Wednesday, April 27, 2011


"Thanks!" to many of you who shared the following email from J.Crew this morning.

J.Crew is reminding customers to take 30% off all sale items (no min) and free shipping on $150+ with promo code OURTREAT. This offer expires tomorrow, Thursday, April 28, 2011.

As many of you have pointed out, there have been quite a few updates during this sale (click here to shop online). There are also some great deals to be had at J.Crew's brick & mortar stores.

Will you be checking out the Sale section? Are there any items you are hoping to see or to get?


  1. I'd be more inclined if JCrew hadn't dumped my cart again. UGH, GET A WISHLIST!!!

  2. mommydearest, it's so annoying, I agree. That said, I'm quite happy with this sale, as there were some great price cuts, but I'm not tied to a final sale. There were a couple items I've been eying, but haven't been able to try on, so it was nice to get the deal, but not worry about being stuck. Great prices on the canvas schoolboy, motorcycle trench, urbanite dress. Lady lace popover finally went down a bit in all colors.

  3. Can anyone comment on the Everly Cardigan? The Cape Stripe Tank Swimsuit? or the Lockwood Hobo? THanks!

  4. I totally agree, shopwithm, it's so nice that the items aren't final sale. I bought some things that I wouldn't have if they'd been final sale, like the Lulu Frost bracelets. (You'd think that bracelets would be an easy sight-unseen purchase, but I rarely wear them and I'm very fussy about how they fit and feel.)

  5. @Sarah: I returned the Everly last week. Really didn't like the fit. But it may be specific to me - the tie cut me in a really unflattering place, and it's sewn to the cardigan so you can't adjust it to your own body shape. Maybe if you have a long torso? But aside from that it's a very thin knit, the kind that snags easily. Not for me! But I can see it being really nice on someone else (like the model!)

  6. @ Sarah: Dani at has a review on the Everly. And there is a Lockwood review at
    Hope this helps!

  7. Funny how the Courier Blue Stretch Perfect shirt is on sale in the sale section and regular price in the main section... how bizarre.

  8. Hi Alexis,
    Off topic...I was going through old post... I like the Oct. 13, 2008...Do you own more than one...Since sometimes I buy the same item in different colors..I wanted to know if others do this currently. So, would you consider doing a post like this now since many seem to like the new items crew have lately. Thanks

  9. hi everyone..i love jcrew and i'm new to JCA ( love it though!) Has anyone seen/tried on the channing dress ( blue striped linen with yellow embroidery along cap sleeves)? I saw it in store yesterday but didn't have time to try it on and i can't find it online. Thanks!

  10. C--

    I tried on the Channing dress over the weekend. The fit was good although slightly big up top and in the arm holes (I a 32A)compared to the smaller waist. It might be an odd fit for those that are bigger on top than bottom but I personally loved the look and fit. It hit me at slightly below the knee but I'm 5'4".

  11. I picked up a few crewcuts items- lots of kids swim suits were marked down:) I was interested in the Lady Lace but the price still seemed high... The rose color is gorgeous as my SA had it on the other day.

  12. tamara -- FWIW, I love the Lulu Frost bracelets I bought. Wear them all the time!

    C -- Wecome to JCA! I tried the Channing dress the other day and it was very disappointing. The empire hit at a weird spot and both my PS and I thought it looked very little girl-ish. Also, you could see my bra under my arms, even theough I couldn't have sized down. It could have been so cute, so I was bummed. Maybe it will work on others though!

  13. It was nice to see some new items added this morning (as well as further markdowns). I was able to get the Coastline-stripe Pullover before it sold out in my size. Plus the Neon Leopard Spots Tee that has been on my *watch list* (as in watch it and try to get it on sale list) is at a decent price, so I ordered it, as well. Looking forward to getting both items. :)

  14. I ordered the pipette cargo railroad striped pants, the merino confetti sweater (I caved!), and like FFM the neon leopard spots tee. The SA I spoke to was super nice and also allowed me to use my rewards card even though I haven't received it in the mail yet.

