Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Looking to LOVE" with J.Crew

This is the weekly "Looking to LOVE with J.Crew" post, a place to share our favorite experiences with J.Crew.

If you have recently experienced a positive situation with J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Please feel free to share your story on almost any topic— including stellar experiences with purchases & orders, promotions/ offers, in-store visits, transactions with store associates, etc.


  1. Love that there is Free Shipping with No Minimum right now!

  2. So do I - it's been a while!

    Also love reading all the JCA impressions of new arrivals - so fun.

  3. LOVE that I received a replacement button for my Cherry Blossom blouse in the mail yesterday! And, LOVE JCA community for pointing out that J.Crew will replace lost buttons! I contacted J.Crew in January re. my lost button. Received several very nice emails re. the process....and then just when I had given up hope received an email saying a button was found and was on it's way! THANK YOU J.CREW AND JCA'S!

  4. Free ship no minimum on non-final sale items? L-O-V-E!

  5. I love the classically chic style of many JCrew pieces, and these are the clothes I grab whenever I attend an event where I have no clue about the "dress code."

    I recently wore the Farrow/Ribbon front blouse, with a merino cardigan with gold buttons, black minnie pants, and the jewelbox earrings to a dinner party where the other attendees' outfits ranged from an overdressed older woman in a shiny cocktail dress w/tiara (?) to a young woman in faded jeans who looked like she was ready for yard work.

    Quite a range of outfits, but I felt very comfortable in my Crew-wear.

  6. Got an extra30 order 2 days ago and pretty much love everything I received. The stadium-cloth peacoat in warm taupe is just divine and may be the best $45.99 I have ever spent at J Crew!

    The Bright Dahlia double-serge pencil skirt in 8p is a bit too tight right now but hoping to fit into it by fall. (If anyone has an 8 or 10 to trade, LMK!)

    Drapey sequin tank in warm taupe ... I ordered a Large because the Medium I had in olive moss seemed a bit too tight. Well, the large is a bit too large. Urgh. I'll figure it out.

    Got a black short-sleeve cashmere tee and I think it will become a real wardrobe workhorse. I know I'll be happy I snagged it for $35 when cool weather comes back around!

    The scallop lace shell (3692) in the shadow color is fantastic. I put it on right away and I really love it for summer! Light and airy, and just a little dressy. I sized down to a Small and it fits perfectly. I don't care for super-slouchy fits in general.

    Also, thanks to the awesome free ship / no min promo today, I snagged the Coralie cami in 2 colors I've been wanting for eons, mink and faded black. Now, will they actually ship? We shall see.

    Wondering, wondering ... are folks who bought the Sequined Jaspe Souchy Sweatshirt still in love with it?

  7. OMG, Karen, I contacted them about a button for MY cherry blossom blouse, too! It was only about a month ago.... so thank you for giving me hope that my button will someday come!

    Loving that I FINALLY snagged the wide calf hair belt today! Woohoo! Such an awesome update today but I managed to only make one purchase.... so far...

  8. I went to a B&M yesterday. Brought home a Cammy pant (on sale for $19.99). It fits marvelously and looks great. Has a clean, slim shape without being too tight. Fits TTS and comfy. Also bought a few other goodies on sale, including a beautiful wide leather belt in metallic silver, a Lace Scallop top (very pretty and flattering) and a lovely pair of blue/white shorts that isn't on line.

    Also tried on the Short Sleeve Hideaway dress. Surprised how much I liked it. It's a cotton/silk blend and a little thin, so some of you might not like that. It's also a bit short. But it has an interesting silhouette and seems like it can be a nice vacation dress. On my sales wish list.

  9. I too love the free shipping, I bought a single item! I wouldn't have bought it without the free shipping because I wasn't in the mood to load up to $100 or $150.

  10. JCK, the Farrow bow blouse is one of my all-time favorites. It's so versatile, you can dress it up or down and it always looks pretty. Your outfit sounds lovely.

    Yes, free shipping! I was able to snag two coveted popbacks this morning and one of them was marked way down from the full price I was willing to pay last week and I would have even paid the shipping too. Love it J.Crew!

  11. If anyone grabbed a size 12 tall weathered wood velvet Ruby or size 7 extended calf black Brittens this morning and want to make some cash selling them to me, I'm desperate and am willing to pay! tamara dot chicago at yahoo dot com

  12. Love J. Crew shorts! They never let me down. Recently got some black 3" chinos and the Schooners, and love them oh so very much.


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