Tuesday, June 18, 2013

J.Crew's NYC Sample Sale Starts Today!

As mentioned in the "J.Crew Sample Sale in NYC {June 18-23}" post, J.Crew is having another sample sale in NYC this week... starting today!

For the event's days/hours:

Tuesday, June 18th (10am - 9pm)
Wednesday, June 19th (10am - 9pm)
Thursday, June 20th (10am - 9pm)
Friday, June 21st (10am - 9pm)
Saturday, June 22nd (10am - 9pm)
Sunday, June 23rd (12pm - 5pm)

As with all their sample sales, all sales are final. The location for the event is:
260 Sample Sale
260 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10001
nr. 29th St.

"Thanks!" to Patricia L. (in this post), who let us know that Mizhattan has a post (click here to read in its entirety) about what to expect at this particular sample sale.

There are tons of pictures that make you just want to grab everything in sight! (All photos of merchandise in this post come from the Mizhattan "*SAMPLE SALE* A Slew of J.Crew" post.)

Some highlights from the Mizhattan post about merchandise include:
  • Sample Sale was divided into 7 basic groups: women's apparel, shoes, handbags, jewelry, accessories, men's apparel, and Crewcuts.
  • Prices were identical to last year's November sale but the selection in women's apparel was by far better. 
  • Sizes were well represented with everything ranging between XS and XL. 
  • Further markdowns will likely happen towards the end of the sale
Lastly, the Mizhattan post also provide a price sheet:
Medium/Large leather bags $130
Small leather bags $90
Medium/Large fabric bags $45
Small fabric bags $20
Belts/Ties/Pocket squares/Hats/Scarves $20
Socks/Tights/Small accessories $10


Embellished necklaces $60
Necklaces $35
Bracelets/Earrings $25
Rings $20
Bangles $15
Pins $10
Hair accessories $5


Mid calf/Tall boots $130
Heels/Ankle boots $100
Flats/Sandals/Espadrilles $65
Weather/Seasonal $25
Rubber flip-flops $10
Men's dress shoes $100



Party/Wear to work dresses $60
Cotton/Jersey dresses $30
Wool outerwear $150
Suiting jackets/Blazers $120
Long puffer/Trenches $90
Casual/Puffer jackets $60
Wool/Dress pants $70
Denim pants $40
Chino/Cord pants $25
Wool/Silk/Cashmere skirts & shorts $40
Chino/Cord/Denim skirts & shorts $25
Cashmere sweaters $90
Cashmere tee/tank/vest sweaters $65
Cotton/Wool sweaters $35
Women's one piece swimsuits $40
Women's separates/Men's swimsuits $25
Tops $15~$40
Weekend $20

Will you be attending this latest sample sale? If you are, please let us know! If you could also share any information (e.g. merchandise selection, quantity, prices), it would be greatly appreciated. :)


  1. Oh my, this is so close to my office. Must...resist...

    1. Oh Joy, if I worked close enough to this place I could not resist. I would be stopping in everyday of the week! ;)

  2. The line at 10 was crazy (much longer tban last year), I didn't even bother. Will try to go at the end of the week when they reduce prices

  3. Not exactly bargain basement prices, huh?

  4. This is a rip off compared to what we pay in Lynchburg

    1. I had a feeling that would be he case again that's why I didn't bother.

    2. Yeah, I was thinking how these aren't that great of prices for a sample sale compared to Lynchburg and Asheville. The last sale I went to in Asheville had shoes for $25 each, I think I bought about eight pairs including Monas and Ettas, altogether less than the retail price for one of these pairs. Collection was all $40 and found some great past season pop backs, dresses were $15. The most expensive thing were $50 knee high boots which are still a steal.

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  6. This makes me sad! I stalked the hummingbird floral cafe capris for months - my size was never available.

    Grrrr. I hope whoever gets them loves them... and that it's not just someone who snags it low to mark it up on ebay.

  7. I wish I lived nearby.

    Did anyone get any great deals?

  8. I went earlier today. I got in line at 10:30 and waited a little over two hours to get in. I know how crazy that sounds but it was lovely and sunny this morning so it wasn't too bad.

    I think it's crazy to wait in the line for current season stuff. The prices are much more expensive than you can find on the website or in-store. I went hunting for samples and hoping to snag a few past-season goodies. I walked away empty-handed though. Nothing I was looking for was there. There is a huge selection of jewelry, the shoe selection is alright and there are tons of clothes in mostly sizes 6/8. Nothing I had to have but fun to comb through all the racks. They will be restocking each day so I may hit the sale again later this week.

    1. That's disappointing to hear. I was also thinking of making a trip for some things that have gotten away from previous seasons and also things that may not have been released but it sounds like it won't be worth it. Thanks roxy turtle!

