Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Holidays! {celebrating w/J.Crew?}

First and foremost... Happy Holidays everyone! It's the time of year where we can spend time with our loved ones, enjoy fantastic meals, and share thoughtful gifts!

It's also that time of year where we have all those holiday parties to attend. I have a few upcoming events and I am still trying to figure out what to wear. :)

Per JCA tradition, this post is to find out what everyone is going to wear. I find it really interesting to see what other Aficionadas and Aficionados plan on wearing (and of course it gives me lots of wonderful ideas for future outfits). :) So for this post, what we are planning to wear for the Holidays? :)

What are you planning to wear this Holiday party season? Are you planning to go "head to toe" J.Crew or parts J.Crew?


  1. I wish I were going to a party where I could wear any of the fancy dresses on the site.

    I only like the ones that hit right at the knee - Sophia dress (wore a navy Sophia to a wedding a few years ago), Cecelia dress, Lorelei dress. I am not crazy about empire style--I like the dress to hit at the waist.

    I love the silk taffeta fabrics because they have such nice body to them. The silks are heavy-weight, though, and hang nicely.

    I love the Vintage Wisteria color on the Lorelei dress as well as the Matisse Blue. I like the Rich Plum on the Sophia Dress, and the Violet Stone on the Cecelia Dress.

    Hmmm - think I have my blog posting for tomorrow. It will be fun - I love to 'virtual shop' even if I don't end up buying . . .

  2. I love these posts, Alexis!! DO tell what you'll be wearing :)

    I still don't have all my outfits planned (need to get going on that), but my J. Crew-centric ideas so far are:

    This year's sequin pencil skirt with brown tights and the brown Talbots platform peep toes. Not sure yet about the top - any suggestions, JCAs? Pink?

    The shimmy dress is always a winner. Just tights, heels and a fireball necklace and voila! dressed.

    Definitely pulling out my wool paid Isabella peep toe heels from several years ago, perhaps with persimmon cords and a winter white henley sweater.

    Oh, and my long-lusted for silk tartan Claire clutch will be making every available appearance :)

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  4. The picture on this post is one of my all-time favorites. I wish they still had Anouck modeling for them.

  5. My question is, does anyone know the name of the coat that the model is wearing in this photo??? I know its a few years old but I love it and knowing the name would make it easier to try to track down :)

  6. I'll be trying to squeeze in as many wearings of my tartan and plaid options over the holidays. My Cypress plaid skirt is begging for an outing! I've worn my new Tartan perfect shirt a couple times already and will be trying to wear it a few more times before Christmas.

  7. Love these posts, Alexis. I'll be wearing my new cashmere cowlneck in gray (purchased for about $130 with various discounts, now back to full price(?)) with last year's silvery sequin skirt and black suede boots. Also will be wearing the novo wrap top under the schoolboy velvet blazer with jeans. Looking forward to receiving the fuschia lolli pants, if they fit I'll surely be wearing them with something!

  8. What a cute post!

    I'll be wearing a mostly JCrew outfit this Saturday to two parties: black wool tuxedo shorts, polka dot tights (haven't worn yet ... praying they don't fall down like others have reported), and one of my JCrew crystal neckalces (don't remember the name, but it's clear crystals with black hardware). On top will be my chambray tuxedo shirt from the Gap, and shoes will be my Calvin Klein patent Mary Janes. Also my black faux fur Lauren Merkin clutch .. love!!

  9. Hi Emily - it's the double-cloth Sybil coat from Fall/Winter 2007.

  10. We're a little casual for the holidays at my house. I'm thinking that the Crystal Bead Cardigan would be perfect.

  11. I'm wearing the strapless silk tartan dress in the red and black checked pattern to a party this weekend. I love this dress. I will likely be wearing lst years gold coin skirt and a black merino turtleneck to mass on Christmas Eve too!

  12. Like AppGal I am trying to get in as much tartan as I can over the holiday season. In addition to the tartan boy shirt I've worn the tartan tuxedo pants a couple of times already and will likely wear them again to a dinner party on Thursday since it is all people who haven't seen me wearing them already. I do wear plaid pants outside of Christmas but the tuxedo style will probably make me put this pair away until next year. Not sure about the tartan shirt, maybe with a vest or sweater I can extend it.

    I'm also wearing the satin snowflake and reindeer tees from 08/09. The snowflake could still be worn after Christmas but time is running out for the oh-so-cute reindeer tee.

    I have no idea what I'll wear Christmas day. Maybe the sequin pencil or sparkle plaid pencil and build from there.

  13. I don't have outfits planned for specific days yet, but some items I'm sure to wear are

    - Tartan boy shirt
    - Asymmetric chiffon bow pullover from last year in forest green
    - black Sequin scarf sweater from last year
    - Dream taffeta sash sweater in heather silver

  14. I am attending two office Christmas parties. In one of them I will wear the JCrew Ludlow worsted wool gray suit I just received tonight. Love the middle gray color (not somber charcoal nor light).....the man's version of the little black dress :-) Will throw in the JCrew red gingham shirt, solid blue silk knit slim tie with silver tie bar. White pocket square, burgundy Banana Republic belt and burgundy wing tips shoes. Will travel with the JCrew topcoat and Esprit scarf.

    I just hope it does not snow (so I can wear my wingtips) as there is nothing dapper about bar hopping or dancing in clunky winter boots.

  15. rtfit_jcrew, your Christmas party outfit sounds divine. I especially like the red gingham shirt with the blue tie under your suit. Vivid imagery, I can totally picture it. Here's hoping you get some footwear-friendly weather after the big storms you've had out east.

  16. I'll be wearing a red sweater jacket (with four buttons on the chest) from 2007 (one with Vanessa wearing with the frog necklace) on Christmas with a pair of cords or dark HHF jeans.

    For the New Year's eve party I'll be wearing my Palmilla lace pencil skirt with a gray or black cashmere turtle neck, black tights and booties.

    Alexis, I'd love to hear what you'll be wearing for the Holidays.

  17. Alexis, I love these posts!

    Unfortunately, I'm so busy job-hunting and volunteer event planning that I don't have time for my favorite things....wardrobe planning.

    I hope to post this weekend!

    PS. Thank you so much for all you do. Even when you don't hear from your JCAs we're not far away!

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  19. I wore an emerald green chiffon Sophia to a wedding last weekend--just gorgeous!

    For Christmas Eve Mass I'm planning on wearing a green boucle skirt suit that I actually bought at the crewlet last year, with a black Jackie shell underneath.

    Christmas Day I'll probably wear black bootcut cords, a green long sleeve perfect T, and my white puffer vest.

    New Year's Eve will probably see that Sophia dress again.

    (I'm a redhead with green eyes so I wear a ton of green.)

  20. Sorry, J.Crew, I don't think you'll be my date for any holiday events this season. You've been too inconsistent and unreliable, and I just can't risk it this year. Maybe when you're out of quality control rehab and sizing recovery, we'll talk -- although I've been hurt a lot… Just can't face another wardrobe malfunction and insincere belated apology.

    Meanwhile, my first love, Ralph, is back and really kicking it. You just may have lost your chance with me.


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