Tuesday, June 11, 2013

J.Crew's June 2013 Catalog {take a look!}

The June 2013 catalog is now up at J.Crew's website (click here to view). It is definitely worth looking at if you have not already.

The styling is back to being simple (as in no more crazy layering!) It is really nice to see some laid back outfits that look timeless.

On a positive note: most of the items in this catalog are already on sale! If only J.Crew could manage to update the catalog the same time they release the new arrivals on their website and in their stores.

What are your thoughts on the current catalog? Do you like the outfits featured in the catalog?


  1. I like the realistic styling in this catalog and the location shots in Africa. I think there were too few standout items this month, though, this release needed a little more punch, IMO. Still, I appreciate the solid basics they're offering.

    1. I agree about the realistic styling and the location images- much more pleasing to my fashion senses. :)

  2. From the photos above, I have already reviewed the quorra flats, the eyelet tank and the cluster tee on my blog.

  3. Did anyone else think it's odd that Liya Kebede is wearing the signet ring necklace in every single photo in the first half of the style guide? And that J Crew doesn't even list of the price of the ring?

    Otherwise, I loved the catalog and adore Liya Kebede. Major girl crush!

  4. Ohhhh, it's Liya Kebede--how wonderful!

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