Wednesday, July 21, 2010

J.Crew Email: FINAL SALE: new styles added (plus, FREE SHIPPING ENDS TODAY)

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Marietta, who let us know about J.Crew's latest email.

J.Crew is announcing that even more new styles have been added to their Final Sale (click here to shop online). This offer also extends to brick & mortar stores.

J.Crew is also reminding us about the offer for free shipping on $150+ with promo code VACATION. This offer expires today, 7/21/10.

Will you be checking out the Final Sale? Any new styles interest you? If so, please share! :)


  1. Hi Alexis - I love your blog. Do you or does anyone know when the new Fall merch will hit online/stores?

  2. I have a box of FS items that should be arriving today and after that I am all shopped out and ready for the new Fall merch. There are a few summer items that my PS is pulling for me to complete some "back-to-school" outfits, but other than that as far as summer is concened I am done.

  3. champion shopper: New Arrivals should be in stores as of right now.

    Hopefully they'll be online tomorrow or Friday, but I don't know for sure.

  4. OT: Does anyone know if Ann Taylor's website updates daily like J. Crew usually does?

  5. New Fall things are in the Rockefeller Ctr store.

    Stopped by this morning and went through the store. Key items-
    1- garment dyed tees (kind of like painter tees) with 3/4 sleeves and a scoop neck. Some very lovely colors (incl a nice pallette of oranges)
    2 - field jacket II - in a similar material to LY. Boxier fit, it deems, and no metal buttons (loved the gold from LY's version)
    3- Victoria cami II - with ruffles that have larger pleats vs the original Victoria. Only saw this in pale grey
    4 - cute black dress with ruffles and rhinestones down front. Short skirt

    Overall, color pallette is very dark - a little depressing!

    That's all the specific items I can remember...

    Picked up the new catalog - the styling is definitely cleaned up. Yay!!!!

    curious about the:
    1) silk safari blazer , $128
    2) alpaca ling cardi, $118
    3) tissue ribbon cardigan, $58
    4) ruby tweed shimmer jacket, $325

  6. OT, but I have a Banana Republic code for 40% off two full-priced items (excluding shoes) that's good until the end of today.

    I won't be using it; if anyone would like it, e-mail me at jadorethesestores AT gmail DOT com.

  7. I received a 4 page newsletter from Jcrew today called the Thread, subtitled "an insider's view of j crew for the month of August." Anyone know if this is something new or something that I just never received before. It talks about the fall styling and photo shoot.
    I just wish it came with a coupon or something!

  8. Debby--I received it as well and I instantly looked for a coupon.

  9. For anyone who's interested, someone's selling a size 2 Ikat skirt from last year on eBay. The gold/maize one. I think the Buy It Now price is $60. Not my auction nor that of anyone I know. Keyword search for "ikat" in both titles and descriptions (check the box) should bring it up. HTHs someone....

  10. Tweedy,

    Did your store still have the 30% sale items?


  11. Speaking of final sale... I checked out my local Gap store today and they had an additional 40% off all sale merchandise. It was insane - they had skinny studded belts for $3.97, ballet flats for $8.97, packs of socks for $0.97 - and this was all BEFORE an additional 40% off! The stuff ending in .97 was considered final sale, but they also had a lot of clothing that was marked off but not final sale. Some of it was pretty recent, like their version of the moto cardigan for $39.99 less 40%. It would be worth stopping by your local store to see what they have (and maybe calling beforehand, I'm not sure if this 40% applies everywhere, but the SA said it would end tomorrow).

  12. Soho B&M had a few fall things, lovely henley sweatshirt, soft greyish tan slacks. Too hot. No new shoes, no new accessories. Picked up croquet-stripe caprese tunic on FS +30%, for $17.50, and just checked, it's full price on the site again.

