Tuesday, December 21, 2010

J.Crew Reviews {straight from the JCAs!}

This is the weekly "J.Crew Reviews {straight from the JCAs}" post, to help each other share our reviews.

So if you have recently purchased, or stopped by a J.Crew store to try on an item (or two) from J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Also, this request is not just limited to clothes. Please feel free to discuss bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc.

In particular, if you could mention a few of the noteworthy details like fit, size, fabric, and the like— that would be fantastic! Thanks in advance! :)


  1. Adding my recent reviews:

    Colletta Coat Rainforest Green
    Love, love this color. Hands down this one wins over the Nightfall blue, at least for my Olive skin tone. The cut was more spot as well than the previously sent Colletta. I'm glad I stalked online until one finally popped up. The color is more of a very deep dark Forrest Green. Not much of a Teal hint like in the picture. The Nightfall Blue has more Teal in it. I'm still thinking of rebuying the Nightfall Blue after deep discount.

    Glen Plaid Trench
    Burlap sack anyone? The fit was spot on, it just looks like a big brown burlap sack on me, I think due to it's thickness. This one might be cute on a size 4.

    Donegal tweed schoolboy blazer
    TTS & hits at hip. Not much structure and sort of boring, but I can see a few uses for it. Still debating on whether to keep this one.

    Teal Flannel Boy Shirt
    TTS, but thicker and bluer than I imagined. Definitely going back.

    If anyone one is conflicted on which color Timex face to go with, I have to say the black one wins IMO. I'm still pondering on whether I should return the white one.

  2. Sad to say, I just couldn't get excited about the recent promos and have nothing exciting to report. But I did try (and buy) a perfect shirt in a letter size (all my others are number sized). TTS. And the Montreaux cardi (all merino version) is down to $29.99 (before 30%) and I liked the black. Also TTS, but thin. Also tried the ruffle henley perfect fit shirt and it seems to be running larger than other years.

  3. Review of the perfect fit ruffle henley in this post. Mommydearest, I guess that's the one you're referring to. I just happened to have it scheduled for posting.

  4. Super 120s tulip mini.
    Ugh. I was so psyched to see it go down to $49.99 + the 30% off. But, even for $19.99 with extra off I wouldn't keep this skirt. While I was fully prepared for the poofiness--of course, this is why I bought it!--the length (by which I mean the lack thereof) and elastic waistband soooo cheapen the entire idea. What's more, although super 120s wool, the material felt quite thin, not at all like the super 120s material of the suit I bought several years back.

  5. I received the Boutonniere blazer in Urban Grey yesterday, but may be sending it back. I ordered a size 2 (my *normal* jacket size this year) and while it fits nicely in the shoulders, it is at least 2 inches too big in the bust, as well as through the torso/waist area. I think it's cute though, so I may see if it's possible to have it altered to fit, since I think the size 0 would be too tight in the shoulders and probably still too large in the body (plus it's sold out now).

  6. Chunky knit scarf (33845) - oh, it's definitely chunky. Very warm, and big - just the way I like my winter scarves. $49.99 online, but $39.99+30% in stores.

    Ripstop Anne pant (31654 - B&M only) - I found these to be a good substitute for the Trouper pant, which for me were snug in the calf but baggy in the knee. These are cut like the Waverly chinos, and available in black and an army green. $19.99+30%

  7. Mine are old news, the Bronson booties and the Kingston booties. Highly recommend both. I got the Bronson booties in black leather and grey suede, the Kingston in chocolate leather. Great fit, nice soft leather, a walkable heel, super stylish. I have already worn my Bronsons quite a few times. Wearing them again today in fact!

    FFM, I have a great tailor and I tailor a lot of clothing. It's not a huge investment and the items fit me perfectly when she's done with them meaning that I will wear them a lot. I highly recommend this for a piece you love that needs a nip or two. You'll end up with something that you reach for all the time because there's nothing that makes you feel better than a great fitting garment.

