Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sneak Peek: J.Crew's July 2013 Catalog {thanks Slastena!}

"Thanks!" to Slastena, who shared the sneak peek (and related product info) from the upcoming July catalog with us. {yey!} Just click on the image to view it larger.

The items in the image are as follows:
  • Merino Tippi Sweater in Trompe L’oeil (Item 02599)
  • Stone bracelets (Item 04586, Item 22282) 
  • Cambridge Satchel Company by Chris Benz Satchel
Moreover, many JCAs mentioned that new arrivals are available already in stores. The last big Summer roll-out is expected this week, Wednesday June 19th.

What are your thoughts? Do you know when the newest arrivals are expected to be available? Are you looking forward to the upcoming new arrivals?


  1. Funny, I immediately got a Madewell vibe from this pic. Thanks for sharing, Slastena!

  2. I received this preview pic from my online VPS, and I asked her why still merino??? where is the linen? And she replied there would be more linen sweaters as well. Here's hoping, as I missed the linen tippis last year.

    1. That's great to hear. Fingers crossed there will be linen Tippis!

  3. Humm....that model and outfit look very young. Could the Crew be going younger with their clothing. Lord. Let's hope not.

  4. The bag is adorable, the merino sweater in July? Not so much. Hopefully they don't issue linen sweaters in December. Maybe they're wooing customers in the southern hemisphere.

  5. I love that sweater, and I'm glad it's merino since that means it is going to be discounted soon, and I can buy it for fal. Muahaha :)

  6. I am betting that J. Crew Factory Online will roll out a big batch of new arrivals tomorrow, 6/19. Anyone else have that feeling too? I hope so, because lots of the things I wanted are out of stock/picked over, and my wardrobe needs a refresh. ;)


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