  15. When I saw the scout chino in butter on promo, I couldn't resist. I just bought these last Saturday, but those will go back since this is a much better price. I also ordered the canteen in white, although I had to size down from my other pair. Hoping that works, as I really want these in white. My other pair are a little loose, so fingers crossed. Then I ordered the vacation dress as a ride-along for fs. I like the dress and since my b&m didn't have it, at least I'll get to try it on to know for sale time. :)

    C, I tried on that dress and it was not good on me, but I'm shorter and broad shouldered with a larger chest. Another of my ps's clients also tried it on, and she was much taller and thinner and he said it looked great on her (she bought it).

  16. I didn't see anything I *had* to have this morning. And the high minimum for free ship makes me mad, lol.

  17. Hey Everyone! I am thinking about getting a dress in dark mushroom, I'm vietnamese, and I have a nice dark tan right now. I wasn't sure if the dark mushroom would clash on my skin. Does anyone have this color in any of the dresses and have any thoughts?

  18. I just bought the cafe capri in green color in store Saturday. They are now on sale. Will the store adjust for the online price or am I better off returning and purchasing online?


  19. If any JCA's in the NYC area comes across a tulip cami in one of the neutral colors in a sz 10 or 12 can you please put it on hold and let me know where. TIA

  20. I really hate to post this here, but I'm desprate to find a replacement:

    Soft knit gallery dress
    Size S
    Color Green

    I went to wear mine and it had a hole in the sleeve? How?

    Please contact me if willing to sell:

  21. I just ordered the Embroidered Art Tank in Medium and I am really excited! Does anybody know how it fits? I hope it's not too big!

  22. Can anyone comment on the fit of the lady lace popover please? I was an xs in the grey striped bateau tee, and am a 4 in perfect shirts.

  23. savvy shopper, I remember seeing the popover on The Chic Chauffeur's blog. She's got sizing info and great pictures. I don't know how to link directly to the post, but you'll see it if you scroll down. (And the rest is great to look at too.)

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  25. Just came back from a B&M and as usual, prices are a little different over yonder, all before addtl 30% off:

    - Shelby dress $39.99
    - Silk Serenade dress $29.99 (!!!)
    - Vivette dress $49.99
    - gingham mini $9.99
    - Delaney eyelet top (short-sleeve) $19.99
    - Arianna dress $29.99
    - Finespun raglan scoopneck tee $14.99
    - some really cute plaid Perfect shirts that are no longer online, $29.99
    - ripple stripe pencil skirt (? the gray one), $39.99
    - Carrie crochet sweater, $99.99
    - Rainy Day utility jacket, $29.99 (!!!)
    - Floral tulle mini, $29.99 (!!!!)

    Lots of other things on further markdown but these were the only ones that interest me.

  26. I see she's got at least two entries with the popover, this is the more detailed one.

    I adore the Cotton tie-front cardigan but I know it would look like absolute crap on me because I'm short and need an L or XL and it would probably come down to my mid-thighs. :) It's only $42 with the promo. If it were merino I'd give it a shot, at least I could shrink it.

  27. savvy shopper, I would go with a S based on your perfect shirt size. It has a slim fit that I really liked. I am a 0 in pretty much everything and the XS fits perfectly without much "room to grow". HTH!

  28. More in-store markdowns:
    - the madras schoolboy blazer, either $89.99 or $99.99
    - the short-sleeve big gingham shirt, in pink and gray, $29.99
    - Jenny dress in all colors, $49.99 (love the periwinkle)
    - Pipette cargo pants, $19.99
    - Pipette cargo pants in railroad stripe, $29.99 (LOVE these but I can't buy anymore pants, would need an extra pair of legs to justify another pair)

    Some flats were also marked down further, to $49.99. They had zippers or ties or something, I'm all J-Crew-ed out, can you tell?

  29. When's that schoolboy madras shirt gonna come down off its high horse? I'm keeping an eye out. ...

  30. anyone notice in store if the indigo blazer cardigan was on sale? it was $119.99 online, but sold out this morning.

  31. ooh, Dinster, thanks so much for the in-store price updates. Was hoping to go at lunch today but not a chance, too much work. Will try to stop at the local (small, crummy) store at home tonight. Can't believe the differences in price between online and B&M. Crazy!

