Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Looking to LOVE" with J.Crew

This is the weekly "Looking to LOVE with J.Crew" post, a place to share our favorite experiences with J.Crew.

If you have recently experienced a positive situation with J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Please feel free to share your story on almost any topic— including stellar experiences with purchases & orders, promotions/ offers, in-store visits, transactions with store associates, etc.


  1. Well--I got the Bellflower Tweed Skirt and it MET ALL my expectations--just beautiful--in essence an item like this is why I love J. Crew!

  2. I am loving Jcrew's customer service. I posted a week or so ago about the package fiasco trying to mail back a return to the warehouse. After a couple of emails and providing the location of where I dropped off the package to UPS - Jcrew graciously credited my card for the return even though the package had not yet arrived since it had been over 2 weeks since mailed and I only live a couple of hours from the warehouse.

  3. I am about to send my fall *2005* Lady Day coat to the cleaners. I rotate this all winter with my Plaza coat. Gotta say, that double-cloth has worn amazingly well. It is only just now beginning to show signs of wear at the hem. J.Crew did this one right.

  4. I know I am way late with this, but I recently bought the black leather Lindy platform peep toes and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! I want every color!

    Just thought I'd share. :)

  5. well i doubt if i'l use it but i LOVE that J. Crew sent me an email offering me free gift boxing and free monograming for Mother's Day (much like what they offered to some people at xmas). Too bad there was no free shipping!
    Fine print reads:
    *If you don't have a registered account, call your Special Access line and we'll set one up
    for you. Free monogramming and free gift boxing offer valid only at 4/14/11 through 4/23/11, 11:59pm ET.
    Not valid on previous purchases. All monogram items are final sale and can't be returned or exchanged. Please allow 2 weeks for the delivery of personalized items. Express shipping is not available.

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  7. I recently bought the Siren dress in the warm brick from Ebay. I purchased this with some hesitation, since it didn't receive the best reviews from JCAs. Well, I love it! At about 5'6ish, this dress is the perfect length for me; it grazes right over the tops of my feet. I can see what some of the reviewers took issue with, namely this dress needs good undergarments. Luckily, I have some VPL-free underwear and it works out well. I went back for a second one in the pale green color. I plan to wear them with a nice, wide woven belt in the summer for easy dressing. Adding a belt cinches the waist nicely, and visually breaks up the long line of the dress.

  8. Got the Dreaded Email telling me that an item in my latest order was sold out. Guess what? It was the ride-along I hadn't really wanted anyway! Thanks, JC!

  9. I want to thank JCrew for STILL having Final Sale. I have turned my attention to other retailers. My updated closet and those other retailers thank you as well:).

  10. Shout-out to my local store (Green Hills in Nashville) for awesome customer service. Ten days ago, I tried on the crinkled silk Caspia dress in-store. I didn't know that the silhouette of the dress was meant to be so loose at the waist, so I just kept sizing down and down and down (from my normal 4 to a 00, which I have never ever ever even remotely gotten onto my body before, even at Old Navy). The 00 had the fit I wanted at the waist but was a little snug at the bust, and the 2 was too large at the waist, so my incredibly helpful SA red-phoned the size 0 for me, got the online CSR to honor the lower in-store price, and cleared it with her manager so that I could return it (despite it being on final sale) if the sizing didn't work.

    Of course, the 0 had the fit of the bust of the 00 (read: snug) and the fit of the 2 at the waist (read: loose). Sigh. But then when I was packing up the return, I realized the packing slip was GONE. I had just cleaned my entire house so I knew that gone was gone, and I was so irritated because I knew with it being "final sale" and now not having the packing slip, it would be much more difficult to return.

    Not so! My friendly SAs at the Green Hills store returned it without a second question (along with a copy of my "receipt" which I had CS email to me with an incredibly quick and easy phone call). Thanks, guys. It's so nice when retailers act like humans. (Ahem, Loft.)

  11. Teachruiz,

    Second that. My wardrobe totally is including other retailers now where it used to be 95% J.Crew. I haven't bought any JCrew for myself at all in 2011.

    I just want to thank JCrew as well for Final Sale. I don't shop it or chance it anymore.

  12. Maybe it's because I'm larger or buy things that other people don't want, because I've had really great luck with final sale items. I only had one that looked suspect, a Merino Dore in mansfield blue that I waited a long time to get and it was a popback, it didn't have a tag and was wrinkled as heck. Fortunately it didn't smell. :) I kept it (and washed it). I had 3 cardigans that were grossly undersized and a pair of Odeons with a defect, but those issues weren't related to the final sale (I don't think!). Everything else has been great, and many of the items appeared to be factory fresh, not returns. The Velvet Rubys were on hangers and in plastic bags, and the sequin tops still had their paper wrappings.

    J Crew, I would like to thank you for today's final sale update. Please have another tomorrow, a 12 tall weathered wood Velvet Ruby would be great, thanks. :) And thank you for putting the Emelline platforms on sale already so I could get them now, thus guaranteeing that I can wear them on my wedding anniversary. And thank you for the further markdown on the suede Collins. My feet have never looked so good! Love love love the platforms and straight heels!


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