Tuesday, December 7, 2010

J.Crew Email: Our top 10 gifts under $100 (plus, a FREE SHIPPING holiday bonus)

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Marietta, who shared the following email that J.Crew sent today.

It has their top 10 gifts under $100. My favorite is the gift card. It is exactly what I plan on asking my family to get me. ;)

They are also reminding us about their offer for free shipping on orders of $150+ with promo code SHIP150. This offer expires Monday, December 20, 2010.

What are your thoughts on the top 10 list? Would these items have made it to your top 10?


  1. I like the PJ's, gloves and the shearling slippers. The shearling scuffs from a few years ago are my favorite thing to wear around the house in the winter.

  2. I think I will e-mail all my relatives and friends this list and HIGHLY recommend they buy me #3. I might as well tell them I have so much J. Crew clothing that I now need to focus on buying the J. Crew that *no one * gets to see. LOL.

    As if... :)

    Knowing my peeps I am not sure they would even get that it really isn't J. Crew. Haha.

  3. How about the 100 gifts under $10 list?

  4. Christy, ha! I'm envisioning a list of kids' neon shoelaces and sale socks.


    Or how about pieces of cashmere from the past 4 seasons? Extra buttons from long ago? Extra thread? Patches? How about a 1 time use pass to return 1 item we've regretted buying?

    Come on J.Crew, have some holiday mercy on us....

  6. I thought the gift card was drab until the SA put it into its holder. The concept is very, very pretty.

  7. Also, I know this is a J.Crew blog of course but for those of you who love those Stila lip glosses, they are selling for $9 on Hautelook today!

  8. I did an order today for 6 of the satin jewellery pouches for my husband's (female) staff. I saw them in person on the weekend and thought they were very pretty. They'll make a practical gift too since they all do a lot of travelling for work.

  9. OT, but I stumbled onto a lovely little surprise today at my local mall. Went into Eddie Bauer seeking some clothes for my husband and almost fell over when I saw the Windfoil and Weatheredge jackets were HALF OFF. Even after Christmas they never go that low. I don't really need the Weatheredge here but I pounced on the Windfoil -- one for me, one for my husband -- because it was only $30! Highly recommend, for $30 you can't beat it. Going back tomorrow to get one for my Dad and brother-in-law!

    Sadly, the Web site is not having the same sale (BOOOO).

  10. I have the PJs and the gloves, though my gloves are beige, and I love both!! I really like the slippers too, they look comfy


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