Friday, December 24, 2010

Seek & Find: Will you visit J.Crew this Weekend?

This is the weekly "sale watch" post, to help each other find sale items at our various local J.Crew stores. ;)

If you are stopping by a J.Crew store this weekend to see what's available (if anything!) in the FALL sale, or to see some new HOLIDAY arrivals {sigh!} in person, maybe you might be willing to share that with us in this post. In particular, if you could share with us a few of the noteworthy items that are available, at what prices, and potential sizes the store is carrying (as well as the store location)- that would be fantastic!

Also, please let us know if your local store is carrying an additional percent off sale. Thanks in advance!!! :)

P.S. I noticed that many of you have already been reporting sale items (and in which stores) in other posts which by the way "thank you!" :) I really appreciate how helpful we are for each other!


  1. i was in the b&m today and besides the tail end of the sale and a big mess and a huge line to the cash register I spotted the beginnings of spring. Some simple sort of light-weight-stretchy-scout-style cotton pants, a few super light-weight men's style shirts and for you heel wearers some gorgeous sandal wedges. I don't wear them but the quality was the best I have seen in a JC shoe.

  2. More returns for me!

    New arrivals are due next Tue according to what I heard.

  3. I don't plan to go to the mall this weekend, so I won't be visiting J.Crew.

  4. Can't wait for Spring and wedges!

  5. Bring on the Spring! Or at least the spring clothes;)

  6. Now that I have just two backordered items left to arrive from all my recent shopping I will box up my returns and head to the post office next week. Given how long it seems to be taking to process returns I guess I'll see the credit at the end of January. Ha! My verification word is "slowlex". Maybe I should count on February.

    Merry Christmas Alexis and all JCAs!

  7. Probably next week to return a ride along for the SHOPNOW promo. Huge update this morning with more selection and less crowds than my local store :)

  8. Stores are too far away for me, but the code SHOPNOW worked nicely. In a little over a week (allowing for the holday delays) I'll have some good stuff.

    Navy striped university striped wool tie, tattersall striped shirt and a charcoal 1/2 zip in a cable knit. I have a crew-neck from three years ago in the same fabric and love how soft and cozy it is.

    Using the SHOPNOW code I went from the regular price of $240 down to $113, along with free shipping! A little Christmas for me; thanks Santa Crew.

  9. Sadly I was up early on the JCrew website, I saw the Tartan boy shirt show up in a few sizes but sold out quickly. For those still looking for one maybe it will pop back again! Luckily I bought mine a while ago but I know some are still searching.

  10. No more trips to the store until after Christmas....I have a huge amount of returns from the last couple of promotions (most of what I ordered is going back) but will probably mail them rather than endure the eye rolling of the SAs (who are otherwise very nice!). The main "deal" I got was the Jericho hobo for $118!

  11. I find it so funny that JCrew has a huge sale update after everyone is basically done shopping. I know people will get gift cards but I would never buy final sale! Burned too many times-too bad they did not update before Christmas!

    No trip to the mall for me. My lcoal store is so small and an hour away and I do better shopping online and returning through the mail.

    I have 3 boxes from the last promo still to open. No time with leaving for the holidays,etc. Will have to open when I get back home:)

  12. I went to b&m yesterday and the entire store, including non-sale merchandise was 30% off. I got quite a few deals, including the Britton short flat boots in the brownstone color for $104 (originally $325). Also got some great casual mens shirts as gifts for like $13 each. Great deals if you get there early!

  13. I was in the store yesterday and noticed the 30% off of everything. I picked up a sweater for a great price.

    Sorry, OT, but I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not the Dulphine in Mossy Oak will "go" with the Drapey Sequin Tank in Olive Moss. The colors look similar online but I haven't see either one in person and am afraid to pull the trigger with FS. Thanks!

  14. I'm not visiting today or this weekend, but I'll be there on Tuesday to see new arrivals. And, again, I'm so thankful for a great ps. He located a dress for me and then did a WWFIFY (since he knew where it was) and allowed me to buy over the phone with the 30% off and pick up next week. :)

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

  15. cooking, serving, eating, celebrating, greeting -- oh, right, greeting:

    On this most joyful of holidays
    Merry Christmas, dear JCAs!
    May your trees be bright with sequins and glitter
    While round their trunks leftover ruffles billow
    May Santa pick up your wishes from Twitter
    And bring you tweed jackets in plum, bark and willow,
    Slimming pants with fit beguiling
    That still leave room for Christmas dinner,
    Tops with sleeves that don't get thinner,
    Shoes you can wear and still keep smiling!

