Friday, January 31, 2020

Seek & Find: Will you visit J.Crew this Weekend?

This is the weekly "sale watch" post, to help each other find sale items at our various local J.Crew stores. ;)

If you are stopping by a J.Crew store this weekend to see what's available (if anything!) in the SALE, or to see some NEW ARRIVALS {sigh!} in person, maybe you might be willing to share that with us in this post. In particular, if you could share with us a few of the noteworthy items that are available, at what prices, and potential sizes the store is carrying (as well as the store location)- that would be fantastic!

Also, please let us know if your local store is carrying an additional percent off sale. Thanks in advance!!! :)

P.S. I noticed that many of you have already been reporting sale items (and in which stores) in other posts which by the way "thank you!" :) I really appreciate how helpful we are for each other!


  1. There are a couple of items showing up on the early access link:

    Nothing new though - all items that are on the site now. Maybe they are just placeholders. The early access link hasn’t had anything for months and months. Never understood why they stopped doing it but definitely welcome bringing it back!

  2. Slightly OT. Got the coat I ordered this week,
    Car coat in Italian double-cloth wool
    Item AF005
    In Dark curry

    True fit told me to order the size Small. I wanted it to be loose enough to layer over a blazer or my heaviest sweater, and it is, however the cut does make it look loose. It’s wide through the body but that’s the shape. The faux belt in the back doesn’t lay properly, I might need to tack it down. It keeps wanting to flip over.

    That said, it’s a nice lighter weight coat. With layers it would be totally fine for a few blocks walk to dinner. Or in the fall or spring.

    The curry color is a little more like a slightly muted chartreuse. If anyone has the faux snakeskin slingbacks with the yellow in the back, that’s a slightly brighter yellow but it blends. It’s not like the color of turmeric or split pea soup although it would blend with an olivey green.

    I think the color is fun enough and works with a lot of my accent colors that I have in scarves and accessories.

    I need to try it on again and make sure the sizing feels ok.

    1. You could order a smaller size and then return the one that doesn't fit. Nice that your snakeskin slingbacks work well with the coat!

    2. I may do that and hope CS matches the price I paid previously.

    3. The shoulders are just a little loose, but fit over a fitted blazer. I feel like if it doesn’t fit over my heavy sweater or a blazer, what’s the point? (I say this because sadly many of my coats don’t, but fit otherwise.)

    4. Via IG DM, CS responded they will match the price I paid if I order the XS but did include the usual “we don’t usually do this...”

  3. Not going this weekend but posted a quick review of the silk lion shirt and pants on my Instagram @shoppingcelle today. I am such a sucker for the print silk top and pant sets and so this one had to come home and join my collection. True to size and the set has a jump suit look. At first I didn’t like the look of the black drawstring belt but now I see that there is black in the print so it works. Happy Weekend!

  4. What's the point of running sales when everything is excluded??

  5. Nordstrom is launching a resale arm called “See you tomorrow”. (Prominently featured on the home page). It’s an interesting concept, I wonder if it’s sourced primarily from returns they feel they can’t send back into circulation as new, or if it’s more diverse than that. They say you can bring in clothes to their NYC store but I feel like getting cash, and a higher percent of the cut, would dissuade me from re-selling with them for a gift card vs. trying my luck on Poshmark. I’m all for decreasing fashion waste, but as a buyer, wasn’t seeing much that I’d bite on from the online selection, personally. The fact that they allow returns is appealing, though. Curious what everyone else thinks!

    1. Interesting. I think they're trying to be recognized for being eco-minded.
      I doubt it's a big money maker, but any money they pay gets spent back at Nordstrom so maybe it works out for them money-wise. Here is what the Nordstrom site says about it:

      Join the resale movement. We're currently buying gently used pieces in excellent condition at our See You Tomorrow location in Nordstrom NYC.

      The selling process is simple: just bring your items and a valid ID to the See You Tomorrow shop in Nordstrom NYC—no appointment necessary. (Valid IDs include driver's licenses, state IDs, military IDs and passports. Please note you don't have to be a U.S. citizen to sell with See You Tomorrow.)

      Our team of buyers will evaluate each piece and pay you for any items we accept with a Gift Card redeemable online and in stores at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack and HauteLook.

    2. I think they just want you to spend $ at Nordstrom’s. They can collect the clothes, write it off as donations and get some tax credits. Also, Nordstrom sends its returns for sale to Last Chance in Phoenix, where stuff is sold at 10% of its retail price. Some stuff is very damaged or worn but others in new condition. I think whatever’s left after a selling period is donated.

  6. Can anyone share what j crew store is the best to visit in the Seattle area.
    No t looking for cashmere...just a good sale section...thanks!

    1. There are not that many remaining locations in the Seattle area anymore, sadly, due to the closures last year. The only Factory is in Marysville, about an hour north on I-5. I can't comment on the U Village store since I haven't been in awhile. I stopped by the Bellevue store today for a return. They had a good size sale section that was packed. In my experience the SAs at the Bellevue store are rude, though. They aren't welcoming and act put out about processing my returns even though I always have the paperwork ready to go. Just my opinion, of course, but the mood in there doesn't make me linger.

    2. Thank you. I will most likely go to the Bellevue love a good sale section.

  7. Received a large order this weekend and was pretty much all returns;
    —neon peony cashmere sweater was: 1. Not neon, 2. Not cashmere, 3. Not listed as cropped (but is!) and 4. SEE THROUGH.
    —pajama set was without tags and had clearly been WASHED. HOW DID THIS MAKE IT OUT AS A RETURN?
    —velvet collection Mary Jane pumps were cute but one of the most uncomfortable pairs of shoes I’ve put on my feet in quite some time. And way undersized!

    J crew, I feel like you are a disloyal, bad boyfriend that I keep giving another chance to and you keep letting me down. I need to cut the cord!


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