Friday, December 3, 2010


"Thanks!" to many of you, including Marietta & Ketan, who shared the email from J.Crew this morning.

The weekly email once again announces that J.Crew Factory (click here to shop online) is open for business.

On a bright note, the email mentions that the GIFTS promotion is also applicable to Factory store items. :)

What are your thoughts on J.Crew's Factory new Holiday arrivals? Do you like some of the latest offerings?


  1. I picked up the Factory Shimmy Dress last night (the code worked). Not sure I'll wear it for the event I have planned, or at any other time but ordered it on impluse because it sells out each time it appears. I'd like to at least try it on. I found reviews of the original Shimmy from 2008 but none on the factory Shimmy.

    Has anyone here tried it?

  2. IRL, I have the factory Shimmy from last year and love it. It is not retail (much less Collection) quality, but it's very pretty. Love the washable cotton/silk blend. It washed very nicely and the ruffles perked right up when I steamed them. Fit was good in my normal size. The ruffles are not as luscious as retail, but I expected that. The belt is very poly-looking, IMO - I replaced it.
    Overall, I'm happy with it, even at near FP, which is rare :) Hope you love it!

  3. Thanks for the feedback Mommydearest! I hope I like it too.

  4. I might go to the factory store today... I'll report back on what the in store promos are so we can all compare!

  5. I saw the factory shimmy recently, its really not as great compared to the original. But it could work depending on the type of event.

  6. By chance, I passed by lord & Taylor and their cashmere sweaters are 54.99 today! Not all, but v-necks, crewnecks, turtlenecks and cardis. Others are extra 25 off. Nice colors too!

  7. Just got back from Factory Store in Woodburn, OR:
    50% off wool (outerwear, I presume)
    40% off cold weather accessories
    60% off hair items
    30% off skirts

    I went to return the buffalo check scarf. Even though it was viscose, it felt very scratchy and I didn't want to gift it to anyone. The infinity scarves in the acrylic wool blends are so much nicer! Got a few with matching glittens as gifts. They also these in a dark berry color, an off-white color, and a dusty blossom color - they have a nice cable pattern. All very pretty and very soft.

    At the store they also had factory "haberdashery" shirts that are 100% cotton. I like them because they are little more generous in the shoulders. I picked one up for $19.99, less 10% for some kind of AAA discount they were doing at the outlet. Not bad for a shirt marked $49.50 (though I know it's inflated)!

    I was very happy to pick up a double-serge wool bistro mini in the burnished olive. When FS went live, that was the only item I really wanted and they had one left in my size. Very flattering cut for my "boy" hips and I love that the pockets are a usable size.

  8. Hi-
    I am new to this blog. I love it. I found this interesting. The JC Factory ikat floral swing coat is almost the exact pattern of the Wind Swept Floral Pencil Skirt at Ann Taylor.

  9. I picked up a few tees for myself while buying some presents with the GIFTS promo. I just LOVE the textured jersey ruffle henleys -- as someone who's sorta flat up top, the ruffles give a really nice ooomph to the chestage! I bought one previously to see if I liked it and I've worn it so much that I went back and got 3 more, lol.

    Wonder how long it'll take for this order to ship -- there's stuff in it for my mom that needs to be shipped before the holiday! :)

  10. Hey there Pat, and welcome!

    The reddish Ikat pattern was actually done by JC last year. The factory coat is a 'reissue' of a print that was previously used for a pencil skirt, a silk streamers cami and a bow monde dress. For example, here's last year's cami on Polyvore:

    This is something you'll see at the JC outlet a lot -- creation of items in a popular print and/or fabric from seasons past. Often (but not always), the dead giveaway for us diehards -- like, for items on eBay that are not identified by the seller as being from the outlet -- is that we know what items were created in what print ... and usually in what fabric too.

    I'd know the coat was an outlet item because it wasn't made in the ikat print originally.

    We've had LOTS of discussions here about Ann Taylor's copying of JC's designs and fabrics. Fabulous Florida Mommy also has a running feature on her blog every week called 'You Look Familiar, Have I Seen You Someplace Before?' ... it's a roundup of items out in the marketplace that look just a little too similar to not be copies. Most of the items are copies of JC designs.

    You could say that all the retailers are simply drawing inspiration from the same runway looks and that it filters down to all the stores equally, but I for one don't buy it. Silhouettes, yes; color palettes, okay; but fabric patterns and near-exact replicas .... no.