  8. I just received the Madewell Suede Sunset sandals. I got them for about $50 (w/the sale price +25% off)and bought them in black and beige. I've been wanting these sandals forever but didn't want to pay the outrageous price. obviously I won't be wearing them til summer but they are FABULOUS! OMG, they are very comfortable and so cute. I'm very excited I was able to score these.

  9. Just got an email that the 30% off sale has been extended.

  10. Jruby18, I bought the sunset sandal in store for $22. LOL.

    I actually bought one pair at full price in the beginning of the summer and love them so much that i bought another pair...

  11. couple of IRL pix including the silk tiered ruffle dress,open shawl collar cardigan, the lace mini etc:

  12. Desert Flower: I completely agree with you. I've had alterations done on numerous items of clothing over the years to get a perfect fit. I'm able to do some of the simpler alterations myself, but take the more difficult pieces to a tailor. Now I just have to decide if I *love* the blazer enough to keep it and have the alterations done. :)

  13. Last week I received a few items from a previous promo; gotta love when you get 30% new items with free shipping.

    I took the Enfield sweater in dark heathered indigo #33967 and the brushed twill utility shirt in indigo #32888. Both items are good, the sweater is fitted, but not tight. A lighter weight knit without being heavy. Definitely pretty close to being a four season sweater. The shirt is incredibly soft, less structured than the usual shirt from J.Crew.

    The only down side is that the sleeves are longer than the normal ones. I also found it looser than the other tailored shirts. A little time in the dryer seemed to fix that.

    Both items are great colours and fit true to size. I was suprised when I checked the website that both are already on sale and the sweater is sold out of sizes.

  14. Love everything about the Buffalo Check Jacket except the boxiness (is that a word?) through the body. Has anyone had it tailored to fit more closely?

  15. This is an old item but I ordered the petite denim pencil skirt with the 30% MUST HAVE. It was $35. I received it yesterday and LOVE it. It hugs beautifully and will be a great causal but pulled together look for spring and summer. If anyone is in the market for this type of skirt it's a great buy, especially for the price.

  16. I always add one J. Crew coat per year and I thought for sure that would be this year's Colletta. I had tried it on in the store and liked it, then ordered it with Thinsulate. I didn't think there would be any difference but when I finally got it, the fit just looked horrible on me! The waist cinched in great but the shoulders were too boxy and puffy and added an instant 2 sizes to my chest. For a second, I thought I had gotten the Lady Day, which seems boxier on top than the Colletta in the catalog photos. I don't remember it fitting this poorly in the store, I remember really liking it. Has anyone noticed Collettas fitting differently with or without Thinsulate?

  17. yay.email - did you order the same size with the Thinsulate as you tried in the store? I've tried the 4 in-store and ordered a 4 with Thinsulate scheduled to arrive today. I'm nervous about the fit now!

  18. Dulphine Open Cardi in Olive Moss

    Picked this up at my B&M yesterday with the 30% off promo, and it's love. Fantastic, almost golden green hue, easy to pair with lots of other pieces. The Dulphine knit is also really lovely-- thin with a bit of an angora feel, but not too scratchy. Fit is tts. What I love about this cardi is that it just has a beautiful, natural hang to it-- perfect for pairing with a ruffle cami (key for me, since I have a million!) or an embellished tee.

    Lisette Lace Cami, Black

    Loooooove!!!! Looks just enough like lingerie to be sexy but just enough like a shell to be office-appropriate. Hangs beautifully. Fit is maybe just a touch small. I ordered my "non-vanity size" and it fir perfectly.

  19. Jessie, it was your posting on your blog about those shoes that made me go check for them on sale! I wish I had a Madewell store here, but I don't, so I had to order online. I still think they're a great deal at $50ish.

  20. AJR - got the femme cashmere cardigan last night and its beautiful! Thank you for your input! I hope it doesn't pill:)

  21. oh no Wolfy! The glen plaid trench is bad? I'm so disappointed - I ordered it and was so looking forward to it.

  22. Got several items on the last promos.
    Most of them are old but I thought some of you may be picking up these oldies so here you go.

