Monday, December 6, 2010

Madewell Email: 25% off any order of $125+ (plus, free shipping)

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Marietta, who shared the following email that Madewell sent today.

Madewell is offering customers 25% off and free shipping on orders of $125+ with promo code SPARKLE. This offer will expire 12/9/10. The fine print of this offer includes:
*Offer valid in Madewell stores and at Offer does not apply to select third-party branded merchandise,previous purchases, alterations or the purchase of gift cards. 25% discount applies to purchases of $125 or more before shipping, handling and taxes. Offer includes free ground shipping with purchases of $125 or more before25% discount and taxes are added. Valid through Thursday, 12/9/10, 11:59pm ET. Use code SPARKLE at checkout. Not valid on phone orders. Cannot be combined with other promotions or redeemed for cash.
It's nice to see one of these percent off & free shipping offers over at Madewell! :)

Will you be checking out Madewell's collection? What pieces are you interested in getting? Please share! :)


  1. There are a couple of things I've been contemplating and this is a pretty decent promo, so I may just take advantage of it. Too bad you can't combine shipping with J.Crew like you can when ordering from Gap/BR/ON/Piperlime or Athleta.

  2. I've been wishing the same thing FFM. They should be able to accomodate combo shipping. The items ship back to the same warehouse. I wish JCrew & Madewell offered interchangeable gift cards too.

  3. Madewell very nicely accommodated my price adjustment, even though I was just out of the time-frame window. The rep was very "peppy", to say the least :). I appreciated it - especially since I hadn't received my original order yet (and we're talking a scarf from $34.99 to $19.99!)

    If we are talking about improvements, I would love that the dollars spent at Madewell could be combined with my JC dollars on the JC card.

    Nice promo - I didn't think Madewell would have one before the end of the holiday season. I wish I had waited to get my oxfords :(

  4. I would love to know what JCA's are loving over at Madewell. :) I have a Madewell gift card, but no stores close to me.

  5. I'm pretty excited about this. Madewell promos are hard to come by and this is a good one too. Too bad I placed an order YESTERDAY and now crossing my fingers for a price adjustment.

    I like the silk intermission top -- a tough take on the lace panel blouse. The pemblerly blouse is a good basic blouse with beautiful bracelet sleeves. I love the details on the envelope blazer. I also like the unexpected incorporation of velvet in the velvet-stripe cardigan.

  6. My capelet arrived and I really like it. The sweater feels soft & light but not paper thin. It's tts (I would not size up or it may become to drapey looking) & I think it will go well w/pants or a skirt & boots. I love that it's different than a regular old cardi. My son said I looked like the batman! but who walks around w/their arms outstretched to the side anyway?

    Carnivore Girl, the super nice CS rep. just credited my order from six days ago because the f/p item went on promo. within 7 days of the *ship* date (not the *order* date).

    I placed another order for their rail straight cords & jeans & tried the Oversized cardi heather soot. Hoping for more great results.

  7. Thanks, IRL. That is good to know. Still haven't heard back after I sent the email requesting price adjustment. *fingers still crossed*

  8. Grrr.....

    No price adjustment for me, apparently. I have to order everything again. I hate playing this game.

  9. I just ordered the gatsby necklace (item #: 34722, $22.49), the striped sheen scarf (item #: 36495, $22.49), the autumn blooms skirt (item #: 29888, $44.99) and the delicate drape tee in olive (item #: 35989, $33.76)

    Free shipping and saved $55.74. Not too bad - I hope that the items work out.

  10. All I really wanted was the Gatsby necklace, but I ended up ordering so much just to use the discount!

  11. I LOVE Madewell and I am not at all in what I would consider their demographic, at 40 and counting.

    I took advantage of sales earlier in the season and got some espadrilles and Bensimons. I also got a fabulous leather belt with a brass buckle that I wear several times a week, for some crazy price that was like $15. I like their collaboration pieces a lot!

    I have also noticed, as someone who dislikes the JC blended sweaters with acrylic, that Madewell has a number of 100% wool offerings.

    I am sometimes very confused about the difference between Madewell and JCrew. Sometimes I think JCrew is more Madewell than JCrew.

    I agree that it would be great if the two brands were more in sync in terms of shipping, gift cards, etc..


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