Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Take Extra 50% Off Clearance at J.Crew Factory

"Thanks!" to  many of you, who shared the following email & promotion from J.Crew.

J.Crew Factory is offering an additional 50% off clearance styles online using promo code SALETIME. This offer expires July 13, 2014.

This is a pretty nice promotion. Obviously brick and mortar stores are offering a much better deal. In store shoppers can enjoy an additional 60% off clearance styles. So if you are in the area, definitely worth a stop to visit. ;)

Will you be taking advantage of this promotion? Please share!


  1. I picked up a pair of the navy printed winnie pants for $19.50, I was willing to pay the shipping! 60% off in the stores is a better store was incredibly picked over this weekend so I'm happy to catch items online as well.

  2. I hit up a B&M Factory last weekend and just wasn't too jazzed about their offerings. There was a filled-to-the-gills sale section with 60% off, but not too much in my size. I was happy to see this promotion and got some Bermuda shorts for $9.99 each!


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