  9. Maybe a 15 minute wait at around 3:30. There did seem to be more of the 6/8 sizes. Lot of jewelry and dresses, not as many skirts (disappointed about that). I did find an origami wool crepe dress and wool stretch stovepipe pants in small sizes, at prices a bit lower than they would be on regular sale.

  10. I waited in line for about 30 minutes at 5ish. I bought the Camille dress in neon violet for $60, Daisy lace stripe dress for $60, Tilda rhinestone top in white for $40, crinkle chiffon sleeveless top in neon fuschia for $25 and a crystal embellished necklace for $60. Overall I spent $250.

    These deals were not THAT much better than what you would find on the J.Crew sale rack. For example, the Camille dress is currently on sale for $99 on the website, and with the usual 30% off sale it comes down to $68. The Daisy dress was on sale for $129 in my B&M 2 weeks ago, and with the 30% off it would have been $90. However, the Tilda top is full price on the website at the $110 so I guess I got a really good deal on that. No idea what the necklace is called so I can't look up any info on that. Similarly embellished necklaces are on sale at website for $129, so with 30% it would be $90. I think for the things I bought, I definitely paid less than I would have in store/website. Sometimes it's hard to find things in my size (0/2) so I personally thought the trip was worth it. But I will say I felt pressured to buy something because of all the effort I put into finding things.

    Other interesting things I saw there, just in case anyone is looking for reasons to go:
    - scalloped dress in a handful of diff sizes for $60
    - TONS and TONS of Camille, Blakely, other chiffon/bridesmaids dress.
    - TONS of basics (3 in shorts, tshirts, tanks, cafe capris)
    - Colorblock silk button down blouses
    - Double serge cotton pencil skirts (mostly white and black)
    -Multi stripe mini skirt
    - pixelated pink/orange houndstooth skirt
    - box pleated crepe skirt in white
    - Etta cap toe pumps, Everly pumps in both neutral and fun colors, Collection bow pumps (!!!), Mari sandals in black/gray, Viv flats in red and tan
    - Edie purses in neon colors

    And a couple of helpful tips
    - Please, please check your clothes for makeup stains before you buy. almost everything I had picked up had makeup stains on them :(
    - Also check shoes carefully for defects. Many had scuff marks or scratches in the leather.
    - There is NO restroom at the facility. I had to run across the street and buy something at a nearby bakery to use their public restroom

    Overall it was a good experience. If you are a frequent J.Crew shopper like I am, and are familiar with their sale pricing, you can tell if you are getting a good deal at the sample sale or not. Some things were worth it, some things weren't.

    1. Thank you for the report drg, I think the Tilda was definitely a great deal at $40!

  11. Glad I could be of help, Ema.

    Posting again to ask a question. I completely forgot to check out the mens section (for my brother). Did anyone see Ludlow blazers or slacks in smaller sizes?

  12. Went this morn before they opened 940. At 945 the line wrapped around the corner . Got in 1010. This was my 3rd j crew sample sale. Every jcrew sale gets worse and worse. Lots of items looked like they are one step away from the trash. With that being said i did come out witb 3 tops. Lots of digging Siringe through racks andd luck! I didnt realize what good bargains i got till i got home and di some research! I got the bejewelled sweater in navy for 35 (sold out online originally 118) the convertible jeweled collar linen sweater for 40 (originaly 148 on sale online for 99 oly size large available) and the collection Jewelled collar short sleeve shirt in white for 50 (original price 198 sold out online)! When i left at 11 the line was veery short compared ro yesterday and this morn. Midblock. Im gonna go back sunday when their is additional markdowns and try to get some shoes! I think the prices they are at now are a bit too high. (heels for 100 and flats for 65)

  13. I have a sample sale question
    I recently purchased a pair of quorra? Flats in neon pink off of someone on eBay who let me buy them for what she paid for them, $30

    This seller also had a pair of hummingbird flats she was going to let me buy for that price, which is exactly what she paid for (sadly I got outbid and the buyer relisted them)

    Where do pieces like this come from? I thought these were extravagant deals.

  14. FYI, there were very few hummingbird print items. I went specifically to look for them since I loved the print. I spotted 2 pairs of capris, one in size 12 and 2, for $175(!!!), 1 secretary blouse in size 4 that was missing its bow, and 1 pair of espadrille flats size 8.5, for 6.5 (sadly not my size). I debated over getting the size 2 pants and having them tailored to fit me (I'm 00) but the cost of having to make a whole new pair of pants from the size 2 AND the price of the pants was just too unreasonable.
    If anyone goes to the sales in NC or VA, pleeeeeeaaase for the love of God I want something in this print for a reasonable price!


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