    Happy Holidays, Dear Leader!
    Not so much traffic from Style Feeder?
    Stock price flirting with the ER?
    With a looming stockholder strike suit,
    You might consider sending some peace fruit
    Or is any kind of mention better than no PR?
    Santa's got a gift for you just the same
    Brought by his First Assistant Jolly Troll
    A 12-piece boxed set of DVDs
    The Director's Cut of Spiderman Meets Quality Control.

    Joyeux Noël, exquisite Jenna!
    Trailing clouds of sequins as you go
    From Nana's dress-up box to raking in the dough
    We admire you for smashing the glass ceiling
    And just to show we bear you no hard feelings
    We've scheduled you private sessions with Trinny and Susannah.

    Tidings of the season, tired SAs
    With joy and hope we shop and then with sorrow
    We let you rest from Saturdays to Mondays
    Unless we need the credit back tomorrow.
    We hope your feet survive this busy season,
    And that you will enjoy a little bit of teasin'.

    And as for me, employment looms at last
    Puffy shorts with tights and boots
    Sequined top and purse so hairy
    That once looked new and bold and – scary –
    The economy's made me less of a snob
    The outfit's perfect for my new paying job
    Ringing bells and tooting flutes,
    I'm the new evening jester at Ye Olde Tymes Past
    (All Ye Can Gette Downe For A Buck).
    um, the rhyme better stop here.

    And to all a good night

  16. I went to a store today to return some items and picked up the waxed utility jacket for $39.99 and merino cielo ruffle cardigan for $19.99 before the 30% discount! I also overheard a SA tell a customer that the store will become final sale on Sunday.

  17. I saw the new wedge sandal too and love it! They are better than last year's cleo platform sandal.

  18. Wellfedfred, To your eloquence I respond with Hemingway's econo-loquence: Merry Christmas, and thank you for yet another delightful post.

    And same to Alexis & all the JCAs.

  19. Does anyone have any comments on the Buena Notte tweed bag? I noticed it popped back today. I missed out on it before, and now at $69 with the SHOPNOW discount I guess I can't go wrong! TIA

  20. lisabfashion: I just got the Buena Notte tweed bag a day ago and its absolutely lovely! I highly recommend it for the sale price. I was planning to do a review next week. In the meantime, check out AudreyBella's great review & real life images at her blog:

  21. wellfedfred: BRILLIANT!!! You are too good! Loves it! :)

    To all the JCAs: Happy holidays everyone!!!

  22. Thanks Alexis for the mini review and links for the Buena Notte bag, I went ahead and ordered it! Don't want to miss out on it again! Happy Holidays and thank you for all you do for us JCAS! xox

  23. Hi, help! Can anyone verify if SHOPNOW is final sale on items that are on sale (such as the wool crepe 1035 trousers) but do not say final sale in my cart at checkout - even though they are on sale from $130 to $105)? I am ordering 2 pairs as ride alongs but worried about getting stuck with them! Thanks!!!

  24. If it doesn't say final sale at checkout, then you can return it. Not sure what is going on, but a few others have reported that not all sale items are labeled final sale.

    As for the SHOPNOW code, it's for sale items only.

  25. Wolfy, as usual, promo items (those ending in .00 instead of .99) are not final sale. Items ending in .99 are FS>

  26. I visited the outlet store in Woodbury Commons (NY) and I cannot believe that they had the black pixie pants in black for $16.99!!!!! I was so incredibly excited! I also picked up a jackie cardigan in bright yellow that was on clearance for $15. It's a shame that I was on a strict time schedule cause I had the potential to go overboard in there!

  27. Does anyone have info on the washed crepe jane dress? I have a wedding to go to in February and would like an IRL experience. Thanks!

  28. I purchased the buffalo plaid jacket! Wff did you end up taking in the sides at all so it is less boxy?

  29. Debra - re: washed crepe jane dress - I ordered it in size 0 (my normal size for strapless dresses) however it was way too short for me at 5'7" and a little snug in the hips. It also opened in the front a lot when I walked. Customer Service says the skirt length is 13.25 inches from the waistband no matter which size. I later ordered up to size 6 (no size 4s at the time) just to see if it would be longer before final sale started. While it's loose in the top portion the length is wearable so I might keep it because it looks ok looser on top.