    Toooooo much JC on the brain for me! :)

  11. dinster,

    Thanks for the heads up on the great sweater prices. Did you buy any?

  12. Elaine, LOL, I'm with you on the ruffles, a little trick I use myself :)

    While my earlier November, October orders took a few days to ship, this time it seems to be shipping next business day. So hopefully your order ships quickly too!

  13. I got the Factory Tweed Carlin Coat last week and wore it yesterday. Hmmmm . . . it is pretty lightweight and a fairly thick weave (as opposed to a fine weave) on the tweed. I also ordered the wool version of the Carlin Coat in Wild Blackberry, so we will see once I get that.

    I am a little concerned that "Factory" = "J. Crew style but less expensive fabrics that don't hold up as well." J. Crew's brand has always fundamentally been about great quality garments. I think it is okay to make a less expensive version of some items, but if it were my business, I would want to be careful not to damage my dominant brand.

    Did you notice that J. Crew has their chino shorts on a GREAT sale? I love these shorts - I did some vacation outfits at my blog yesterday with them.

  14. I got the Factory Downtown Field Jacket shipped to me from a local outlet store thanks to a lovely JCA letting me know she had it on hold for me. I got it in black and it's almost identical to the retail version but the buttons on these are a bit more gold tone and similar to the mossy brown color jacket buttons. If I recall the retail buttons on the black color were more dull leaning towards brass tone.
    I got it just under $50 including the $8 shipping. I think it was on clearance with extra 30% off. I'm pretty happy with it and I'm going to cancel my order online for the waitlisted field jacket in the other color.

  15. Jcrewphd,

    Congrats on your new jacket! I also own the factory DT field jacket in black and love it. I have to resist the urge to wear it with everything!

  16. I made a second order with the GIFTS promo (couldn't resist), and in it were a couple factory items. I scored the clasic stripe tissue tee in navy for like $12, as well as the wool twill addison trousers for $35. Personally I think it is ridiculous that the factory trousers are unlined, while the retail ones (that are priced at $120+) lack lining.

    Regardless, I'm thrilled with this JC promo and am excited to receive my items.

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  18. I saw a skirt on final sale in factory that I REALLY WANTED but it sold out so quickly. It's the skirt version of the "Factory printed silk del pelato shift dress" that's in final sale right now.

    I'm pretty sure its a standard a-line mini. Has anybody seen this skirt in factory stores? I was thinking about stopping by my local factory store to see if they have it, but don't wanna waste my time if nobody has seen it. Also, I'm not familiar with factory policy...but will they attempt to locate an item on final sale like that? I loved this skirt dearly :( Any insight to this would be awesome!

  19. Oops, I obviously meant to say that the factory trousers were *lined*, not unlined. :)

  20. (Ok, this is a comment on J. Crew generally, rather than just Factory . . . )

    I don't think J. Crew has EVER offered 25% or 30% off AND free shipping - have they? I just put another order in as well to get the 25%. My God, I just saved $56 - can't believe it.

    How many of us have placed 2 (or more) order with this new GIFTS promo?

  21. One more thought . . .
    What do you think of the J. Crew Plumage Skirt for $995? I just did a post where I wrote that I can't understand the fit or style. Not to mention the cost of an item that won't even look good . . .

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  23. styleonline, to my knowledge, I don't think JC has every gone all the way to 30% on new arrivals, at least since 2004. They have gone that high and maybe 40% on sale/clearance, but 30% on new with free ship? I don't think ever. I sort of wish they were extending it beyond today for a couple more weeks or say until Dec 15th. Because what are they going to do after today? Mini promos? People are stocking up now but the only thing that's going to get me to buy after this is an amazing price or SPRING items. I got the January Lucky and I'm already thinking about Spring because I have all the winter clothes I need truthfully.

  24. Styleonline, from time to time Alexis features " questionable item of the month." This is a possible candidate. Altho if you are doing Swan Lake on Ice the Musical, it might be just the thing

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  26. Thanks for your replies, Elizabeth & wellfedfred.

    I admire your restraint, Elizabeth--I definitely have enough winter clothes too, but with a sale this good, I really get tempted.

    Thanks for the note about the "questionable item"--I'll check back. I'm glad to read that it isn't just me thinking, "huh?"

  27. Sort of OT -

    Does anyone know, did the Factory return policy change at the same time the retail one did, or has it always been 30 days for Factory in-store purchases?


  28. looking for the ginger satin bow-tie platform heels in heirloom pink in a size 7.5 or 8! thanks!


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