Monday, December 20, 2010

J.Crew Email: ENDS TODAY: Extra 30% off sale items & FREE SHIPPING in time for the holiday (the upgrade's on us)

J.Crew is reminding us that their offer for 30% off its HOLIDAY Sale & free shipping on orders of $150+ with promo code MUSTHAVE is ending TODAY!

They are also guaranteeing packages ordered today will arrive in time for the holidays. {Yey!}

Will you take advantage of this latest promotion before it ends? If so, what items did you pick up?


  1. I picked up the Lace Love Tank in warm taupe. HOWEVER, I will be returning it this week. Maybe the other colors are better, but I was absolutely unsatisfied with this top. The fit is strange, it's basically sheer, and it just seems low quality.

  2. i couldnt resist the lisette shell in black and the shimmer pocket tank in black also.i also scored a cobblestone bracelet from the summmer in green for 6.99.hopefully it will ship.
    any comments on the lisette shell or the tank?

  3. Ina, I purchased the Lisette shell in the black after seeing it on Ema and it is just beautiful, I love it! Looks great under a blazer or a sweater, you will be very happy with it.
    Everything I have ordered during this promo has shipped, no dreaded "sorry we wish we made more" emails.

  4. I don't think so. I think I'm going to hold out for the after-Xmas sale. I'm sad because I got a dreaded cancellation email on a really bizarre popback that I figured would be canceled anyway -- the tissue Victoria cami from the summer, lol. And of course it isn't shipping. Ah well....

  5. Slightly OT, net-a-porter is having further reductions, including on J Crew items. Prices are not hugely different from the Crew site, but they may have the sizes sold out at J Crew.

  6. Nothing for me with this promo, and I ended up not using my cardholder discount either (the sale stuff already had an additional 30%, and I suspected than any FP merch would be more than 30% off soon... just couldn't be bothered to deal with return/rebuy). Could it be the end of an era for me? Perhaps! Will see what 2011 brings.

  7. hmm, silverlining, I was also thinking end of an era… and reminiscing the other day over perhaps too much eggnog (or maybe it was the rum in the fruitcake): Villager, John Meyer of Norwich, ratcatchers from Millers, the real Cacharel, peter pan collars, Lanz dresses… and the brief flickering of Alcott & Andrews… sad goodbyes, all.

  8. I made an order online this past Friday, and see that it will delivered today! I expect to be holding onto my order until after xmas to see what the prices are then.

  9. DaniBP and ina, congrats on the Lisette shell, it is really beautiful IMO, one of the best tha they ever made.

    I received my curator pants. I ordered them in two sizes, 00 and 0as both sizes were available and they were cheap enough. I would reccomend to size down in these, as the 0 looked aweful and the 00 looks great. They have to be very cropped to look good IMO, they must hit just below the calf. They are VERY comfortable but definitively summer pants. HTH!

  10. I bought the Ruby velvet blazer, in black, which I was skeptical about but which turned out to be lovely -- wore it over a cream silk sleeveless blouse with lace trim, lots of pearl, jeans and booties to a daytime holiday party on Saturday. Also got the curator pants, which I have been obsessing over since they came out but which I thought would never go on sale -- and now I have them for under $40! They're cropped, yes, but I am actually wearing them now at work, with a silk shell, soft wool blazer and heels, and I think they look great.

  11. I ordered some items online last night but used the 30 % off and free shipping with no minimum that cardholders were sent a few wks ago since it was good thru 12/19. Picked up a pair of Adidas Sambas $55, Bootcut Jeans $96 & sun dried faded oxford shirt for just $141 after the discount with the original price coming in @ over $200 including shipping. I cant recall Crew being this generous with all the promos this time last year. This is great.

  12. I said I wouldn't, but I did. Will have to wait and see if things ship.

  13. Anne, does the velvet Ruby jacket fit TTS? TIA

  14. Went to B&M yesterday amid the crowds and tried on the double-draped Justine jacket. It was marked down to $35 with 30% off in store (still $90 online even with 30% off) - HUGE pricing inconsistency.

    Loved it, but the smallest one the store had was a size 2, and I needed a 0.

    Checked online this morning, the only size they had was a 0 there! So my PS snagged it for me... honored the store price... and had it shipped to the store... thus no shipping fees.

    Yey score! And I love my ps.

    (Would've posted this on "Looking to Love" comments later this week, but just couldn't wait to announce the fairy tale ending.)

  15. I've still got packages coming this week so no more online shopping for me today. ;-)

  16. I got two colors of Boutonniere blazer to try with my cardholders discount. I ordered on Sunday morning and they both shipped out already and should be with me Tues. or Wed.

  17. Rose,

    No, the ruby ran big for me. I bought two sizes and my normal size was HUGE and drapped awfully. The smaller size fit better but I ended up returning both. I would definitely size down if you decide to try this one.