  32. So who likes the Cammy Utility and the Pipette Cargo? I've never tried them; I have JBrand Houlihans and would get another pair like these at a good price. TIA ;-D

  33. Pathos,

    I got a pair of Cammy pants and love them! It has a slim fit but not too tight. The fabric is lightweight and quite "crisp," so it gives a very clean silhouette, and it's comfortable. I paid either $19 or $29 for it from a B&M last week. It looks quite expensive IMO. I highly recommende it. HTH.

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  35. Could someone comment on whether the Matchstick Jeans in lived in wash stretch out badly? I have a pair on hold at the store and I thought they were amazing - so soft and fit me like I've been wearing them for 10 years but I'm afraid that might really bag out. TIA!

  36. OT - I got the short-sleeve chambray shirt today and I wish I had sized down. And typically I have to size up in anything that buttons. So, I'll order a size down when I return this one and keep my fingers crossed.

  37. thanks everyone for the info about the channing!

    OperaRach - I bought these recently in my regular size and I could've definitely sized down for a more streamlined fit...I've noticed they do stretch out and are a little baggy but I kind of like the look..definitely a "lived-in feel".

  38. I know this was all thoroughly discussed in an old thread about shopping addictions, and some of you mention "crewlade", but honestly I'm getting a bit freaked out now about my J Crew obsession. I've been buying J Crew stuff for many years, mostly cardigans. Something happened this year, I've become quite obsessed. Now I get up super early to wait for updates and my heart literally RACES when I find something I was looking for, I check the J Crew web site several times per day even though I know they don't do mid-day updates, I stalk eBay like my life depended on it, I contacted someone to look for things for me at the clearance sale, and I created a folder on my computer which contains painstakingly-gathered images and info of all of the J Crew clothes and shoes that I own, each image name containing the product number and color code. (I have images of many of my other clothes but not as carefully curated as my J Crew images.) I'm afraid I might have a heart attack if I find the Wylders in size 6.5. :) Or the size 12 tall weathered wood Velvet Ruby. I haven't yet started dreaming about J Crew clothes, is that the next step in my descent into the abyss? I do make a bit of fun of this but I can certainly see how it could spin out of control for some people. I'm hoping the obsession rubs off on my husband because right now he's wondering what daemon took over my soul. :)

  39. math teacher, I just received mine. I sized down to a xxs based on the measurements that I got from cs (the measurements for the XS were HUGE). It is still a little bit roomy but I like it a lot (it looks great tucked in a pencil skirt). I can't believe that it took them so long to come out with a short-sleeved version of their denim shirt, I was left to wear the stitched shirt with the sleeves rolled up in the summer.

  40. *points and laughs at Tamara*

    KIDDING! Welcome to our happy little family! :P You're officially addicted, you're showing signs of popback-induced mania and you're dangerously high on Crewlade.

    Don't operate heavy machinery. You only need to worry if your utilities start getting shut off (jk).

    But seriously ... most of the time there does come a saturation point, like when you realize you don't need every color of a certain item (ahem.I', etc.

    One thing I do is think to myself, would I buy this if it were still much closer to full price? Does it add something to my wardrobe that's currently missing? Do I LOVE it? Can I see myself wearing it for at least the next few years?

    I personally have to answer all those questions with a resounding yes before I'll actually buy.

    As far as eBay goes, if there's one thing I've learned in like 15 years of being on it, it's that everything -- and I do mean EVERYTHING -- eventually comes around again. eSnipe has been invaluable to me and has saved me from getting foolishly attached to something that's been bid up into the stratosphere. I highly recommend it, I generally try to avoid fee-based things like that. But I *love* eSnipe.

    Otherwise, it's fun to look, fun to put things in your cart for hee-haws, and fun to see what others buy that you could personally never pull off ... and then walk away from your 'puter until the urge passes. :D

  41. Candance, I put a size 10 in the pearl color on hold for you (under your name) at the Rockefeller Center store. It is still marked $49.99 but it should ring up at $29.99 before 30% off. HTH!

  42. Tamara-I am exercising restraint as we speak. I just got an order from this weekend- the boy shirt with sequin plaquet, which I really, really like except it is so damn thin you can see my bellybutton and jeans through it. Big Sad. When did their shirts get so THIIIIIN? I really want an oversized white shirt.

    *It's not a love. It's going back.

