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J.Crew Regional Sample Sale {even more info}

As mentioned previously (click here & here for more info), there is a "Regional Sample Sale" in Winston-Salem, North Carolina taking place right now until July 25.

"Thanks!" to Mary who shared her following experience with the Sale for us:
First, I was shocked to learn when I got to the register that they are NOT accepting any J. Crew credit cards. Maybe that's standard procedure.

Anyway, I got to the warehouse around 9:30 and was the 15th or so person in line. They were already letting people in and I waited about 20 minutes. They apparently were letting people in early.

The sale turned out to be a lot like others I've read about. Merchandise divided by men, women and children in boxes with sizes labeled on boxes, but all of that became scrambled by the first hour.

I'm sorry I can't give good feedback on Crewcuts and Men's, though there were a whole lot of women with children leaving with big bags and looking very happy. We were told that they will be refreshing the merchandise today at four.

There was a good selection of shirts, tees, sweaters and pants. I heard the skirts were in the same boxes with pants, but I never saw more than a few, so that was a disappointment. I also saw very few dresses and silk cami type tops.There were a few statement pieces from the current collection--the starfish dress and that mint green Chanel tweed style mini that's insanely short. But I'd say about half of the merchandise was basics from the last year--lots of gingham shirts and blazers in dark colors. One of my friends was going crazy for the cargo pants, which they had a lot of.

There was a sad table of jewelry, much of which was already falling apart and out of its nice little bags an hour into the sale.

I ran into two friends and we all ended up pretty happy, though we have very different styles and body types. Overall, the bulk of stuff seemed to be on the smaller end of the size range, though one of my friends who is very tall and wears a large snagged a gorgeous black lady day coat as well as a pretty dress and some great neon flats. I didn't see many shoes in 6-1/2 and it did seem the selection was better in the larger size range.

My final tally: three current season shirts--two in funky prints and one of the chambray work shirts, a gray V-neck cashmere sweater and blue green cashmere tee in XS, the gray print vines jacket in 2 from spring, two scarves from last season in silk and wool, the lilac print cami from spring (lots of those in camis and sweaters in small sizes) and one of the newer ruffled lightweight merino sweaters in plum all for $138, with 25 percent discount coupon from local paper.

It was a fun experience, but I have to say after an hour and a half all three of us were wearing out. (I have more stamina for shopping than anyone I know, but I'm not so used to the whole warehouse thing and can get overwhelmed) It's hot in the warehouse, though they're handing out water bottles. It was a great way to refresh my wardrobe during our hot Carolina summer and I pretty much stuck to buying things I'd liked but couldn't justify at full price.

If I were to hear they were having another one of these sales in Asheville (two and a half hours away) I don't think I'd plan a trip around it, unless there were other things I wanted to do.

Of course, you do have to be careful, particularly on the wool. I put back several cashmere sweaters that were snagged and saw a few shirts that were outright torn. The two scarves I brought home both have snags and I don't think I'll be able to give them as gifts, as I had planned. But for $15 minus 25%, I will wear them a few times and enjoy them myself.

Hope this is helpful. Happy shopping everyone!
Once again, "thanks!" to Mary for sharing. Also, make sure to check out the comments of the July 14th "JCrew Regional Sample Sale {more info}" post where other JCAs have generously shared their experiences with us too. In particular, Brittany (from that post) kindly shared:
Went early this morning! After entering you get a price sheet and a trash bag, then it's basically up to you to comb through boxes (loosely organized). The space is big, but not so huge it's not manageable. I found the best deals on shoes and cardigans, although if you're looking for winter coats and dressier dresses you're in luck as well. Cashmere is in especially good shape. Be careful as always, much of the merchandise is stained or has holes.

Here are prices: Tops (non-sweaters) $15. Bottoms: $20. Jackets: $30. Coats: $50. Sweaters: $20. Cashmere: $30. Dresses: $30. Special Occasion: $40. Wedding: $50. Shoes: $40. Wellies/Sandals/Espadrilles: $25. Flip-flops: $10. Accessories: $8. Jewlery: $10. Handbags: $20. Leather bags: $30 Swimwear: $3/piece Onepiece: $8. Men's Swim: $10. Coverups: $15. Men's Chinos: $15.

Also, a variety of sleepwear/loungewear; Crewcuts; other discounts
Lastly, if you plan on going, don't forget about using the following coupon for an additional 25% off your purchase. Click on the image itself (or here) to print it out.

The location for the store is:
1606 A Stratford Road
Across from Hanes Mall
Winston-Salem, NC 2710

Congrats to all those in the area!!! :)

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  1. The sale goes through the 25th (and I was home visiting my pops in the hospital, so couldn't make it this past weeknd) ... I wonder if by this weekend anything decent will be left, or if it will just be a waste of time...? I am disappointed to hear that much of the merchandise is stained or ripped. WTF is up with that? It seems junky to put that out for sale!

    Decisions, decisions....


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