  18. O/t of JCrew, I have to say I love Madewell's Rail Straight Cords Item 29743.

    Fit: tts to size down one.
    I haven't worn them for a whole day yet but I'm pretty sure they're going to loosen up since they're 98% cotton/2% spandex.

    I really love them because of the fit in the thigh area. You know how some of JCrew's denim/cords are sewn obviously bigger in the thigh and then cut in towards the leg above the knee. When they loosen up after a bit of wear the thigh area has the extra material bulking out on the side? Well Madewell's Rail Straight Cords are fitted and straight in the thigh area (love,love,love!!).

    The colors are pretty basic, Pumice, Silver Pine and Black Coal but they work perfect w/a pair of grey flat booties I got from Anthro during their sale. Pumice is really an odd color. It looks grey at first but has a hint of tan/brown to it.

    They're only $37.49 during the current 25% off sale item promo. I placed another order in all three colors one size down.

  19. Thanks, Eloise! I already ordered the dark charcoal one! Yikes if it runs big!

  20. I was kind of on the fence on a lot of items, but decided to go for it.

    I got the velvet ruby in size 8 and fingers crossed that it fits. I normally take a 12 or 10 in shirts and 8 in pants (yes it's weird). I also got the double cloth salon coat in plum - they didn't have size 10 but only size 12. I'm hoping it doesn't look too humungous on me - otherwise I will have to send it back - not easy for someone in canada especially with how long it takes to get the duty back.

    I also ended up getting a long sleeve crew neck tee for $10 and hoping the quality is good (I haven't ordered any tees so far) so that it can last a few seasons.

  21. Well, my Cambridge turtlenecks are not to be found sadly. If anyone sees one in a medium in the store, would you let me know?

    I prefer the rope, black, or poppy. But, will take any color at this point.


  22. Anyone think they'll be one last promotion before Christmas? I ordered the Stadium Cloth Elements Coat because I had been lusting after it and it popped back in my size in the Sandstone, but of course it just shipped and I'm in between promotions! I would love to be able to get a price adjustment, as I saw the coat in the Fatigue color marked down in B&M. Hoping they run one more before my price adjustment window runs out, but I won't hold my breath.

  23. I received the Boutonniere blazer in Urban Grey today, but may be sending it back. I ordered a size 2 (my *normal* jacket size this year) and while it fits nicely in the shoulders, it is 2 inches too big through the torso/waist area. I think it's cute though, so I may see if it's possible to have it altered to fit.

    As for placing another order, if I had free shipping on my account I would consider it, but I really don't want to have to reach the $150 minimum again just to get the three $20 items I want.

  24. Does anyone know if the "Vintage cotton ribbon henley" is TTS? Thanks!

  25. If anyone has any items they are not sure about, they should order them now so they have the possibility to return. If the price goes down more later you can always rebuy, but I'm willing to bet final sale is coming back on the 23rd/24th, so if you wait and buy for the 1st time later you may be stuck with something you hate IRL.

  26. Jessy, you can ask them to find out the in store price of the sandstone one and get them to adjust it in your store. Most of them will do that.

    Your other option is to leave the tags on it and then if it is past the 7 day price adjustment you can return it and rebuy it when a new promo starts within the return window.

    I have the fatigue stadium elements coat and LOVE it.

  27. Got the occasion clutch in deep pine. I can always use pink or green accessories for my sorority functions and an extra 30% usually is a trigger for me to buy.

  28. Lots of goodies came in today:

    Colletta-Rainforest Green
    Love, love this color. Hands down this one wins over the Nightfall blue for my Olive tone skin. The cut was more spot as well than the previously sent Colletta. I'm glad I stalked online until one finally popped up. The color is more of a very deep dark Forrest Green. Not much of a Teal hint like in the picture. The Nightfall Blue has more Teal in it.

    Glen Plaid Trench
    Burlap sack anyone? The fit was spot on, it just looks like a big brown burlap sack on me, I think due to it's thickness. This one might be cute on a size 4.

    Donegal tweed schoolboy blazer
    TTS & hits at hip. Not much structure and sort of boring, but I can see a few uses for it. Still debating on whether to keep this one.

    Teal Flannel Boy Shirt
    TTS, but thicker and bluer than I imagined. Definitely going back.

    On another note, I decided to keep & deal with my long sleeved Stadium-Cloth Coat. $38 for the Tailor to do there magic.

  29. So my mom tried on the buffalo check jacket today and fell in love. 0 was a tad too tight so I went on the hunt for a 2. It's now $129.99 in case you didn't know. I didn't. I found the jacket. Woo hoo! She'll be surprised for the new year. Here are some sizes in stores, for anyone looking for it. I called a lotta stores on the west coast as I knew they'd still be open. I found:

    Corte Madera, CA - 4
    Palo Alto, CA - 6, 12
    Portland (Pioneer), OR - 8, 12

    If you order by phone you'll be charged shipping since it's on sale.

  30. Gigi, thanks. I called Corte Madera and ordered it this morning. Worth a shot at that price.


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