Friday, December 31, 2010


"Thanks!" to many of you, who shared the email from J.Crew this morning.

The email reminds us that J.Crew's latest offer to take 30% off all final sale items (no min) and free shipping (on $150+) with promo code SHOPNOW also applies to J.Crew Factory (click here to shop online). This offer expires this Sunday, January 2, 2011.
Madewell also sent an email reminding us that they are offering an additional 30% off their sale (no min) and free shipping (on $100+) with promo code BYEBYE! This offer ends today, December 31st.

Will you be checking out the Factory Store or Madewell's Sale section? Are there any items you are hoping to see or to get?


  1. Not Madewell or Factory, but I did placed an order from JC's website this morning... couldn't help but peruse the FS selection....

    Can't believe the Nylon Schoolboy Blazer (wasn't that in the new arrivals?) is already discounted to $118 in the color "forest" - so I bit. Also picked up the stretch wool trouser in favorite fit for $98.

    Somehow I was able to apply the SHOPNOW code to get 30% and free ship on both items... which knocks the price of the nylon blazer to $82.60 and the pants to $68.60 - pretty good deal!

    Since the price of both items did not end in 0.99, I am hopeful that both can be returned and not FS (fingers and toes crossed).

    Happy New Year to all the JCA's!
    Here's to JC giving us the wish-list feature as a holiday gift...

  2. Happy New Year Alexis!!! Now I'm off to do some shopping on J.Crew's site lol.

  3. All the best for a happy, healthy, and Crew-filled 2011, Alexis!!! Thanks as always for your work on the blog.

  4. Lots of links to irl pics in this post. Check it out before shopping final sale.

  5. Happy New Year Alexis (and fellow JCAs)! Did all my online shopping before Christmas and swearing off Final Sale. Let's see if JC comes up with a "better" promo on spring arrivals.


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