  43. Sorry for the multiple posts. I forgot to mention that the Oxford scout in morning mauve are 39.99 in store so if you are interested in that particular color you get a better deal in store. However the other colors are not on sale nor on promo.

  44. Of course, nothing on my wishlist has been marked down. Why must I always be relegated to full price purgatory?

  45. Anybody seen the Silk Organza Starburst Dress in the black color in stores? My size is sold out online and I have been pining for this dress! Any help appreciated!

  46. I hadn't planned on buying anything on this promo, but as I was looking at the update this morning I noticed that my cart had one item in it. I thought that was odd since I hadn't put anything in there so I clicked it and low and behold it was the Buffalo Plaid Boy Shirt in Black which I looked for for months without success! It was one size bigger than I normally wear, but I couldn't resist! Now if it will just ship...

  47. Ema,

    What did the sale look like at Rockefeller - nice and full or picked over?


  48. Sarah - Irl of the Everly cardi here. Lockwood hobo pics here.

    Linh - You may not be my color, but I have yellow undertones in my skin. I have pics of a wild mushroom sweater in this post. Dina has fair skin, but it may be helpful to see the luxe unsweat pants in dark mushroom in this post.

    JenLynn - It sounds like you're within the 7 day adjustment policy. However, I'd see if there's legalese about no adjustments on this promo. If there is, heck, just do the re-buy.

    savvyshopper - Irl pics of the Lady lace popover here, here and here.

    tamara - We discussed overshopping in this post on my blog. I found the responses very insightful.

  49. Tamara this is no consolation but I am right there with you as far as being addicted to the Crew. But, I have gotten to the stage of dreaming about the clothes. UGH ! My hubby finally had enough and hid my laptop. OH and my word verifiction today is "disee" and yes I feel dizzzzzzy.

  50. I used the other sale: the one that is just free shipping on orders of $100+. Nothing in the sale section excited me this time. Anyway, I ordered the Sardinia wedges (I know, I know...overpriced and backordered) and the Racer tote, which looks really cute and seems appropriately priced. We shall see...

  51. OK, I knew it wasn't just me! I feel better now. :)

    I often times think it helps to imagine my fantasy life, how would I like to live if I had unlimited income and free time. I don't know about the rest of you, but I would not like to have racks and racks and racks of clothing and shoes and accessories. I'd like to have a small number of things that are very high quality and work well together. I remember my days in college when I had little but I wasn't at all unhappy. I see I'm a sucker for pretty things, they're like candy, I lose focus and I end up buying too much because I'm dazzled by the color or fabric or style. I'd like to exercise more control.

    I think next fall I'll plan more carefully so I make fewer impulse purchases. Elaine, your advice is very sound, I should be buying only items I really love that fill out my wardrobe. I did make a few mistakes in the past couple of months, fortunately few but they could have been avoided with better planning. I've totally changed my eating habits through careful planning and conscious decision-making, I would like to do the same with my clothing shopping.

  52. I learned the hard way too, Tamara. I'm like a crazy little bird -- I like to line my nest with colorful, shiny bits of this and that!

    I find that I collect a lot of J Crew items the way most people collect art, except I wear my art instead of hanging it on the wall.

    And I find myself getting VERY mad (at myself, lol) when I buy things I don't end up wearing, and I really don't like that feeling. So I've become much more selective over the past 6 months to a year.

    BTW, this month's Real Simple has a great article about this very subject -- you should check it out, I found it very helpful!

  53. Kate, it was a madhouse, with clothes on the floor and a few sizes of each style (but not the most coveted ones). I would avoid it unless you are already in the neighborhood. They had two racks of pants that I didn't look at.

  54. This may be a long shot, but has anyone seen in their B&M a good array of Suit Jackets on the sale rackets?

    I'm looking for suit jackets, and would call stores for charge sends if they have my size.

    THANK you!!

  55. I bit on the Collins sandals in Mink - filled a big hole in my wardrobe and based on Tamara's glowing review and great price decided to give them a whirl. Love that I can try these now without final sale.

    Kept hoping a few things would popback in my size but no luck.

