Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Madewell Email: Make an entrance (+last day for extra 30% off sale)

"Thanks!" to many of you who shared the email from Madewell this morning.

Madewell is offering an additional 30% off their sale (no min) and free shipping (on $100+) with promo code BYEBYE! This offer ends today.

Mini Update: This offer is being extended. It will now expire 12/31/10.

What are your thoughts on Madewell's Holiday offerings? Will you check them out?


  1. Yes, I've checked them out all month long. Missed out on sweaters and tops due to hesitation. I like their rail straight cords alot & I just ordered the Brownstone Suede Minibag in carmine and bandana blue from the sale section w/30% off. Hoping the bandana blue works out since the Jericho pursette was canceled and I missed the Rhodie pouchette at JCrew.

    (How many ways can you say small purse: pursette, pouchette, minibag...how about camera bag, or wallet with a strap?)

  2. I thought it was a steal-I got a scarf, oversized cardigan, some denim leggings, and cute sail away tee. I saved over $50.

  3. I am very happy with my purchases this fall both in terms of quality and fit. Some of these items are no longer on the site but may well be worth scoring on popbacks: lydia coat, sketchbook tee, chilly days cardi (size down), depot shirt, chambray artiste shirt, slim striped shirt. The SAs and the store manager at the Soho store are very friendly and helpful. I am looking forward to buying more from them.


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