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Product Review: Turkish Delight Pencil Skirt

Turkish Delight Pencil Skirt
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Regular $158.00

J.Crew describes this ready-for-Spring-skirt as the following:
Our perfect pencil silhouette—leg lengthening and fit to flatter—in a fetching metallic jacquard that reminds us of one of our favorite confections (it comes from Ratti, one of Italy's finest couture mills, famous for its printed fabrics). Prepare for compliments. Cotton/poly/polyamide. Sits at waist.
A big "thanks!" to Hexicon (in this post) who shared the following review:
I just received my Turkish Delight pencil skirt. This one is a keeper, even at the steep full price of $158 (at least I received free shipping!). I've been skunked lately on a few high-demand items that sold out, so I sucked up the Crewlade and paid FP.

The color combination is a knockout. I plan to wear this with similar colors for a tone-on-tone look rather than going for any contrast. IRL the pink is just a little bit softer than JC's tulip color from last year, and the other color is a peachy tone between melon and guava. It is definitely more of a peach or cantaloupe than an orange. IMO a true orange, such as the Joely shoes, clashes badly. A lighter tangerine might work.

It looked *amazing* with my melon Victoria. (Heathen that I am, our annual visit to DH's church at Easter is mostly an excuse for me to dress up and have brunch afterward, so that will be my holiday outfit.) It also worked with my soft blossom silk streamers cami, guava mohair cardi, perfect tees in tulip, salmon, and melon, dusty rose spectator peep toes, shell Cate slingbacks, etc.

Re fit: this sits higher on the waist than many skirts have lately. As with all JC items, if you are an hourglass like me you will find the waist to be very large. I took my "usual" JC 2 but probably could have gone down to a 0. I'd say the fit is comparable to last year's watercolor pencil skirt. (I'll keep the 2 since I'll have to have the waist altered anyway.) Wearing the skirt closer to the natural waist, the hem hit me just where I like it, right at the bend in the knee. (I'm 5'4".) So if you're taller, then depending on how this fits your waist/hips this skirt could hit you higher than you might think.

My office is conservative business attire part of the time and casual the year. Between the pastels and the metallic, I would probably not wear this to the office during our more formal season, but if your office is more flexible then because of the otherwise conservative cut I'd think you'd be OK.
"Thanks!" again to Hexicon for her great review of this skirt!

For some reviews & real life images of this skirt, you have to check out the "J Crew Turkish Delight Pencil Skirt - Thanks Priya Cherry!" post over at the Life is Short...Buy the Shoes blog.

What are your thoughts on theTurkish Delight Pencil Skirt ? Have you seen or own this skirt? If so, what is your review of the fabric & print? Would you recommend it to another fellow JCA?


  1. Love this skirt, but not my colors. Will pass, but glad you are so pleased.
    I drank the crewlade and bought the "Martha" necklace when the e-mail came out last weekend. SO glad. I had liked the coletto necklaces, but was not crazy about the black shiny paint on the metal of the clear stones. Really wanted something meatier and more casual/industrial to offset the flash of the crystals. This necklace fits the bill perfectly. The extender is a little tricky though. It only allows the necklace to be fastened in three places and is a little difficult to manipulate. That hardly matters though, as this is the necklace I have been waiting for.

  2. sounds great Jessie, I ordered the Martha Necklace as well, and I can't wait!

  3. Just letting everyone know the new April catalog and updates are on the website now.

  4. There is a men's event on Thursday nite at the Westfield Centre in downtown SF. Men's designer Frank Muytjens will be in attendance. I believe it's a private event, but don't know much about it. Heard about it in another store & looked for info online briefly, but didn't find anything.

  5. HUGE sale update....over 1000 items as of 2am EST. Unfortunately no % off, but lots of good popbacks!

  6. I bought this skirt and returned it since it felt a bit larger than my other pencils skirts and the fabric felt a bit too thick. I love the colors but it kind of washed me out. I'm sure there are other JCAs who can rock this skirt though. It's beautiful, but not for me.

  7. maureen1125 - Thanks for the info. I saw the new arrivals, but forgot to check sale till I saw your note. I got a popback. Yay! Hope it ships.

  8. Good morning, ladies,

    I remember some time back someone was looking for the Satin limelight clutch in the color Tangelo. It is online right now in the sale section. They have these clutches in every color this minute. If you are still looking, this is your chance to get it! Seems to have been a big update to the sale section this morning...

  9. I love this skirt, another must have for me! Thanks for the review, Hexicon!!

  10. Great review! I own and love this skirt -- the gold is not so vibrant as other jacquard skirts and it's a lovely pattern. I've worn with my melon jackie set as well as the pink forget-me-not cardigan.

  11. I hate that, way too often, the items on their website appear much lighter than they are in real life. This keeps me from buying off their website a lot of the time.


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