Thursday, December 23, 2010


"Thanks!" to many of you, including xoxo & Marietta, who shared the email from J.Crew this morning.

The email announces the latest promotion for J.Crew Factory (click here to shop online). They are offering an additional 40% off! This is automatically applied until Friday, December 24, 2010.

What are your thoughts on J.Crew's Factory Holiday offerings? Will you check them out?


  1. Well at least it doesn't seem to be final sale... so maybe will take a look.

  2. A lot of the factory stuff isn't final sale, but a few items are ... and the SHOPNOW takes an extra 30% off the marked price! hehehehehe

  3. Hi Alexis! I think the promo is 'Prices as marked." right? During a fake checkout it did not automatically deduct another 40%.

    Shopnow promo can be used on top of the already discounted prices in factory.

  4. Oops, I see you wrote "automatically applied". Sorry, when I see those words I attach "at checkout" in my mind!

  5. Elaine - I tried SHOPNOW (all caps and lowercase), but it's now working.

  6. nevermind, it's working. THANKS!

    I really hate when they say "40% off" because it's not really 40% off, these prices have been the same for a while..

  7. Just saved almost $100 with the addition of the SHOPNOW code, thanks!

  8. Yes yes, SHOPNOW totally worked for me, yesterday and today. I think it's terrible that it isn't posted on the site though.

  9. I just got back from the B&M Outlet... they're having amazing sales on literally everything in the store, including 50% clearance! I cleaned that place out! Literally. Double serge skirt, minnie pants, schoolboy blazer, 2 tops, a hair-tie, and a cardigan for my man for less than $100!

  10. Jacquie - I also see the same prices.

    Concur w/Lorilea on Factory deals. I just got back from J'Crewlet. Here are my notes:

    * Winter scarves 50% off
    * Toothpick jeans on sale % ?
    * Jewelry & hair (?) are 50% off
    * Jackie cardis $19.99
    * Crewneck bling button cardis $19.99
    * Buttondowns are 40% off
    * Clearance is an additional 40% off. I saw some regular J Crew (non Factory) in there. A Calista cami was one of the items. Ivory. I got a patent belt for $9.97 + 40% off.

    Also, they asked if I got my 20% coupon. I said no. The cashier gave me one and it had a space to fill out my email address. She scanned it and kept the paper, of course. When I left, there was a SA greeting customers and handing them the 20% coupons. Definitely wasn't being kept a secret until you got to the register.

    So yes, in addition to the % off, there was an extra 20% taken off of that.

  11. Nothing for me, and I also agree that the prices are the same as they've been for awhile now.

  12. Just saved $7, thanks a bunch! Appreciate the blog and Merry Christmas to ya!


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