    Caryn and Banquette suiting dresses.
    I ordered them when they first came out and returned because I did not love the color on Caryn and Banquette was a bit too big. Tried Caryn in dark grey but I don't love it either. And now that it got cold, the chest exposure is just too much. Banquette in smaller size was not flattering. Back they go.

    1035 Glen plaid wool trouser in charcoal and 1035 herrighbone trouser in camel.
    Both are fully lined and nice fabric, good fit in my smaller pants size. My bigger, non-vanity size, adds too much bulk to my hips and I have no hips. Keeping the charcoal glen plaid.

    Camden brogues in ginger.

    Very cute and love the color, strangely very comfy on my left foot and uncomfortable on the right one. Not tight but sort of pinchy at the top crease (the crease that forms when you walk, ykwim?). I never have that issue before. They run slightly big imo, I could have gotten half size smaller that my usual JC size (but I am in between). I would say same fit like Elsbeth if you have those.
    Keeping them against my better judgement, hoping I will break the right shoe in.

    This was a risk as it is a final sale but I just loved this dress in the summer but could not stomach the price. So when it popped up in my size i grabbed it.
    I LOVE IT!!!
    It is a perfect summer white dress, breezy and flowy and perfect vacation wear. I love the flapper silhouette. I was looking for a white dress this year and I tried many, but they were never right, either too sloppy or too stiff or too first communion.
    I will have to stitch up the front part to keep it from being too revealing but it is an easy fix. I tried it with a small safety pin and it made all the difference. Of course, I am now am months away from wearing it :(


  23. I forgot to mention that the surf chiffon dress comes with fully removable full silk slip that you can wear it with other dresses. The slip has a nice close fit so this is a bonus (esp in ivory). In fact it is very similar (or identical) to this slip dress they are selling for $49.
    Btw, I looked at the website picture of the surf dress and the front chiffon opening is definitely stitched up (like I plan to do). Otherwise it would hung much lower, revealing the slip.

  24. Marled Lambswool Apres Cardigan!

    A MUST BUY! I can't say enough about this cardigan...thick enough to use in lieu of a jacket...very soft...and absolutely adorable. I've worn it three times now and have received tons of compliments each time.

    for photos:

    I am a HUGE J.CREW FAN and plan to post lots of outfit pictures wearing clothes from j.crew! check it out!

  25. Kater:
    I had high hopes for this one as well. I think the bulk of the Glen Plaid Trench makes it less than flattering. If it was made with thinner material or worn by a smaller gal, I could see it being cute.

    For me, this coat is less than flattering. The Colletta & Lady Day on the other hand are much better for my shape. This year's Stadium Cloth Peacoat also has a very nice cut.

    I haven't tried the Colletta w/ thinsulate, but I can attest that the one w/o nips at the waist and very slimming. I also like the shorter length compared to the Lady Day.

    Now, I'm sort of eying the Double-Cloth Ingenue coat, after seeing some blog modeling pics. I never gave this one second look b/c of the double breasted look and big collar.

  26. I want to 2nd Lizzy's opinion on the Dulphine Open Cardi-Olive Moss. I have so many cardigans, but I just couldn't pass up this beautiful color once it went on sale. Looks like it's on sale now in store w/ 30% extra till Friday.

    On a separate note, I sadly have to report that after 3-4 wears myDream V-Neck Cardi is now pilling a bit at the sides. However it isn't as bad as my Cashmere Cody Cardi.

  27. yay.email, I just recently purchased the Colletta with thinsulate and it fits perfectly. I haven't tried without thinsulate, but I can tell you that the shoulders are not puffy or boxy. Could you have received a defective one, maybe?

  28. I had ordered the Tuxedo Jacket (34121) in hthr carbon black color last week and promptly returned it since it was just too snug on my arms and overall fit was much more fitted like the Marled Thandie blazer I had bought and returned. Also it is unlined like the Thandie except for the arms and I just couldn't justify paying FP minus 25% promo for it. It's now on sale with limited sizes but I guess I'm over the obsession since I've tried it on and was not impressed with it.

