Wednesday, February 10, 2010

J.Crew's Look Behind the Design with Frank Muytjens & {Ask} Jack

As mentioned in the January 30th "J.Crew's Look Behind the Design with Jenna Lyons" post, J.Crew's latest website update with new Spring arrivals has provided all sorts of behind the scenes look.

"Thanks!" to HDNB (behind the great Hotdish & Bars blog) who let us know that there is another short video (under 3 minutes) showing the "behind the design" of the latest Spring & Summer 2010 collection for Men.

The video (click here to view it) features J.Crew's Head of Men's Design Frank Muytjens & Men's Stylist Jack O’Connor (also known from the "Jack Knows Best" marketing campaign), and their inspirations for the latest collection.

I love these behind the scenes peeks and how J.Crew puts it altogether. :)

What are your thoughts on the video? Are there any points or scenes that you found particularly interesting? Do you care (or not care) for these "behind the scene" looks?


  1. I'm a goofball, but as a woman, I would love to wear the men's stuff - I still get a lot of styling ideas from the guy's side, since it's always a great combination of unique but functional. Then guy models always look so comfortable in the catalog and photo shoots. I guess I'm not the frilly, ruffle-y girl JC envisions (although I do own my fair share of frill and ruffle from them!).

    I like the men's spring collection a lot. Nautical is always a hit with me. I like how the blazers are comfortable but more fitted, not sloppy (but the crazy "paint on pants" thing has got to go!). And they even got DH to spring for a pair of Aldens...we'll see if he keeps them!

  2. So OT, but the site is updating and I got the chalet shearling boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (working on the pics I promised in another post...)

  3. Continuing the OT though, a few random just-back-in-stocks:
    Nottinghams in a handful of sizes
    Duchess bracelet
    Peekabo cardi

  4. Continuing OT: I know someone was looking for the feather pin/hair clip and that's back, too. Popbacks of the sale colors of the ultra knit loungewear as well, and Donna, if you haven't found one already, there's a heart print Frances with your name on it.

  5. The Alden shoes have been removed from the site! Wonder what happened. Same with the Levi's!

    must be a promotion coming.

  6. I bought a topcoat for my husband and had to "ask Jack" about a strap sewn into the lining. It went from the bottom of the armhole to the front of the breast pocket. You can see it on the close-up shots. I wanted to know what it was for since I couldn't determine myself. "Jack" replied that old topcoats used to have this strap to hold a man's newspaper inside his coat and now it is a cool vintage feature. I told my Dad this and he totally scoffed. "If any many keeps a newspaper inside his jacket he will end up with newsprint all over his suit or shirt. That's the stupidest thing I've ever seen."

    I must agree, my Dad is right. Newsprint gets onto anything it touches. And why would you need to put it *inside* your coat anyway?

  7. @Baybaybay: My only guess would be to shield the newspaper from rain/snow. I would agree though, I sure as heck don't want a newspaper rubbing against my clothes as I walk.

    J. Crew seems to like those vestigial details. Note the throat tab on their chambray shirts.

  8. Baybaybay - I bought DH a trench with the same 'feature' and called CS to ask about it. Had to ask the supervisor to find the answer but gave me the same info you posted. I literally LOL'd on the phone and told them, "That's just goofy!" The (male) CS actually giggled a little and said that his supervisor said they had received plenty of questions about it.

    Quiet Nights, Quiet Stars, the vestigial details are fine if they make sense or add interest but you can't even see this one unless you're the wearer and I am willing to bet that most men don't know what it is for and don't care either. DH actually asked me if I could cut it out for him. :P

  9. Back on topic, I am continuing to be very impressed with J.Crew and the mens'side. I just got the denim utility shirt and it's perfect. Completely worth the money. Next up I'm after the madras shirts.

    The video is great, although I wish it was longer and featured more of the clothing. I was considering the distressed sweatshirt seen in the video and in the January GQ as worn by Matthew Goode; but after seeing the extra distressing and patches I think I will pass on it.

  10. @jcrew guy in Canada: I bought the green Hill-Side Madras shirt, good stuff. Very soft and light. Should be an excellent shirt for warmer weather. The color and pattern definitely stand out - green patterned shirts are pretty rare in menswear.

  11. Quiet Night, Quiet Stars, thanks for the review. That clinches it, the green madras is my next order.

  12. As a J. Crew man Frank Muytjen definitely deserves to win this award! I will be surprised if he doesn't win!

  13. Through the GQ/CFDA event held a couple nights ago honoring the nominees for the GQ Best New Designer in America, a preview of the Fall 2010 collection is offered. Images are posted on


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