  56. Ok - add me to the addicted to JCrew column.....*hangs head*

    At work we have a recognition system for various efforts when you go above and beyond normal call of business and quite unexpectedly I received one. My first thought was ***yeah I can get a JCrew gift card***

  57. Elaine, your bird comment made me laugh out loud! I wonder if they are thinking "Oooh, this is pretty! Must have!". :)

    I'm actually feeling discomfort right now because after this morning's major update I had several things in my shopping cart, most notably the Streamer shoes because they popped back in in my size, but I ended up closing out the window without buying anything. I should feel good about it, but I don't, and three times I've gone back to look at the Streamers again. Someone please buy them so I can stop being tormented! :) None of the things I'd put in my cart were my target items. And even though I didn't add it to my cart, I actually considered buying the green Velvet Ruby because it popped back in my size, despite the fact that I already have two Rubys, I never wear green, and my target color is weathered wood. Collect 'em all.

    When I downloaded all of the images of my J Crew clothes I was astounded to see that I have 45 cardigans. 45! I've always been a sucker for J Crew cardigans and my stash developed over the course of several years, but this year I've been branching out into the shoes, tops, blazers, and jewelry. If I'm not careful I'll end up with a gross overabundance of those things too. And it's not just J Crew, I have lots of clothes from other merchants. Last year I binged on Eileen Fisher.

    The money issue is one thing, I have definitely wasted a lot of money on clothes. But what's bugging me even more is the burden of having so much stuff. It's not my desire to have a massive wardrobe, and I've always hated clutter. I estimate that about a third of my wardrobe is yet unworn! While I do get some enjoyment looking at my clothes, it would be better if I actually wore them. :)

    Thanks very much for telling me about the Real Simple article, I'll pick up the issue on my way to work today. I definitely want to be more conscientious about my clothing shopping and have better control of my impulse purchases. I don't need to buy something just because it's pretty.

  58. Is the JCrew site down? It's 7 am central/8 am eastern and I can't get on. I have to leave my computer now, but I just wanted to hear if it was down, so to dispel other theories.

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  60. pathos, the site wasn't down. Were you maybe having trouble with your internet service provider?

    Sorry everyone for my massive prior post! I didn't realize how much space it was going to take up until after I posted it. I might delete i later.

  61. @Tamara
    My reality check came when I discovered how many tagged items I had in my closet. Well cared for, unworn and non-returnable. When I estimated the value, both in time and money, I decided I needed to make a change.

    Somewhere in a blog linked to JCA, I found the tool I needed. It's the simple concept of a larger goal. This costs X. Do I have something else I'm working towards (art, travel, books, concert, education, home renos, gifts, charity). If so, then I could be using X to get me closer to my goal.

    I use it all the time. It's the pause, taking the moment to breath and focus on what I want to achieve. I use this approach for everything from shopping to eating to managing my time. Y being the maximum I have and X (plus the return shipping fees) being the little/big steps along the way.

    Must say, making a point of staying away from the site makes a HUGE difference. ;-)

    Be gentle with yourself.

  62. Thanks for your help, gigiofca! :)

  63. checked out the sale @ my local store add'l 30% off and FS, lots of stuff, some of it has been there a while. as remarked before they should really mark this stuff down to get rid of it or ship it to the outlet. One mark down and 30 off doesnt do it.
    did buy that neon leopard t,

    Store wasnt that busy, probably because bloomingdales was having the private sale which brings in tons of shoppers at that mall (Riverside sq/Bergen county NJ)

  64. I hear you, Tamara. I almost mentioned this yesterday but then decided not to ... yesterday I gave away an absolute mountain of stuff to a pet-adoption charity run by someone at my work. The organization has biweekly tag sales using donated merchandise so they can use the proceeds to pay the bills.

    I can't even go into what I gave away because I'll probably feel ill ... except to say that it filled the entire backseat of my SUV from the floor nearly to the ceiling. And yes, it did include some clothing and yes, some of it was Crew (no worries, y'all, it was nothing anyone here would want).

    But I'd held on to it all for so long, reluctant to let it go because it was all 'worth something' ... and now I've finally reached the point where what's worth more to me is my time and my sanity.

    This was my second large purge -- the first one was a similar amount of stuff that I donated to another nonprofit planning a tag sale.

    And there will be more. I have a lot more to get rid of.