    The style IRL looks like it does online. The material is lovely. The 'V' in the front is quite low, on me it is lower than it looks on the model.

    The price is great but I found it hard for sizing unlike most JCrew dresses. If you're really interested I would call CS and ask if they can make an exception to final sale for you since it's for a wedding.

  30. Thanks Jan for the info. Much appreciated!

  31. Just want to let everyone know that Madewell is having addtional 30% off sale items and free shipping on orders over $100. The code is: BYEBYE. At least the sale is not final sale like JCrew's.

  32. No plans to go to the mall. Beautiful snow is falling outside and time for family fun! The mall can wait. Maybe there will be some good returns:)

  33. jcrewlove, I am still fretting about the buffalo check jacket. I thought another possibility would be to put two small darts up the back, each starting a few inches in from the side seam and about 2 ins. up from the bottom, starting from nothing, widening out, widest just above the waist, then tapering back to nothing at the yoke (hope that makes sense). I'm afraid that if I pull it in under the arms the shoulder seam will be exaggerated. Since mine was a mail order, I have time to wait til after the New Year's rush to confer with the tailor when he's less pressured. If it can't be tailored it will have to go back, because the lovely collar/neck and the great front pocket placement just don't work (for me) with boxy-ness. HTH!

  34. ThaNks wff!! I decided to keep mine because I got it at a really good price! It is really surprisingly cozy even at the cold temps we have here! I may just have to leave it alone too I fear I'll ruin it!!

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  36. Heading to the Emeryville B&M today to do some returns and pickup a scarf being held. Here is hoping the post x-mass crowd is not as crazy as the pre.

    All Sales Items are now FS, instore & online + 30% off till Jan 2nd. How do you guys always know what's going to happen before it does?

    I tried on the Buffalo Check Jacket to see what all the hype is about, and wasn't impressed. It might be the boxiness of it or maybe the color. They only had the size below mine instore and it actually fit. It's also pretty thick, which would lend it to its boxiness.

  37. Heading out to the stores today. Have some returns to do and will see what goodies are available:)

  38. Very sad to say I cannot go to any stores today -- we got a foot of snow here in NC, so am housebound for at least a few days. But I've snagged a few good deals online between 12 am and now! Some new boots from Nordies, etc. :)

    I'm looking at coats online and wondering what people think of JC's Torch Orange and Dark Cypress colors. Looked but didn't really see any comments. Specifically wondering if the orange is really bright or if it's more muted with some coral-y undertones, which is what it appears to be online. Also wondering if it has a lot of brown in it (which I think Spicy Russet does, right?). I'm sort of pale and neutral-skinned (not pink, not olive) with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Can anyone help me choose a color? :)

    Also sad to say I must sell my Lady Day coat w/Thinsulate. It's Vivid Poppy (Red) and is a size 8 but would better fit a 6. Selling for $99 + $7.99 shipping if anyone is interested. ...

  39. I can comment on Dark Cypress, b/c I have this in the Dream V-Cardi and gloves. It's a very deep olive & gorgeous color, that is very complementary to olive complexions.

    It's a bit darker and deeper in olive than the Dark Fatigue.

    Sorry, I'm not an expert on your coloring, but if you don't like olives or warm colors I would stay away from this one.

  40. Just returned from Emeryville, Ca B&M. Lots more items to pick from compared to Walnut Creek; but still picked over from the holidays. They even had the Embellished Perfect Shirt in my size and on sale. I'm glad I went in to try it on first before pulling the trigger, b/c it looks much cutier on the hanger than on me.

    Lots of the Dulphine bling-button cardis, but is it me or do some items get really worn looking being in the store? At the end I walked out with my saved Plaid Tavern Green Scarf and made a couple of returns. Sales people at Emeryville are consistently nicer than some of the other B&M, and the guys are pretty to look at :P

    Streets were pretty empty and the stores weren't completely overrun, sans BR & GAP where there were having a +40% off sale items. None of the nice stuff at GAP was on sale (New Silk Tanks) but I did find some good buys at BR.


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