Friday, June 21, 2013

Madewell + Refinery29 Offer {spend $60, get $100}

"Thanks!" to Jayna W. (in this post), who shared the following {awesome} deal for Madewell.

Madewell has teemed up with Refinery29 to offer customers a chance to spend $60 and get a $100 voucher to Madewell. Click here to redeem the offer. The specifics include:
  1. Purchase your R29 Ticket for $60 to receive an email with a gift card and pin number entitling you to $100, redeemable on all Madewell merchandise online or in-store.
  2. To redeem Ticket online, visit and input your gift card and pin number into the "Gift Cards or Rewards" field at checkout. To redeem Ticket in-store, print out a copy of your R29 Ticket listing gift card and pin number and present at checkout.
  3. Any remaining balance left on your gift card after submitting your order can be redeemed on a future purchase by signing into your Madewell account.
  4. Redeem your gift card before September 30, 2013 to receive the full promotional value. THE $60 PAID VALUE OF THE R29 TICKET WILL NEVER EXPIRE.
This is an amazing deal for all you Madewell aficionadas out there. Not a bad way to save some money by spending some money!

Frankly, I have never seen a deal like this before. I only hope that J.Crew will consider doing a similar offer in the future. I think I would sign up for 10 of those! ;)

Will you be taking advantage of this offer from Refinery29 and Madewell? If so, please share! :)


  1. Oooh..I like it! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. holy smokes, thanks for the heads up!

  3. This sounds great! Just a heads up, in the past there was a similar promotion with Club Monaco. If you made a return to Club Monaco with your voucher purchase, they only refunded you up to the voucher amount (i.e. $60 instead of $100). Not sure if the Madwell promotion works the same way or not.

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  5. Ok, call me a dolt, but I want to make sure I'm understanding this correctly. I'm purchasing a $100 gift card for $60 for Madewell merch only, through R29? Has anyone done a deal like this through R29 before and it works fine? Are they like LivingSocial, you purchase coupon/deals through them? I've just never heard of Refinery 29 before. Again sorry but I am interested and want to make sure before biting. Thanks.

    1. jinks - Good to see you :). R29 is just the hub. They're like an online fashion magazine, reporting trends, etc. They have some commerce action, too and have been around since 2005 according to their About page. A JCAs reported that her friend or co-worker already bought & used her cert on a handbag. You should feel 100% confident purchasing. I bought one and will likely use it after fall rolls out. It's good thru Sept.

  6. jinks, i purchased and used my R29 coupon today. you pay $60 and R29 sends you a ticket/gift card number and pin # that you can show to the sales associate in the store when checking out (or enter in yourself when checking out online). so, for example, today i bought two pairs of shoes and a chambray shirt, the SA applied the 40% off discount, the educator discount and the total came out to $102 and change. I handed her my phone with the email pulled up, she entered in the gift card number, and i just had to pay her the $2 and change. So basically, I got all that for $62.

    R29 did a similar deal at club monaco a while ago, and it worked the same way. as someone mentioned, if you choose to return all items, you'll get the money back onto your gift card. after end of september, the gift card value would go down to $60 (you lose the promo value but retain what you paid). It's an awesome deal, i just wish i could buy more than one!!

  7. Thanks Gigi and Masha n, I reread the thing several times and for some reason it just wasn't connecting with my brain. I'm glad to hear that you guys used it and it worked fine. It just seemed a little too good of a deal, and my naturally skeptical genes kicked in. But thanks again.

  8. Is anyone aware of whether two gift cards can be used at once (online). The Madewell site says you can use more than one gift card if there is a remaining balance, but not sure if it applies to this special gift card. The R29 site says you can only purchase one special gift card, but I'm not sure what happens in the case you buy one yourself and receive one as a gift or something and then try to use both on one purchase.


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