  29. I placed a huge Madewell order a while back, and literally kept only $20 worth of merchandise (which was two silk lace tanks and a cotton perfect tank).

    So when I went into the store to return my order, I was amazed at the pricing - almost the entire store was on sale, plus another 25% off (although that promo has ended)! I grabbed a few things (I had to restrain myself...)

    Starry Nights Blazer (29903) - I'm in love! It has a bit less shine than it shows online, and it drapes beautifully. Light enough to wear indoors, but will also make a great spring/summer jacket. And for only $37.49, it was a complete steal!

    Stained Glass Tank (35024) - I'm probably biased, since I now own 5? 6? 7? Madewell silk tanks from this Fall/Winter alone, but this one is beautiful. Unlike some of the others that are really only going to work with a cardigan over them in winter, this one has enough substance to be worn on its own, although it is still sleeveless. The colors are absolutely gorgeous, and the reds/deep pinks are much more vibrant in person.

    I'm very happy with my purchases - maybe I'll be stopping by again soon (although my wallet will probably hate me...)

  30. Just received the Leather Strap Belt ($39.50), and it is TINY!! I normally wear a small in belts, and I got it in a medium because the description said it was sized to be worn at the waist. Since I typically wear belts a bit lower than that, I thought it would be O.K. NOT! It's going back. And BTW, it is very wide. And with the studs, it is not very easy to slide through belt loops.

  31. Lia: I did get the same size in Thinsulate that I tried on in the store. I am a bit puzzled, as my other coats from past years have Thinsulate and I did not size up for it in past years. If your experience is not similar to mine, please let me know. :) Maybe I got a dud!

  32. KLlovestoshop: Thanks for the heads up! I think I really must have gotten a defective coat now. I almost wonder if it was also a color issue - I got the sea salt and I felt like a big blobby marshmallow in it. I will now have to try to find another size 2 Colletta, in another color!

  33. Mostly sale items from in-store promo and cardholder discount:

    On-line finds:

    Multi-stud and crystal belt. I ordered my usual size S and it is a little smaller than my other J. Crew belts, but it's cute, I needed a brown belt, and it was $19.99 before my discount (now it's $14.99 online).

    Fine glitter single-wrap bracelet in silver. It was about $6, but I'm still returning it. Cute idea, but after I had it on for 2 minutes there was glitter everywhere.

    Perfect-fit mixed tape cardigan in bright seaport. Love the blue color. TTS and comfy, albeit casual. Total on it was $14, can't beat that!

    Drapey-stripe tank. I ordered a XXS because I don't like things too "drapey" if that makes sense. It was cute, but not sure it's really worth $20 and the warm caramel color didn't do anything for me (but I don't need any more navy!). I am usually a 2 in camis, fyi.

    Chevron-pleat stripe shirt and factory loretta ruffle shirt. Reviewing these together because IMO the quality is exactly the same. Both fit TTS (I got a 2 in one and a XS in the factory shirt) and are great basics for the price (under $20 each).

    Dulphine bling-button cotton cardigan in visit poppy velvet. Love the color, fits TTS but it is so thin and sheer. Was looking for something more substantial so it's going back.

    In-store finds:

    Zip-side sweatshirt in heather charcoal. I realize this is really late. Obviously it was a return or they just found it in the back. Was $10 before discount. Love it.

    Wool herringbone minnie pants. Quality is good, TTS. They were $39.99 before discount in my store (Boca Raton).

    Cropped tuxedo pants. I've worn these twice in the week I've had them. I love them. Comfortable, good quality and TTS. The tuxedo stripe is a nice touch. They were $49.99 before discount.

    Double-serge wool pencil skirt in bronzed ochre. Was $79.99 in store (I think it's FP on the website). Took a size 2. Fits a little large, but otherwise love.

    Merino whisper ruffle sweater. Got a XS in the navy color. I think merino tends to hold up a little better than some of the Crew's other materials. Great basic for $19.99.

    On that note, I really should stay away from the mall for the rest of the week/year/season...

