Thursday, July 22, 2010

J.Crew Spotted in Ladies Home Journal

A big "thanks!" to Desert Flower, who not only let us know about two new J.Crew items being spotted in the August 2010 issue of Ladies Home Journal, but also scanned the images for us to view! (Click on the image to see it larger.)

Guess what? I love both items! So far, so good J.Crew. :)

The item featured in the left image is a bright blue wool Winter coat ($298.00). I love the stand up collar and the chic, double-breasted design.

The item featured in the right image is a classic leather bag ($268.00). What I am loving is the double zipper feature on the sides. This bag looks like it can hold a lot and in different compartments. It also reminds me a bit of the Jaime Bag with its shape and handles (albeit a much bigger version of the bag). :)

What are your thoughts on the Winter jacket and leather bag featured in the magazine? Do you think you will get a coat from J.Crew's Fall & Winter season Collection? Please share! :)


  1. bag looks classic in style and color... hope we see it soon!
    thanks for sharing the scans

  2. I saw that article and squealed in delight at that coat! I know what I'm getting for a winter coat this year :)

  3. I loved the bag as soon as I saw it in the magazine.

  4. I sure will be getting a coat. I'm lusting hard over the motorcycle jacket....its black and leather and beautiful and I need it.

  5. there's some awful shoes in the new arrivals. the mcalister wedge boot?? ugh.

    the double serge pencil skirt comes in some nice colors, but i'd like to see in person what changes have been made from the '08 and '09 versions. from the online image, the waistband looks different.

  6. From what i can see in the pic, the bag looks a lot like the Gabby satchel but without the studs. If that's the case, i'm all for this bag (since i love the Gabby!) and the color is great too. Can't wait!!

  7. cute article in this morning's NY Times about the wedding store:

  8. The double serge in that rosy color is VERY pretty. It looks like the '08 version with a narrower waistband.

    I love mine from last year, but the '08 was a better fit for me.

    I plan on ordering that, but every thing else is a yawn.

    Is that pleated cami supposed to be this year's answer to the Victoria/Francis? They spent months designing the ruffles and couldn't do any better than that?

  9. Wow. Just looked over the new arrivals at J Crew. Really??? I think I just got a case of seasonal whiplash or extreme deja vu.
    Most things look like rehashes or so similar to items that are in the final sale section. So not fresh.
    There are a couple of pretty printed silk scarves in deep, rich tones, and the description even says, "Celebrate spring with these ...." Seriously?
    It's kind of a bummer when you get the most excited about the slimmer cut of some of the chinos. Underwhelmed.

  10. Not loving the new arrivals. I hope in the upcoming months they add some new blazers to the mix. Happy to see the serge pencil skirt has made a return.

  11. What happened to all the Fenton Fallon jewelry?? Sad.

  12. Disappointed in some of the detailing choices-like zippers at the ankles. Has anyone else noticed how cheap their zippers are? Ruins the whole feel for me.

  13. I like the blue coat. Very pretty.

    As far as the new arrivals, I see several things that I like: the plaid shirts, the tweed, the "aluminum" jackie. But I agree that they've all been done before and I can probably find similar items already in my closet.

  14. I do see a few things in the new arrivals I'm excited about. I am chagrined to see all the dresses are "falls above knee". I know that's too short for me. And of the 13 new skirts, 8 are minis. Sigh.

    On the other hand, the pebble jacquard pencil skirt is divine, I have nothing that color, camel shimmer, in my closet. The gusto cami is gorgeous. I browsed sweaters but I have so many cardigans already, the bins in my closet are overstuffed. I may pick up something in one of the new fall colors though.

    This is all moot for the time being since it's still triple digits here!

  15. The blue coat in the mag pic caught my eye. But... I have a feeling that color would become so dated, very fast and I like to keep my coats for years as I have many. Even with my burgeoning closet of coats I still buy 1 or 2 every year so maybe another color peacoat will be one of my choices. Not that crazy one with the knit shawl collar J.Crew just rolled out though - ugh. I have agreed with my husband that 1 new = 1 donated to charity so I am pretty choosy.

    As for the new arrivals, I added only five items to my cart/wishlist, all suiting or wear to work items. I am not loving the casual color palette of warm brown, orange, green. Total washout for me. The double-serge pencil is a perennial favorite but I have very similar colors from the past two seasons so may not even buy one this year, which is a disappointment.

  16. Love the blue coat. Will buy it in a heartbeat when it comes out. I am one to wear what I like and not worry about trends/colors too much. Seems like a nice classic blue to my taste:)


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