Thursday, December 23, 2010

30% Off Everything In J.Crew Stores!

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Celeste (in this post), as well as Wolfy & L (in this post) who let us know the following great news!

J.Crew's brick & mortar (B&M) stores are offering 30% off everything (sale and regular priced items) with no minimum! {wahoo!} This offer looks like it will be around until this Friday, December 24, 2010.

With no "Final Sale", this might be worth checking out if you are already in the mall!

Happy J.Crew Shopping! :)


  1. Was at Polaris store in Columbus this morning. Nothing left! The store is very very bare. I did see a few sunnie pencil skirts and lots of the bling cardigans. I just couldn't get over how everything was bare!

  2. The Southpark store in Charlotte, NC was stuffed with sale items. Practically the whole store was on sale. Only the front corner of the store had new arrivals/full price. I ended up getting a pair of Leggy denim for about $20. Nothing else really struck my fancy.

  3. I'm not going out, but I am calling my ps to get the new dress I tried on and loved last weekend. :)

  4. Washington, DC (Georgetown) has a pretty decent sales section. Skip Pentagon City, though

  5. Glitterati popbacks

    7 & 7.5 - chocolate
    8 - silver

    I have silver 7.5 and they are TTS. I have often taken an 8 in J Crew shoes. Not the case w/these.

    Click here

  6. I am not even going to bother going because I know they have nothing at my store. Like AppGal said almost the entire store is sale items. It's pretty slim pickins.

  7. Was at the Jcrew on Market in SF, and they had tons of scarves, accessories, jackets, tops...Nice selection.

    Saw that the Donagal Tweed Schoolboy blazer is on sale! Looking for it in grey, size 0...anyone see it in the stores? Could you let me know or put it on hold? Much appreciated!!!

    Met0516 at yahoo dot com

  8. I know friends dont let friends shop final sale...but I can't resist the wool bell skirt in henna.

    I checked with CS for measurements and think I am going with the size 6, BUT do any JCAs have advice/warnings on this one?!

    TIA! I'm a little nervous over here haha

  9. OT free shipping on $100+ orders code AH5C7B exp. Jan. 7.

  10. No way am I going near a B&M today. I did place an order this morning (I AM SO ASHAMED, it was completely unnecessary, sigh...) but am not optimistic that everything will ship.

    I hope I like the factory Nolita denim jacket and the lighthouse cardigan. If I don't I'll cry. Damn you final sale! I wish I could quit you.

  11. Elaine, I ordered the lighthouse cardigan prior to FS and LOVE it. Hopefully, you will, too. ;)

  12. My size is always gone anytime there's a sale (or not) so I rarely even go there anymore. It's much easier for me to shop online and return through the mail.

  13. I stopped into my B&M Tuesday evening with the intention of just getting a last minute gift for a friend... but when I was informed by the SA that the whole store was 30% off, I couldn't resist picking up the navy schoolboy blazer that I've been coveting forever. Figure it won't get marked down very much, so why not?

    Merry Christmas, JCAs!


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