    But I feel these things are suffocating me, and I just want them all OUT OUT OUT. Out of my house and away from me. And since I can't bear to trash them or deal with people picking through my possessions in my own driveway, I at least feel ok about the fact that some people and some animals will benefit from it.

    Have a few big purges like that and it will make you think twice about bringing new stuff in!

    Watch 'Hoarders' too. Some of the women with all the unworn clothes make people like you and me look like saints. That show truly boggles my mind!

  65. I had a relapse! I bought the Streamer platforms and a sequin-stripe tee. Welcome to my suede-, brocade-, crystal-, sequin-, and platform-filled abyss. J Crew stop enticing me with such beautiful things! I know I should stop stalking their web site. I AM WEAK.

    Fortunately most of the summer stuff doesn't appeal to me, so I'm expecting my purchases to taper off soon. But I still have 5 fall 2010 items I'm still praying will pop back.

    I read the Real Simple article on buying clothes. Excellent advice! I especially like suggestions for analyzing shopping mistakes. I don't panic for special events, but I definitely over-buy. I have bought at least half a dozen items for my upcoming anniversary, and I don't know if I'm going to wear any of them! I'm actually eager to scrutinize my wardrobe, see if anything can be weeded out, and plan for my future purchases. I think planning is key, and sticking to the plan.

  66. Elaine, you submitted your post while I was writing mine. I do watch Hoarders, and I see that I share some of their traits. I like to differentiate myself, they buy junk and I don't, but in the end it's really the same problem. I see something I like and I buy it, I almost never need it, and sometimes I don't even use it. And yet I too feel suffocated by too many possessions, so even though I enjoy acquiring things I hate to manage them! I don't want to have a closet so packed full of clothes they're all jammed together and I have to buy those skinny space-saver hangers so I can fit more in. I don't want drawers that are filled to the brim with 45 cardigans. (45!) I don't want to have to buy a new shoe organizer because my old one doesn't have enough spaces. Hell, I probably could have bought a brand new car with all of the money I wasted on clothing. I feel a pivotal moment coming on!! This conversation and the Real Simple article is motivating me to go through all of my clothes and get rid of anything I know in my heart I will never wear. Good thing I didn't buy that green Velvet Ruby jacket because it would be the first to go, lovely as it is. :) At least I'll wear the Streamers, they're black.

  67. Made a trip this morning to return the scout chino (that I rebought online) and the short-sleeve chambray shirt. I saw the vintage cotton sequin tank is on sale for 49.99 plus 30% off, so I grabbed the navy! I've been wanting this since it came out and feel like I got a great price! I also bought a jackie in green (code OGR). It was out with the casbah items and it's a close match to them. Since the button down didn't work on me and the short-sleeve top is $100 (!!), I settled for the cardi. I will keep an eye on both of the other pieces, but I'll be surprised if they make it to a sale.

  68. It is such a beautiful day in my area that I am ready for summer. We are a cool 90* and it is only going up from here....

    I thought I would mention a trick I have picked up...

    I think all of us LOVE the "art" of clothing,that is why were are here. Unfortunately, they are just clothes and they don't really make us as happy as things like our family and friends do, but as with all things there is balance.

    For me (this is my dirty little secret so be kind!), I have had a no cost shopping policy for a couple years. I sell everything that I am not wearing or tired of on Ebay / here on the blog for someone else to enjoy.

    Then I take the proceeds and make purchases for the new season or things I am craving.

    I have shopped JCrew enough to know what a good sale is an I ALWAYS at least break even. It is partly why I am 100% Jcrew, I know that I can sell when I am ready.

    Sure, it takes TIME to sell everything and I have to take really good care of my clothing (why wouldn't I) but it is the price I am willing to pay.

    I still get to shop, I can wear my "art" and love it, but it isn't costing me anything (past my initial investment years ago).

    This policy forces me to shop sales, keeps me away from full price, helps me really go through my wardrobe regularly and understand what I wear and don't. It is a lot of work to sell so I HAVE to like an item to buy it.

    Cats out of the bag you could say. My "friend from Jcrew" mostly known as a PS asked me if I had the worlds largest closet because I am a "regular" and she was shocked to find out the I take up about half as much room as my husband! (as I read this I sound like the cheapest person in the world!)