  34. yay.email - I will let you know how mine fits when I get home. If you're looking for a different neutral color besides the Sea Salt, maybe give the Cobblestone a try. I was pretty uninterested in the Colletta until I tried on my sister's in the Cobblestone color. It's a really pretty and unique neutral - not quite gray, not brown. Her/my usual size 4 fit great. Here's hoping the Nightfall Blue isn't wonky!

  35. A - does the femme cardigan run true to size?

  36. A - I'm so glad you're happy with it! I haven't worn mine yet (ended up reordering for the lower price) so I don't know about the piling, but my other cashmere from this year is ok so far.

    himmiefan - I found it to be TTS. My normal small fits great.

  37. Just got the velvet Ruby jacket in charcoal. I LOVE it! Though I know other reviewers disagree, I think it fits TTS without being super boxy or oversized. I'm usually a 2 or 4 in jackets, and the 4 fit nicely. And yummy soft, cute. The only problem is they shipped one without the belt. I think I"ll keep it and ask them to send the belt. . .

    The tie is very high on the waist, too high for me. I'll need to can the belt loops and move it down.

    A very nice piece, especially for the $69 - 30%!

    I bet it eventually goes to 49.99 or 39.99, though. If it gets to 39, I'm snagging the green one, too!

  38. Has anyone reviewed the Lulu Frost for J Crew jewelry?

  39. Thanks for the info, fidele! I just hope the Ruby fits me.

  40. I placed two orders with the 30% off. The first one contained (along with the curator pants that I reviewed elsewhere and are kind of an old item):
    - Gossamer wool tank (32404) in mossy oak. I had seen it in store but never find my size to try on and I hoped that I could wear it under the zip cashmere cardigan in the same color. It is super-sheer and low cut so even for $14 I am not keeping it (the fabric is very soft though).
    - On the side, the other tank in my order, the amour tank, is lovely. It is more sparkly than in the pictures and looks really nice under a cardigan or a jacket (I ordered the dark pewter color). Size-wise I ordered both a XX and a XS and I couldn't tell the difference (I am keeping the XXS because it is a little bit less low-cut for winter). The original price was crazy IMO but it is definitively worth it $16 (or even the $22 something without % off).
    - The third piece is the soleil necklace (the one that the model is wearing in the banner of this blog) in antique gold. Kind of giant but very nice to dress up a simple turtleneck. A little bit on the fence because I am afraid I will tire of it pretty soon.
    Second package has not arrived yer, so I will post anything worth metionning when it arrives.

  41. Received the men's
    Shawl-collar Fair Isle cardigan
    , which I purchased for myself, as part of my "slow boat from China" sweater promo order. The merino/polyamide blend is really thick and soft and it holds its shape very well. The fit is slouchy, typical for a boyfriend-style sweater, but not too boxy. It buttons up nicely and the pockets are functional. The body and sleeves are longer than all but my grandpa cardi from last year and since I'm tall I like the extra length - it's so cozy.

    I wear this sweater over my pyjamas in the morning and have been putting it on when I get home at night. It's a real favorite of mine already. It is sold out online but wanted to post my review in case it pops back. I was able to get a PA since the sweater promo order took forever to arrive and this sweater and others were marked down in the meantime. Ended up getting it for just over $100 and it is worth every penny.

  42. Ok, just went through 2 orders. The cashmere zip hoodie is great, but it's going back b/c it's still too expensive. At least now I know my sizing for when it (hopefully) goes on sale. I'd say TTS btw. I LOVE the cashmere cardigan that I got for about $62. I sized up b/c I wanted a looser feel and it's great. I am on the fence about the tuxedo jacket. I got it on sale + 30% and it's cute but I'm not loving the sleeves - too long. An easy fix, I guess. Just gotta decide if it's a keeper at around $100. I snagged the Haya sequin sweatshirt and I get all the hype. It's GREAT! And looks fantastic under that tuxedo jacket btw. I threw in these merino pants w/tight cuffs on the bottom out of curiousity and I have to say, I really like them and think I'm going to keep them! They'll look super cute w/flats or boots and can dress up or down. Sadly, the double serge charcoal skirt is just too snug in the 10. And they cancelled the 14 on me. *cry* I'd have loved it in my right size. I got a phone call from JC when it cancelled telling me it's sold out nationwide, so I don't hold out much hope. Finally, I forgot to mention that I purchased the Miller tall Motorcycle boots and am dying over how fabulous they are. OMG, love them! I think they're sold out in most sizes now, but if they pop back, I say grab them. I think JCrew does boots amazingly well. I have several pairs that I've worn for literally years and years and always get compliments on them.

