Monday, December 13, 2010

Jenna Lyons Christmas Wish List

A big "thanks!" to Jen, who shared the following from Styleite (click here) with us. The article & video discuss J.Crew's Jenna Lyons and what makes it on her Christmas Wish List.

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Jenna Lyons Wishes She Had More Time For Her Family
By Julia Rubin
December 12th, 2010

Jenna Lyons has a seriously enviable life. J. Crew’s president and creative director has a ridiculous job, sick townhouse, hot husband and adorable kid. Sigh. So what does the girl who has everything want for Christmas? Time.

The folks over at The Feast recently caught up with Jenna who said her fantasy holiday gift is “more time with my family. I think that’s probably the thing that I want the most: time — to spend time with my family.” She even got a little choked up talking about “my little guy and my husband.”

And Jenna’s gift giving habits? She is of the buy-one-for-yourself-and-one-for-someone-else camp, which we heartily endorse.
I always enjoy watching Jenna Lyons. There is something about her. :) I also couldn't agree more about buying two gifts: one to keep and one to share. That seems to be a habit of mine too. If I like it, I buy it for a friend in the hopes s/he likes it too.

What are your thoughts on the article? Did you enjoy the video? :)


  1. Every time I watch an interview with her, I completely understand why Jenna has been thrust into the spotlight: she's very, very charming. I disagree with her reasoning that because women constantly want something new in their wardrobe, they don't want quality pieces they can get attached to and wear time after time with their new pieces. The sentiment that women want "candy" in their wardrobes is something she's said before and it's really telling as to how much the quality has dropped off. *grumble, grumble*

    But she's wonderful in interviews and this was no exception.

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  3. The lady is very down to earth, pursuing her dreams of fashion, but alas, time is something that is finite! I'm glad I'm not Jenna.

  4. Jenna comes off 'cute' at times (not saying that in a bad way). My heart goes out to her when she says her fantasy gift would be '...time. More time with my family.' Always interested in JC related posts. Thanks!

    Also, I wonder if the ladies in this video are friends w/Jenna. (Try this link if the other one doesn't work: video at Goop) When asked by Gwyneth Paltrow where they recommend shopping for fall they state 'JCrew. We're JCrew obsessed. Anything from JCrew is fantastic.' The video also features Gwyneth in some JCrewish styled outfits like sweatpants/heels ensemble, as well as the bell skirt-up-to-here outfit w/heels. Ok, if I was as tall as Gwyneth, w/legs as shapely & functions to attend, I may sport the look...just because I could.

  5. Well, they've found that offering "candy" has resulted in a decrease in sales.


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