  69. I need to get over my shyness to sell on eBay. I've been buying there for years, never sold anything there. In fact, this forum is the first place I've ever sold any clothing except a few items to my sister that were too valuable to just give to her.

    Have any of you ever engaged in this mental game of not wanting to sell something that you aren't wearing because you think you won't get the full value from it? Like hanging on to it is better than getting some cash? I do this! It doesn't even make sense to me.

  70. Go for the EBAY!!!!! You will be amazed. There is a bit of a learning curve but those dollars REALLY add up.

    Of course there is always that item that sits there, but since I keep my wardrobe down to a manageable level I can always see it and it might actually get worn making it not a total loss.

    Here are my ebaying tips:

    -when you are in a good purging mood go through your closet and PURGE: Get it all out of your closet and put it in another room so you aren't tempted to remove it or rethink it. I have an "Ebay room" and after a couple days, I don't even think about those items as mine anymore.

    -Compile all of your information: (measurements, color, size, material, descriptions)before you list. Doing it at once on all your items will save you time.

    -Make a listing template: make it good and detailed (international shipping or not, payment within how many days, name, description, quality, size, color, etc)

    -List: just fill out that template using the information you gathered already on all of your items

    -Be honest: if you are honest there isn't anything to worry about and you will have good feed back

    -Become a shipping pro: Use the ebay shipping tools, print labels from ebay, buy some easy shipping bags and have the shipping service you use pick up your packages (it is free!)

    -Factor in costs:
    Shipping, packaging, ebay fees, and pay pal fees should be calculated into your price.

    Few! You got it, it is a HUGE amount of work, but because of this I personally really think twice about any purchase.

    I'm not sure this is even helpful....Sorry if it isn't and for the long post. This method probably isn't for everyone...

  71. MeganCrew, I think you have a very smart strategy when it comes to your wardrobe. You still get to enjoy the new items that come out without an overcrowded closet full of seldom worn clothes that just cause guilt. I think I may even have been the lucky recipient of one of your eBay items (Fine Cotton Desert Shirt) and I certainly can attest to the quality of what you sell. I am trying to do something similar, but so far I only take my things to a consignment shop or list here on the Exchange. You don't sound cheap, you sound smart- thanks for your words of wisdom! :)

  72. tamara, go for it, try ebay out! I typed out a list of all of the tips or things I have learned over the years ebaying but it was a book and realized I'm not sure if I am considered a pro to be giving out tips....

    Yep, there is always that item that I hesitate to sell. Typically I don't have a lot in my closet so it taunts me by calling my name and it gets worn or is sold at a loss in hopes of making it up on other items. Sometimes, I will choose items I'm willing part with to justify a purchase of something I really want at that time. (It's not always a perfect system or exact but in the big picture it all works out)

    BeyondtheBlue, I am so glad that great Fine Cotton Desert Shirt went to a good JCA home! Thank you for your thoughts, I'll remind my husband of these things when he is griping about my ebay time! Your right consignment and exchange are also a great idea. A good way to keep our closets manageable, actually useful and our love of shopping Jcrew alive!

  73. Thank you so much Ema! You're a doll. Picked up the cami($21) and a cute shift dress which I tried on a whim even though it was a Sz4 and I'm a pear shaped 8/10...To my surprise it fit!($28). Did an item # search,it's the Ella dress in the Ashen Blue color, still full priced online @ $138. Again thanks so much Ema without your help I doubt I would have been inclined to venture into a B&M anytime soon, Heaven knows I don't "need" anything else until winter...:)

  74. I'm actually sending something back. I received two Lulu Frost bracelets. The Deco Blizzard is OK but not worth $89 to me. And the other one was supposed to be the Crystalline Cameo but they shipped the Oval Blitz. So if anyone is interested in these bracelets, watch for the popback, I'm sending them back tomorrow. I actually feel good making a decision like this, I very rarely send things back to J Crew!