  43. Received the drapey stripe tank in navy and caramel. They are going back. Baggy, saggy, unflattering.

    The burnished leather belt is fabulous. Very distressed, looks like it's been around a while. It will be great with casual looks.

  44. Received today:

    Dulphine Open Cardigan-Mossy Oak
    Yet another cardi, but this color is TDF and the material is rather nice. A little long in the sleeves but I think they are suppose to be folded.

    Buffalo Check Boy Shirt-Celestial blue
    I already have this one in Rose and yes it's quite bright but can be toned down with the right Cardi. The check is a bright beautiful blue and cream color. TTS

    Dream V-Neck Cardi-Pale Plum
    Damn, another winner. The Pale Plum definitely brings out the blush in my checks. A good bonus. A little short and not as soft as other cardis but the color choices and price point is great.

    Boutonniere Blazer-Urban Grey
    I've tried this on many times before, but finally snatched one up during the last sale. TTS except the shoulders could use more room. The Donegal tweed schoolboy blazer fit a little better, but I do love the styling of this one. Sleeve length was also spot on.

    Bronzed Leopard Cardigan
    A little godey than I imagined. The metallic spots are hand painted, but it's cute overall. TTS, good length, and pretty soft.

  45. i received some factory items that i like (the purplish leopard print pencil skirt, some cardigans). i also got the dixon boots on sale, but i can't tell if i like them. i think they make my 7.5 feet look big and clunky for some reason. sequin minis -- didn't like enough even with the sale.

  46. Just received the order that I planned on wearing to a firend's New Years Day wedding... Looked awesome on the model in the November catalog, but my boyfriend said I look like I'm headed to a funeral.

    Knit tuxedo jacket- so cute, short body with a bit of a flair below the waist and a very soft felted wool. The sleves are lined so it slips over a long sleeved shirt beautifully. Totally keeping this.

    Draped Justine jacket- also soooo flattering. Loose and effortless and looked chic even when I tried it on over my sweatpants and thermal tank top. The sleeves are bracelet length with a small notch so you can push them up over the elbow without feeling tight at all. Great and I'm keeping as well.

    Side cable cardigan- never even saw it before It hit the sale but it's the perfect "lounge around the house" sweater. Nice rich brown, soft, and interesting how the cable pattern is horizontal instead of vertical. Reminds me of a brown version of Cameron Diaz's sweater from The Holiday, when she's spending her first night in England.

    Silk tuxedo layering cam- seems a bit smaller than other silk cami's have been this year. Ordered a 2 and (as with the jackets) and it's not quite right. Maybe for a lower price, but it's going back for now.

    Lace tulip mini- want to like it so badly, but it's not amazing. Fits well, but hard to find anything that doesn't compete with the lace so it's going back as well.

    Off topic, but does anyone have the L.A.M.B Plum heels? I'm going to wear a wool black v-neck from last years JC to the wedding and I'm considering these heels, just wanted some feedback on sizing from my fellow crew-lovers. Thanks!

  47. Hollylovescrew, I ordered the Eclipse bracelet from the Lulu Frost collaboration and it arrived today. Unfortunately, despite the packing slip and packaging indicating the eclipse inside, they sent the Blizzard bracelet instead. It is lovely, very sparkly, and clean, but I'm holding out for the Eclipse which they are overnighting so it should be here by Thursday. After seeing the Blizzard, I think all of the pieces would live up to my expectations. The materials are nicer than I expected and the closure is solid as well.

