Tuesday, February 16, 2010

J.Crew to Open Fourth Men’s Store

Over at WWD (click here), some exciting news has been revealed. I apologize for not posting the entire article (as I don't have a subscription to WWD and that was all the access given).
J.Crew to Open Fourth Men's Store
by Jean E. Palmieri
February 16, 2010

J.Crew is stepping on the accelerator to grow its men’s business. The retailer has signed a lease for its fourth men’s-only store in the New York area ...
It seems that J.Crew's Men-only stores are performing very well to continuously open new stores. That is great news! {yey!} I wonder where the new store will be located and what special items will be offered.

What are your thoughts on the latest Men's store opening? Do you think this is a smart or foolish move? Will you visit the latest Men's store?


  1. The men's only stores are great and very relevant to the unique microcosm that is/surrounds Manhattan; I'm not surprised the preview blurb from WWD says "New York area". The curatorial effort placed into these stores makes for great attraction sites and I think really places a forward emphasis on directions the company wishes to pursue. But as much as I'd love to shop a local nearby concept store just for guys, I wonder how the business would translate if it were to decide to start up elsewhere in this country. Something tells me the chutzpa at which guys approach style just isn't to the same degree as it is in the City...

  2. We need a Men's Store in Chicago

  3. 79th & Madison is the new store location. It'll be across the street from the already existing women's store. Pretty much a no-brainer in retrospect...you've got the ladies making their shopping rounds, so it makes sense to put up something that'll appeal to their "oh my bf/husband/something-or-another would like this" sensibilities ;)

  4. Yea, a Men's Store in Boston please! We'd be perfect. We have a ton of history to source for all their vintage workwear. We have the the preppy enclaves and leafy institutions.

  5. Love to be able to read the entire article. J.Crew is obviously doing well with these stores, another one is the proof.

    Love to get to one.


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