  75. Ooh, forgot to add, since I'm so interested in decoding J Crew's sale section updates, I know the 30% off promo ends tonight at 11:59pm EDT, and the last time a promo ended there was an immediate update to the sale section. So of course this screws with my routine of going to bed early (well, earlier than I used to) and getting up early. :)

  76. Hi Tamara. I am so proud of you for sending back that jewelry ! Hang in there, this blog is a great support group. I am going to read the Real Simple article as well. And, MeganCrew, I don't think you sound cheap at all. My sister will not buy anything that is not on sale and she is helping me get back on track. :)

  77. I saw the promo go away but no update. I guess I'll be getting up early again. I'm kind of liking getting up early, it's very quiet at that time of the morning.

    Shekster, sending the bracelets back also has significance for me because it means I'm unlikely to binge on J Crew jewelry. (The shoes are bad enough!) The jewelry is very pretty, especially the Lulu Frost pieces, but it's a style I think looks better on other women, not me. I guess I'm not so sparkly. :)

  78. MeganCrew, I am much the same -- I've reached one in, one out critical mass! :) And my Paypal money is like my 'soft' money too, as it represents sales of clothing I'm not wearing and other items I'm not using.

  79. I can't tell you how much this conversation is making me want to tear up my closets and my dresser drawers and do a brutal weeding! But I need an entire day to do it and won't be able to until June. :( But it's going to happen.

  80. I agree with cleaning out the closet and it is going to take FOREVER ! I wish I were not into the jewelry and the shoes! I just got the Mara wedges and they are fantastic. They are comfy and I think TTS. I wish I could have purchased all the colors but I waited for a sale and then you know how fast things move. At least I can swear off most coats and jackets. I never really need them where I live. Heavy sweaters are usually good enough.

  81. Another item going back, the Dixon tall boots. Too small for my calf even though I bought the extended calf. I see J Crew's extended calf is very variable, the tall Miller's had the smallest extended calf I've ever seen, around 14.5". But even if the Dixons had fit, I'm not sure I would have kept them because they made my fingers black in just a few seconds, and the stuff was difficult to wash off! I think the boots would only work with pants tucked into them, because any fabric that touched the outer part of the boot would pick up that horrible black. Even then, I think the pants might have a ring of black where the tops of the boots rubbed. Otherwise a very nice boot, I wish I could have kept them because they were dirt cheap.

    Shekster, J Crew shoes are my biggest problem. I doubt that any of them will go into my sell pile after my weeding. Do you think you're going to be able to get rid of any? It would be tough to get rid of jewelry, too. I too am not so into the J Crew coats, I like how they look, just not for me. But like so many others I do love the collarless melon-colored coat in the Fall 2011 collection. I'll bet that one never makes it into the sale section. Of course I thought that about the Collins!

    Does anyone know if J Crew ever puts shoe returns back on the web site? I'm thinking they don't, and I should just give up hope of finding my few remaining target shoes/boots on the J Crew web site and hope that they show up on eBay. The one thing I hate about eBay is that the resellers ask such exorbitant prices!

  82. Tamara: I think they might put the shoes back on the website. I once heard some SAs saying they were packing things up to send back to the warehouse, so I would think they would end up back online. I don't know for sure though. As far as selling my shoes, I have not tried that. I really just started going crazy with Crew shoes but have always just given away my shoes to Goodwill. I guess if they were cheap enough they might sell. It just seems that the soles get so scuffed up on the J.Crew shoes. I suppose I had better consider this before buying too many more shoes !

  83. The J Crew used shoes on eBay seem to be holding good value. I think MeganCrew has the right idea, extra care while you own the items means you can sell them later. I always wear some type of pad inside of my shoes, I'm not doing it to preserve the interiors but it has that effect. And I put non-slip stick-on material on the bottoms, not sure if it can be peeled off later (I've never tried) but if it can then the bottoms would look great too.

    Thanks for telling me about the shoe returns, I've seen very few shoe popbacks on the web site compared to clothing and jewelry updates. I was about ready to give up hope, but if there's the possibility of future shoe popbacks then I'll keep checking.

  84. Wow, what time did mega update occur? I went to bed late and couldn't reasonably get up before 6am CDT. I was shocked to find a Velvet Ruby and Britten boots, jammed them into my cart, checked out in a hurry, and then realized that I'd grabbed a size 14 tall weathered wood Velvet Ruby instead of a 12. :( I had to cancel that item. But I got the black Brittens. No Wylders though, they might have been available earlier and I missed them. Oh well, one item down, 3 more to go.


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