  48. Yay-I tried the Coletta on in plum in store, the 2 was too small. I "knew" the 4 would work, so I ordered it in the same color with thinsulate. There is something about the fit I don't like, but I can't put my finger on it. Not much help, but wanted you to know I feel suspicious as well. I think I am going to return it, I am just not supposed to find a winter coat this year, apparently. I am keeping the stadium cloth peacoat since I got it for $122 and it's a great fit. But on "big butt" days, it isn't going to help me hide. Boo.

    Got my loads of cashmere. LOVE the popover in sunwashed pink, THE softest yet. I swear, color affects softness. Also got the femme in heather orchid and sunwashed pink, gorgeous. Did not like the "snow" color in cashmere. It's too "cream" yellow, a color I hate. And see through, so whatever you wear underneath would be very noticeable. Got the jackie type cardi in heather orchid. There is something about the style of the jackie that just bores me to tears, and makes me think of old ladies. Going back, even though the color is gorgeous.

    But I just love my popover with the ruffled henley underneath, cute cute cute.

    The ruby is also cute with jeans, tried it on today. Ended up with two specimens (pricing games), and boy are they different. One is VERY shiny, the other not much at all. Variations in the way the velvet lays, I like the non-shiny one. Have to cut off the dumb button/thread in front, nervous about that.

    Over the weekend, got the cord skinnies with zipper at ankle for under $30. Also got some matchstick cords for about $20. Ladies, what is it about the matchstick cords you like? I was noticing, there is no stretch in them, so I am wondering what the raving was about. They seem like a slightly baggier version of the super skinnies, only I can't bend over in them.

  49. My Nightfall Blue Colletta with Thinsulate finally arrived yesterday. The color does not disappoint, it is gorgeous and I find it flattering on my fair-skinned, brunette-self. I ordered my usual size 4. It fits fine but I can tell it is more snug with the Thinsulate. The only thing that's bugging me is that it pulls slightly over my chest (32DD). The regular 4 in-store fit me great, so I know it's the Thinsulate making this more snug. I would exchange for a 6 but I think it'd be way to big underneath the arms/waist. Has anyone else noticed this about their Colletta?

  50. Buy on sale now the Cashmere Crewneck Tee! I think the name is deceiving...it really is a super soft cashmere crewneck SWEATER...not a tee. I LOVE MINE!!!

    I wanted a small but they only had XS in the store...but considering I was able to layer it over a long sleeve button down...guess it's not as small as I thought. I like my sweaters a little looser but the XS fit just fine.

    Here are some pics if you want some styling tips! Ooh and with the J. crew sequin skirt, too!


  51. Hollylovescrew... I ordered a couple of Lulu Frost pieces with my 30% off cardholder coupon code: the blitz bracelet (41173, $105) and the cresting comet necklace (41177, $225), which I just received yesterday. Unfortunately I will end up returning both. I have some Lulu Frost jewelry, and I have lots of J.Crew jewelry, and what I like about both is that they are substantial sturdy pieces. However, the Lulu Frost for J.Crew pieces, IMO, are much more delicate and lighter. Also, the bracelet fell constantly so the jeweled part was facing down, and for me, the necklace was a little too short for such a blingy pendant. In the end, for me, the regular J.Crew jewelry is a much better bet, more to my liking and less expensive.

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  53. Thank you for the reviews Heather and Audreys! I love the look of the bracelets and think Santa may have one or two under the tree for me! Can't wait to see them IRL.

  54. Lia: The Colletta w/o thinsulate fits perfect over my 36D bust. However, I have noticed a lot production variances in the Colletta & Stadium Cloth Peacoat this year. Every Colletta I've tried on in the same size fits just a bit different.

    You may have just received an irregular coat.

  55. Ck out how I wore the military jacket! and there is darling satchel you won't want to miss!

    I've seen several bloggers say to pass on the military jacket...but honestly it's been my favorite jacket all year! Dress it up or down! it just works! I LOVE MINE!!!!



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