sold out lace shirt in charcoal in a size 2?
    please let me know ASAP

  4. I forgot: if anyone sees a bottom of the store only polka-dots silk pajamas in a xs, could you please put it on hold for me and let me know? I found the top yesterday (it's $79.99 before 40% off) and I would like to complete the set, even if I love the top per se and I will probably wear it tomight for NYE at home. Thanks!

  5. No plans to go this weekend.... Dare I say I have everything I want!?!

  6. Stopped by Tampa Int'l Plaza yesterday. Pretty picked over, though not nearly as empty as I remember Philly Chestnut St. being last yr (perhaps Floridians aren't as into the crewlade? or maybe JC just didn't do such a great job with inventory control this yr) Anyway, you wear a large/ x-large you may be in luck; lots of sweaters especially left in that size. They also had a pretty sizeable rack of the Dulphine bling button cardis, w/ all different sizes seemingly available. I personally scored a silk bubble mini in olive. It looks a little weird on the website/ hanger, but actually very cute and wearable IRL-- and at $20 (after the 40% discount) an amazing deal! There were still lots left as of yesterday PM, for anyone interested.

    Happy New Year all!!

  7. I did all my store-hopping yesterday, going to the Asheville b&m plus the clearance store in Arden. The Asheville store had 40% off sale, final sale. Saw several cypress plaid minis in 00 and 0. They also had a blue Sunnie in size 10 and a Notte Tweed in (i think) a 10. Their sale section was a lot smaller than I expected.

  8. Yes, I have to return my fug Luminesce earrings, so I'm going to hit the B&M. Last year at this time the store was depressingly bare because they'd shipped out most of the sale section.

    I have a GC from my MIL but I am trying to save it for some future something I love love love--must resist the urge to blow it on cheap but unnecessary sale items.

  9. i started a blog today about my obsession with JCREW!!!
    please let me know what to do next!!

  10. Haha, look what I found online. :) I love these little screw-ups.

    The description reads: Product Short Desc - Please update at the product level

    $79.50 item 35987

    Cotton/silk taffeta. Bubble skirt shape. Sits at waist. Elastic waistband. Fully lined. 16" long. Import. Dry clean.

    I love me some Product Short Desc, in fact I have twenty in my closet. LOL.

    If you can't use my link, search for the item #.

    FWIW, the skirt is kind of cute.

  11. AppGal,

    Thanks for the posts on the skirts. Those are the sizes I need. I will call and have a friend pick them up for me or do a charge/send:) Happy New Year!

  12. Happy New Year!

    Yes, I'm planning to go to the mall tomorrow & will stop by b&m. Not looking for anything so maybe I'll end up finding something - that's the way it usually works, right?

    I don't remember seeing this online. Did anyone else see it or buy it? Looks really cute for summer!
    Lace Dobby Skirt Item 35081

  13. Dina- I actually breezed by that skirt in the store ...I thought it looked very cheap looks nicer on the website. Will be curious what other JCAs thing when they see it IRL.

    Good catch!!

  14. IRL - lace dobby skirt is new. I tried it on. It's very cute, reminiscent of older JC in look & quality. Skirt shape didn't work for me. Felt more A line than full skirt as described on the website.

  15. I'll be heading there either today or tomorrow for some returns and hopefully to take some pictures of new items.

  16. If anyone finds the Tartan Perfect Shirt, the navy blue button down with red and yellow plaid in a size 2, 4 or 6 please let me know!

  17. Hi Ema, do you know if the Collection store on Madison Avenue has a good collection of sale shoes? I haven't been there for a long time and am wondering if it's worth a visit.... Thanks!

  18. I went to the J Crew Clearance Center in Lynchburg, VA, today and saw a sign for a Warehouse sale in Chapel Hill, NC, starting Jan. 7 -- I had two screaming kids at my feet when I saw the sign, so I didn't jot down any more details, but you can call the VA Clearance Center (434) 316-6324 for the exact address of the Chapel Hill warehouse sale.

    The Clearance Center itself had a nice selection of items -- 20% off cashmere that were $50 - $60 (although you have to really inspect the items because some have holes); 20 % off shoes (I got a pair of the Camden brogues for $40! and the satin Tilly Platform heels for $55); $10 off blouses (I got the Delmy vest for $15!); 30% off the sale stuff in the back. Unfortunately there was no additional off the coats or dresses else I would have cleaned up! I want the musette dress, which although slightly too sheer and short, has a lovely drape -- it was $50 or $60 at the Clearance Center. I would have done much more damage if my over-tired kids weren't so cranky and begged to leave.

  19. Jean, I haven't looked at the shoes there in a very long time but they tend to ship the sale merchandise to other stores.
    I find that the Soho store has the best selection of shoes on sale. That's where I found the Tilly. HTH!

  20. Gigi-thanks. JCrew sa said the skirt was used in a fall catalog (?). Must've been layered under something else 'cause I surely didn't notice it.

    So the Lace Dobby Skirt is gone in my size at the store & online.

    The Irena gladiator sandals are down to 6 pair in my size.

    Any chance they're trying to retrain us to not wait for the markdown? Ugh, it worked on me. I'm doing wwfify for the skirt, & ordered the sandals 'just in case' I have to have them, which I think I do. I thought the girl's crewcut version of them were so cute. Plus, in the past, the best summer sandals, or the pairs I liked best, came out in January.

    JCrew store had few customers & looked empty while Anthro had lines & loads of merchandise.

  21. I went to Lake Forest B&M today, extra 40% off Sale and a pretty good selection there. Lots of Matchstick Cords in lots of colors for 29.99 before 40%, lots of knits, a few jackets, flats, can't remember everything. I got a Perfect Shirt for 14.99 and the Marled Knit Scarf for 17.99.

  22. Burlingame location in Cali had great finds in the sale section plus 40% off on Saturday when I went. Purchased the beautiful cobblestone bracelet in grey and am hoping to score the necklace eventually but none of my neighboring locations (SF, Walnut Creek, Emeryville) have it.

    Also scored a cute, girlie Fallyn jacket in sz 4 - get this BOTH items were under $25 - so thrilled with my finds!

  23. Thanks Ema. Yea, you're right... I remember the SA @ the Collection store told me that they tend to ship the sale items out to other stores.

    I have been hunting for the Tilly satin heels in size 6.5 like forever! No luck @ the Prince St. store. :(


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