  13. Every time I go to the mall these days, I'm struck by the number of SALE signs I see in every store's windows. It's really something. Then you go in the store and there's just bazoodles of sad old merchandise hanging around, soon to be pushed out by more overpriced stuff that will eventually reach the same fate.

    And so it goes ... but I really can't recall ever seeing quite so many sale promos all at one time, across brands and stores and all.

  14. OT - My b&m had most of their new merch out, although they were still adding and my ps said they'd get more next week. I tried on several items: pale gray, kind of acid wash, toothpick jeans - love these, but will wait for a sale ($125), sized down from last year's toothpick; long, and I mean long, merino cardi with cute pockets on the seam, picked this up in a beautiful teal blue (paradise blue); the froth eyelet blouse, bought in rust color but also comes in ivory and a pale pinky-lavender; matchstick and boot cut cords (to check size) - matchstick, same as last year and boot cut is now sized like matchstick, would need to try next size up as same size as matchsticks felt a little tight; navy tee with beading down one side - too sheer through the bust but really pretty, also came in ivory; black eyelet dress is adorable but too short for me (and I'm 5'4"), hit me mid thigh; new wool pencil skirt in black, charcoal and a yellowy-green, loved this and TTS; sparkly dark green, gold, and silver skirt - loved but don't really have occasion to wear it, decent price for a special occasion skirt (119); katelyn ruffle cardi in spiced chartreuse, liked but couldn't get everything I liked :D; ruffle cami came in ivory, gray, dark plum, and mauve (I think) - didn't like on me, seemed kind of a-line, which meant could only be worn tucked in; tissue ruched v-neck tee, tried on in ivory, very low and sheer; half-button up tunic, very shapeless; long tunic in cotton and in flannel, even more shapeless. I think that's everything I tried on. The extra 30% was still going, although they've moved some merch (sold or sent back?)- still lots of tees, a few shorts, some skirts, and random pants, sweaters and jewelry. Oh, saw a new bracelet that I really like, oval cut stones, rustic gold metal, really pretty.

  15. Thanks math teacher, were the new catalogs out yet?

  16. Elizabeth, I didn't see the new catalogs and I looked. :)

    Oh, one more item I tried on - a tank with jewels on the scoop part of the neck (not all the way around), came in light gray, dark gray, and a mustardy yellow. Loved this tank under cardis, but at 79.50, it was too much for me. Definitely on sale, though.

  17. Hi Heather,

    I didn't see any more 30% off signs....

  18. On the subject of fall merch, I was at the outlet in Camarillo the other day. Their clearance items were all an additional 30% off in an effort to move summer pieces in time for their fall roll out.

    The SA told me they were getting something like 500 boxes of fall merchandise today, so this would probably be a great weekend to head to a crewlet!

  19. I didn't really see anything new in FS. Probably are new things right in front of my eyes but nothing of interest for me. I imagine they will make a big effort to dump summer merch as fall is on the horizon.

    OT - for those of us stick-figured gals, you may want to try the new Logan fit at Banana. I bought a couple pair of these in the wool/stretch blend today that are fully-lined and really comfortable with a great fit for straight figures. They come in a few solids and patterns, including a smashing navy glen-plaid check. Very nice, natty and flattering. There is also a cotton-blend version that's more casual but size down in that one as the SAs said that it does stretch out.

    Overall I don't shop at Banana that often but I always keep an open mind when it comes to building my wardrobe and I love these pants.

  20. Hey everyone,
    if by chance anyone sees the Plume String Bikini top (swim) in a medium or large on popback could you please let me know?? I returned a bunch of stuff to the store last week and mistakenly included half of a swimsuit in the bunch! I am very sad... sherbie210 at

  21. I got three cotton cady Ericas. I usually wear petite 0 but I got a 0 regular because I hate how highwaisted the petite styles are. Anyway, the dress is LOVE. A tad loose but it can be taken in. Such an amazing fit and great colors (I got fresh mint, clover, and lavendar mist). Cannot wait until other sizes go on sale!


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